A spa at home: the best tool to create a small relaxation corner

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Building a small spa at home, with special new technologies, to enjoy moments of relaxation for your own care and well-being.

Benefits of owning a Spa
Arch. Titti Cicchiello
Arch. Titti Cicchiello

Benefits of owning a Spa

The term spa means health through water, and it is a place where you dedicate yourself to your well-being in order to better cope with stress. Until a few years ago, the idea of wellness was exclusively linked to professional places such as wellness centers, beauty centers and spas.

Today, however, it is finally possible to create a real spa directly at home for your relaxation and body care.

A place like this can be built thanks to many technologically advanced structures and also suitable for small spaces, in order to make relax areas more accessible.














On the market there are products such as multifunctional showers and special structures that guarantee positioning even in small spaces, so it is not necessary to have large houses to create a spa at home.

How to build a mini spa at home

The first thing to do is to measure the space available, so as to understand how many products to place, where to place them and what shape to choose.

Once you have measured the space in which you want to build the spa, you can choose the various items that will give life to a corner where relaxation and well-being reigns.

Spa in casa, vasca idromassaggio ad incasso, Geromin, Bolla 160Home spa with Bolla 160 built-in whirlpool tub, by the Geromin Group

As in professional spas, a home spa can provide:

  • Whirlpool tub;

  • Sauna;

  • Turkish bath;

  • Experience shower.

Talking about whirlpool tubs, an excellent solution are the built-in ones: they need little space and are aesthetically very elegant.

Home spa, vasca idromassaggio a incasso, Gruppo Geromin, Bolla Q sfioroIn the photo: home spa with whirlpool tub, Bolla Q infinity line by the Geromin Group

An example is Bolla Q infinity 190X190's by Geromin with water recirculation system, micro-diffused massage with adjustable speed, chromotherapy and ozone therapy.

The sanitation system allows you to use it for a long time, always with the right temperature thanks to an electronic programming system.

Install a Finnish sauna in your house

Both the sauna and the Turkish bath use the heat for the benefit of the body, but in a different way. The Finnish sauna is covered in wood to preserve and spread the dry heat obtained by pouring water on heated stones.

In a small home spa a proper sauna is essential to increase your comfort. On the market there are many types among which to choose the most suitable for your needs.

The traditional Finnish sauna has a cabin structure internally covered in wood and benches on which to sit or lie down comfortably.

Mini spa a casa, Sentiotec, linea panorama largeMini spa at home, panorama large line by Sentiotec

Its power supply requires a practical electric stove with lava stones that are placed on top of the heat source to absorb it and then diffuse it into the environment. The temperature should usually be maintained between 75 ° C and 90 ° C with a humidity of 20-25%.

A great example is the panorama grande sauna by Sentiotec with cabin dimensions of 213.9x215.2x201 cm. The interior has 62 cm benches and 2 comfortable backrests.

Infra-red sauna: a great choice for your home spa

If your domestic space is not large enough to accommodate a Finnish sauna, you can opt for alternative, smaller models.

There are infra-red heating systems, for examplethat do not need the classic supports for traditional heating and take up less space.
Spa in casa, Bagno Italia, pannello sauna infrarossi per docciaIn the photo: home spa solutions with infra-red saunashower panel by Bagno Italia

Bagno Italia offers various infrared sauna solutions, one of these is the infraredshower panel with dimensions 186x55x9.5 cm, perfect for those who don't have much space available.

This model is basically a sauna in the shower box, it has four levels of heat intensity that can be selected from the supplied remote control and is great for neck pain, stress and swelling.
Mini sauna spa ad infrarossi, Bagno ItaliaIn the photo: mini infra-red sauna spa by Bagno Italia

Another excellent solution is the one-seat infra-red sauna, with dimensions 120x70xH115 cm, made of fine Canadian wood.
Suitable for those who have limited space available but do not want to give up the benefits of the sauna.

Turkish bath in your house

It is also possible to install a real complete Turkish bath in your house, or you can transform the bathroom into a small spa bathroom even with only a shower box equipped with a Turkish bath or by inserting a freestanding steam generator in the shower.

Spa a casa, generatore di vapore, Gruppo Geromin, linea Rigenera 200 ad incassoIn the photo: the built-in steam generator Rigenera 200 line by the Geromin Group

To install a Turkish bath you need an electrical outlet, a water supply point, and the room must have a vaulted ceiling, walls 220-230 cm high and 230 cm high, well insulated and a waterproofed floor.

The main difference with the sauna is that the heat is 100% humid with temperatures around 45-58 ° C. It is useful for the respiratory tract, purifies the skin and has a toning and relaxing effect.

Spa in casa, generatore di vapore, Gruppo Geromin, linea Rigenera 200 ad incassoSteam generator Rigenera 200 line built-in by the Geromin Group

Rigenera 200, by the Geromin Group, is a multifunction shower column with steam generator for Turkish baths. It represents a combination of cutting-edge technology and design, also ideal for those with limited space available.

Experience shower

Another product that you must have in a small home spa environment is the experience showerJACUZZI proposes Frame 100 as a new way to live your shower.

Bagno spa, Jacuzzi, linea FrameBagno spa, Frame line by Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi water jets offer the possibility to choose different types of hydromassage and in the most equipped version you can choose between three options:

  • cervical and lumbar massage, with water jets that massage the most stressed points of the back;

  • Shiatsu massage, you can choose between Tonic e Relax;

  • sequential massage, which allows you to select the desired speed.

Progetto piccola spa in casa, Jacuzzi, linea Sasha MiIn the photo: ideas for a small home spa, Frame line by Jacuzzi

The Cromodream Jacuzzi® allows you to choose from 6 basic shades of light that are diffused with the water directly over the body.

There is also a touch screen keyboard that allows you to have access to the many functions of the shower, Turkish bath and whirlpool.

This line is characterized by great attention to detail, essential aesthetics and natural materials that make every sensory experience even more intense.

A mini spa? A wellness center in your house

Sasha-Mi is a line proposed by Jacuzzi, characterized by two modules with sauna cabin and an experience shower.

Basically, it is a piece of wood, crystal and steel, with an intelligent and ergonomic design combined with Jacuzzi technology that allows you to have all the benefits of a real wellness center. The dimensions are 260x120x225cm.

Progetto piccola spa, Jacuzzi, linea Sasha MiIn the photo: Small spa in your house, linea Sasha Mi by Jacuzzi

The wellness treatment is completed if we add to the Turkish bath the most amazing experience shower.
The shower head, the nebulizer and the waterfall shower, combined with the various chromotherapy programs, create an ideal atmosphere for moments of relaxation.

Mini spa in casa, Jacuzzi, linea Sasha MiMini spa in your house, detail line Sasha Mi by Jacuzzi

This small spa is ideal especially for small and concentrated spaces and it allows you to have everything you need in just 3 square meters.

Post: Benefits of owning a Spa
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