Bathroom accessories

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Not only bathroom fixtures: to make the bathroom as most comfortable and livable as possible, you need many small accessories: from soap to shower curtains.

Bathroom accessories
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Not only bathroom fixtures: to make the bathroom as most comfortable and livable as possible, you need many small accessories.
Valli Arredabagno: portariviste
Shower curtains, lamps, rugs, wall and table-top accessories, wastebaskets, help to define the personality and style of the bathroom, especially if well coordinated and made in bright and lively colors.

A bathroom, therefore, can not be complete if the accessories are not chosen in a coordinated manner and with style.
They integrate the style of furniture, classic or modern, depending on your taste, contemporary and colorful or simple and elegant, they become valuable allies for those who love details and does not neglect any particular.

Magazine rack for the bathroom

It is in bent sheet metal and laser cut the new magazinerack by Oblique Line by Valli Arredobagno, created by Hangar Design Group. It has a matte white lacquer epoxy for the outside and volumetric elements in contrast.
But it is mainly the rounded corners and the curvy outline to make it really special and coordinated with the other elements of the collection: shelves, lights, towel rail.

Each item, which proves to be versatile and suitable to exit the bathroom, is dimensioned according to ergonomic proportions, including references to everyday objects. The lightness of the shelves and the resistance to vertical loads, in particular, make the shelves very versatile and suitable for use in different spaces.

Collections of bathroom accessories

The attention to design that distinguishes the accessories for the bathroom has become the mission of the Slovak group Kooh-i-noor which was founded as a manufacturer of plastic items for hygiene and personal care products, such as toothbrushes and hair brushes, created in 1995, the Division Bathroom Furniture is equipped with its own internal study design.
That is how the most famous lines of accessories for the bathroom were born, where plastic and metal combine to give life to objects with an elegant and refined design.

dispenser LeM di Koh-i-noor LeM, the collection created in collaboration with Monica Cerina, allows the application without drilling the wall, for an high quality DIY.
Featuring a minimalist design from the stretch, is able to communicate a strong personality without exceeding in originality.

The rods, bent seamless, are made with a stainless steel plate, and the supports are made of aluminum alloy.

The special adhesive very conformable, easily adapts to all surfaces, rough and porous.

Perfectly rectangular, the accessories are made of transparent and colored polycarbonate which makes them absolutely unbreakable.
Apply freely on all rods with a simple push.

dispenser Copenhagen di Carrara&Matta Shining example of the design philosophy of Carrara & Matta, brand of Bemis, Copenhagen offers an actual and sophisticated solution, combining functional values in a design with high-tech flavor.

Practice to install the line is made of chrome-plated brass, and it also offers really useful accessories as the spare toilet paper holder and towels shelf.

The bright and shining chrome effect and the clear lines make it suitable to the most sought- after room.

Its pieces are well coordinated, in addition to the Plus line of accessories, which includes for example the portakleenex, the wire hanger, magnifying mirror and the bag dispenser toilet.

Gedy is a company that exclusively manufactures bathroom accessories, divided into numerous collections, among which you will surely find one that fits the aesthetics of your bathroom.
Gedy: Minnesota colour Among the wall accessories Minnesota Colour is one of the most successful series in the production company.

The range of finishes available, very large, includes special colored metal particulars. In this way you are given the option of setting its square shape even in the most modern bathrooms.

The accessories are in cromall and stainless steel with glass containers, in lime green, blue, red and orange color.

The series consists of: toothbrush holders, soap dishes, soap dispenser dispenser in chromed metal, shelf, towel rail in various sizes, towel rail ends and ring roll holder, double hanger, toilet brush with bristles in the tuft, also for the wall, set with 2 backplates lacquered metal.

Hi tech bathroom accessories

Hydroplate di Ceadesign Cea Design offers Hydroplate, a program that includes toilets plate in AISI 316L stainless steel with dual flush button for saving water, complete with retractable hydrobrush placed behind a door with pressure opening.

The hydrobrush does not require design preparation but draws water directly from the water outlet of the tank toilet.
Considerable savings: you avoid design work as well as construction of masonry and plumbing is concentrated in a single plaque placement of the hydrobrush, ensuring simple and elegant aesthetics, it eliminates the hydrobrush installation work , included in the plaque for cassette.

It combines aesthetics with the advantage of hygiene and functionality: the hydrobrush, from the position of traditional proximity to the water, switch to a more convenient location, functional, hygienic because far enough from the toilet bow, rollaway within the wall.
The built-in hydrobrush flush is also available in single or combined holder.

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