Cellar fridge for wine

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Wine connoisseurs love to own and cherish at the ideal temperature their most valuable bottles. Here are some wine coolers of design for the house.

Cellar fridge for wine
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

How to keep the bottles of wine at the perfect temperature

The number of wine lovers, experts, connoisseurs, capable sommeliers or novice is increasing or even just fans who love to experiment and collect wines to match with dishes during special lunch and dinner.
Even the house must thus make room for the wine bottles which should be stored in a cool place.

The cellar is not enough, also the living room, the basement room and the dining room can be equipped to store the most valuable bottles, keeping them in the ideal position and at the optimum temperature, the one best suited to keep intact and unchanged the characteristics of the wine.

Are commercially available, as well as different models and kinds of racks, wine cellars also various refrigerated portable cellars, of a more or less contained capacity, especially designed for lovers of good wine.

Wine cellars fridge capacity from 8 to 34 bottles

Cantinetta frigo Showine On the site Showine, for example, you can find different models of fridge wine cellars.

The cellar Fridge Color, practical, functional and colorful, is able to accommodate up to 34 bottles and store them at temperatures ranging from +5 to +18 degrees.

In addition, the possibility of free installation makes this object suitable for any use, extremely versatile and able to meet every need.

The special attention paid to the design of the cellar in steel, combined with attention to every detail make this winery a chilled little gem, perfect to fit any environment, especially in a young and modern furniture.

There is also the possibility of proceeding with a built-in installation: you will need at least 2/3 cm at the sides, 6/7 cm deep and 5 cm from the upper floor to circulate the air.

The dimensions of this model are 49.5 cm wide, 84.8 in height and 43 deep.
The cellar can also be customized by choosing the favorite color.

If the space available is very little, then the ideal solution for you will be the Small Klarstein Reserva, a black wine cellar fridge designed according to modern standards, not as simple functional object, but as a real piece of furniture.

Vino in fresco Klarstein Reserva Small
Behind the mirror glass door with double insulation, there is space for 8 standard wine bottles lit by a small blue LED light.

The refrigerator is operated using a convenient touch-sensitive panel. Dimensions: 41x27x50 cm

The middle way is offered for example by Brandani posing a cellar fridge with compressor, equipped with a liquid crystal blue display, a reversible door with magnetic seal glass and stainless steel and finally adjustable feet.

The temperature, which here can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees, is regulated and controlled electronically and has a range of 4°C-18°C or 39°F-64°F.

The wine cabinet by Brandani, with thermoelectric cooling, has an output of 85 watts, 4 floors removable chrome-plated steel and a capacity up to 19 bottles of 0.75 liters.

Its measurements are: 43x48x64h.

Exhibition and design wine cabinets

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive piece, that will fit well into the surroundings, then the proposal for you is Quadro Wine by Expo Srl.com.
Quadro Vino a Expo srl
In this product design and technology combine to create a refrigerated frame, never achieved before.

The result is a totally new, sophisticated design, able to make every environment in which it is inserted special, without neglecting functionality.

As suggested by its name, the first difference from other proposals, is that here the chilled wine is hanging on the wall, like a normal figurative painting.

Quadro Vino a Expo srl
It occupies very little space and offers a valuable contribution, elegant and luxurious to home decoration, becoming a true complement able to embellish the room.

The Wine Frame enable to store and serve different wines at the right temperature.

Refrigeration is obtained by a silent thermoelectric plant with a very limited consumption. The minimum depth allows installation in small spaces, and makes of Wine Frame refrigerator in the world that can be hung, why not, on a couch.

You can choose from several models which are distinguished by color, finishing and final packaging of the Frame.

Quadro Vino a Exposrl
Wine frame was the winner of the Innovation Award 2014 in the competition Horeca 24 (Group Sole 24 Ore), as well as the only non-French product selected and admitted to the VIP Club of the Lounge Equip'Hotel in Paris.

Finally at Expo 2015 in Milan, Love It, a space located between the Palace Italy and the Tree of Life where small producers of Made in Italy exposed and sold their quality products, has selected Wall Wine and Wine Frame to represent the excellence of Italian wine and food.

It is not negligible in the fact that Wine Frame is equipped with an ecological refrigeration system, free of polluting gases, and is built with recyclable materials.

The replacement of components is simple and makes convenient to repair the Wine Frame, as a simple framework, it will accompany us for a lifetime.

Now you just need to choose the model and version you most like, the one that fits your home and your needs.

Wine Frame may contain one or more bottles, vertically or horizontally, but also for example two goblets, which will always be ready to use.

It is also very complete the range of finishes (leather, laminate, etc.), shiny or matte, light or dark, with or without LED lighting.

Some examples are the refrigerated display for a bottle and two glasses, 3 bottles of sparkling wine to keep them at the right serving temperature, the air-conditioned framework for five bottles and two glasses for a new way to display, store and serve wine, and much more.

On models QV30 and QV40 it is possible to request the optional vertical fitting bottles.

During the final phase of construction the bottle holders rods are removed and replaced with the appropriate bottle caps so that you can always restore the standard configuration with horizontal bottles.

With this solution you can use Wine Frame also for the service by the glass as you can enter and maintain the right temperature even when the bottles are already open.
Each panel can be opened, to access the bottle, allowing us to serve the wine at the desired temperature and set previously.

This allows you to customize your Wine Frame combining the various components.
Many different combinations are in fact specifically designed to pack a really unique object. All versions have thermal power plant, magnetic seal, automatic defrost and digital temperature controller.

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