Bathroom with shower

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The personal experience shows that, in recent times, the strong preference of the users goes to the shower rather than to the bathtub.

Bathroom with shower
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Preference of the shower in the bathroom

There's nothing better for an architect, who listen to the demands of its customers, to understand how society evolves and changes over time.
In fact the house is undoubtedly a mirror of manners and fashions, but it is also the place where you want to feel more at ease and therefore the need for comfort and functionality is expressed in a primary way, and can not be put in a second plane than that of beauty, also important for the purposes of welfare housing.

Bagno con doccia: Pixel di Samo Take for example the theme of the bathroom and its design: my personal professional survey reveals a choice by clients facing more and more in favor of the shower and to the detriment of the bath.

If in the house there is only one bathroom, once this space was destined to have a bathtub, because you needed to have at least one in the house... Today you prefer to equip the bathroom with a shower, since it takes up less space and it is usually used for daily hygiene .

If there are two bathrooms, while until recently the tendency was to equip the one with a shower and the other with a bathtub, in order to have a full complement of all the sanitary complements, today we chose the shower. You hardly ever use the bathtub, then it is better to have two showers, so as to more quickly dispose of the morning traffic that can be in the family for the demands of work and school.
In addition (and is not to be neglected) the preference for the shower is expressed in a particular way by those who have had in the family the difficult experience of having to help a sick or disabled person.

The preference given by users to the shower is seconded by the production market, which provides a wide range of cabins, plates, columns and accessories equipped to furnish it.

How to extricate themselves, then, in this wide range by choosing the right products? A help can come from an examination of news that can be seen on display at trade shows, as Cersaie, for example with regard to the shower.

Shower with colored profiles

Bagno con doccia: Acrux Atelier di Samo The shower Acrux Atelier of Samos is the latest evolution of the model Acrux signed by the company.

In this version are evident, thanks to the bright colors of the profiles, influences from the worlds of fashion and tailoring. The explosion of color is expressed not only on profiles, but also on the handles and the plastic parts and is even more accentuated by the contrast with the transparency of tempered glass.

The choice of a shower of this type is the ideal solution for those who want a bathroom style strongly determined by the chromaticity of the furniture, and is one that most enables the shower to communicate with the other elements of the bathroom.

Several names and eye-catching colors are available, to allow the most complete customization of the bathroom: Superb black, pearl Aristocrat, exuberant green, turquoise Brash, and purple ambiguous.

Minimalist shower enclosures

For those, however,who are looking for a guise more sober and minimalist for the bathroom, the answer can be found in the new lines of Samos, Europa and Pixel, designed to optimally adapt to any dimensional surroundings.

Bagno con doccia: Europa di Samo Europe perfectly combines the requirements of functionality, durability and practicality combined with the research for a refined style.

The showers of this line, that are part of the Classic collection, are characterized by an increase in size, in height and by a reduction in the footprint of vertical profiles, then more streamlined, but without going to the expense of overall firmness.

The range allows for a wide choice, ranging from classic models framed some of the proposals without the lower profile and includes some sophisticated solutions, such as the adoption of a new and important handle.

The main theme cabins Pixel, however, is that, obviously having seen the name of the photograph.
The user is the subject to be photographed, while the frame that allows you to enhance it is represented by the profiles of the cabin, all the same thickness, both horizontal and vertical, put on notice by a 45° junction of high aesthetic value.
The faceting of the profiles also allows you to play with the light and create the illusion of light and shade effects and new geometries.

Shower with Jacuzzi

For those who intend the shower as really rewarding and addictive experience, you can think of a multipurpose box with whirlpool, perhaps with the technology and refined aesthetics of Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi: Frame 100

Frame Series 100, designed by Mario Ferrarini, presents the jets that offer various types of whirlpool. In particular, in the more equipped versions, you can choose between 3 different massage options:
- Cervical and lumbar massage jets massage the most stressed of the back;
- Shiatsu massage is available in the two programs Relax and Tonic;
- The sequential massage allows you to select the desired speed.

The function for chromotherapy, Cromodream, lets you choose between 6 different shades of basic colors, which are spread throughout the body along with the water jet. You can then choose the energy of red, yellow sunshine, pure white, the serenity of the green or the intensity of blue, that it is possible to combine in 4 cycles of color, as a real wellness program.

All functions of the shower, so also the turkish bath whirlpool as well, are easily controlled from a single panel with touch-screen keyboard, easy to use and intuitive, with which you can select any function with a simple touch of your fingers.

The design by Mario Ferrarini then, adds to these functional values refined aesthetics and attention to detail, thanks to the choice of natural materials and pleasant to the touch, adding an additional element to the sensory experiences.

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