Ceramic floor: how to make a proper cleaning

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The ceramic floors have high performance and easy maintenance. However, it is good to take some measures for proper conservation.

Ceramic floor: how to make a proper cleaning
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Proper cleaning preserves the beauty of the tiled floor

The ceramic tiles are slabs of various size and relatively thin thickness, of ceramic material. They are generally tough, durable, hygienic, non-combustible and fire resistant. All the ceramic materials are widely used both in living, public and work places, just by virtue of the high performance characteristics and ease of maintenance and daily cleaning.

piastrelle in ceramica
However, to ensure a good state of preservation and the continuation of valuable characteristics over time, it is important to follow some simple precautions and use the appropriate products. Incorrect cleaning of the tiles is indeed cause for damage to the same, especially if carried out with aggressive, highly abrasive sponges, etc.

For ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of ceramic floors, FILA, a leader in solutions for the protection and maintenance of all surfaces, has developed a series of specific products, very effective and simple in usage.

Cleaning the tiled floor: Dry end installation

The first thing to do after installing a floor or ceramic coating is a deep cleaning of the surface to remove all traces of cement, mortar and glue resulting from the installation.
Unfortunately many times this operation is not performed in the right way or is performed with non-specific products and this can cause, over time, several problems to the floor as the formation of halos and stains. The veil of installation residues also makes the surface more sensitive to stains because they attract dirt.

pulire pavimenti di ceramica
It is therefore important that this is done with a specific acid detergent such as FILA DETERDEK that does not damage the surface and is safe for the operator and the environment because it does not emit harmful fumes.
To avoid, however, the common muriatic acid which, in addition to risk damaging the finish of the material and of the metal elements present, is corrosive and hazardous to health.

Subsequently, you can proceed to a washing with FILACLEANER, universal detergent suitable for all types of materials because it cleans deeply and respects the treated surfaces, even the most delicate ones.
Aggressive products are absolutely not adviced, such as acids and other substances or abrasive tools.

Daily cleaning of ceramic floor

FILACLEANER is a neutral detergent suitable for daily maintenance of ceramic surfaces.

Here are its main features:

- cleans without harming
- no need to rinse it because it leaves no residues; normal detergents often contain brighteners which are deposited on the floor, forming the marks and stains or making the surface slightly sticky, attracting dirt more easily
- very concentrated, can be used at different dilutions, depending on the dirt to be removed; for routine maintenance it takes only 25 ml in a bucket of water of 5 liters, then, the yield is very high and consequently also the savings
- Highly biodegradable.
- you can use it with a floor cleaning machine high dilutions (1: 200)
- not alter the natural color of the ceramic.

Ceramic floors: cleaning the joints

The joints of ceramic tiles too need a thorough cleaning.
Grout very dirty, we recommend cleaning them with a solution of hot water and Deterdek

Once cleaned, it is important to protect the joints of ceramic tiles with a special stain resistant as Fugaproof, which prevents the absorption of water and stains thus allowing even easier and faster maintenance; It is a water-based product, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

This product does not affect the aesthetics of the joints, keeping the latter in a flawless condition. Fugaproof is odorless and dries quickly, simplifying much the daily cleaning.

To remove stains from a ceramic floor

How to clean the floor glazed ceramic from ink stains, coffee, markers or red wine?
No fear! To remove stains from your colored glazed pottery just use the product Fila SR95.

FilaSR95 stain remover is ready to be used directly on the area to be cleaned.

Once poured evenly on the stain, leave for about 15 minutes. Then rub the stain for about a minute with a damp sponge and rinse with water the treated area.

If the stain should be particularly persistent repeat the whole operation.

- See more at: http://www.filasolutionsblog.com/2011/06/22/come-pulire-il-pavimento-in-ceramica-smaltata/#sthash.3hAil4an.dpuf

A ceramic floor is unlikely to be well treated subject to stubborn stains; However, should they form the troublesome spots of ink, markers or red wine, so deep as to be removable with simple detergent, there is no need to lose heart: we think ROW!

To remove stains from colored glazed pottery just use your FILA SR95, a stain remover ready to use, to be applied directly to the area to clean, evenly.

It is left to act on the spot for about 15 minutes, then rub with a damp sponge, and then rinse with warm water.
If the stain persists, just repeat the whole operation and the result is guaranteed.
Effective against stains, FILA SR95 does not damage the surfaces being treated.

Where to go?

Come pulire il pavimento piastrellato in ceramica: Row Solutions FILA Solutions for years has established itself on the market as a leader in solving all the problems relating to the maintenance and protection of floor and wall tiles, marble, natural stone, porcelain tile and wood.

Fila products are all certified, designed for professionals but also suitable for DIY, thanks to the simplicity of use and the presence of detailed instructions.

By virtue of the experience accumulated over the years, a deep knowledge of materials and constant updating on new technologies, industry trends and housing needs evolving, Row Solution is the leading company recommended by major manufacturers floors and walls.

The ISO 14001 certification is an important step that demonstrates the real commitment of the brand to minimize the environmental impact, producing environmentally friendly products because concentrated, highly biodegradable, solvent and very low or no VOC emissions (as per the line products FILA Green Line).

Ask your dealer or visit the website www.filasolutions.com 

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