Cersaie 2021: the new trends regarding bathroom taps

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Let's find out more about the numerous new proposals and the many new bathroom faucet collections presented at the Cersaie fair in Bologna 2021.

Cersaie 2021: the new trends regarding bathroom taps
Arch. Titti Cicchiello
Arch. Titti Cicchiello

The importance of the choice of taps in the bathroom

Cersaie in Bologne belongs to the most important trade fairs of the world and in 2021 it focused also on the importnace of manufacturers of bathroom furniture and taps.

The theme of the taps is fundamental: choosing the right one is a very important decisions both from a stylistic and a practical point of view.
















Faucets are often considered a secondary accessory but they are not, they actually play an important role in the bathroom.

If you try to imagine washbasins, bidets, showers and bathtubs without taps, the result is completely unusable, precisely from a practical point of view.

Rubinetti da bagno, varie finiture, Fiore rubinetterieBathroom taps, various finishes by Fiore rubinetterie

Function is not on a higher level than style and aesthetics for design lovers but the perfect combination of aesthetics, design and functionality was found in many faucet companies present at the fair in Bologne. 

Cersaie Exhibitions: DEMM models

One of the numerous companies present at Cersaie 2021 was Demm Rubinetteria which presented and exhibited part of the 2021 collection.

DEMM is a company that was born in the province of Brescia, and has been operating in the sanitary tapware sector for over 50 years, continuously investing in the research, development and design of cutting-edge products that simultaneously guarantee maximum efficiency, design and quality.

Rubinetti bagno, modello My Time di DemmBathroom taps, My Time model by Demm

One of the new models of the bathroom line present at Cersaie is MY TIME, a line of taps characterized by a sophisticated, fine, elegant aesthetic and with visible details that become one with the environment.

Finiture rubinetti bagno, Treemme, modello My TimeIn the photo above, Treemme bathroom faucet finishes, My Time model

It is an essential and concrete line, available in many possible combinations of finishes: solid, satin, glossy and stained finishes in various colors are available for the upper part. A chrome and matt black finish is available for the base element.

Bathroom faucet set exhibitors: Rubinetteria Treemme

Rubinetterie Treemme, during the Cersaie fair in Bologna, presented many innovations, including the innovative Watt thermostatic, the Q30 model, the Watertube line, the T30 mixer, the new 3.6 finishes and the new shower heads.

Watt is the new proposal for built-in single-lever and thermostats for shower, inspired by the world of lighting, and it represents a collection of cutting-edge shower controls with an innovative design.

Seto rubinetterie bagno, modello Watt di TreemmeBathroom taps set, Watt model by Treemme

The peculiarity of Watt is given by the levers that open and close the water and serve to regulate the flow rate: these levers also refer to the light switches. The temperature, on the other hand, is regulated by a circular knob.

The collection is made of brass, it is available in different finishes and it is characterized by a technological and functional design.

Miscelatore lavabo, Treemme, modello Q30In the photo: basin mixer, model Q30 by Treemme

Another novelty presented at the fair is the Q30 series, a series consisting of square lines and lightness of shapes. The series is made of brass and is available in different finishes such as: chrome, brushed nickel, white, black, brushed black chrome, rose gold.

This collection of taps is easily adaptable to different styles of furniture, which is aimed at a public attentive to innovation and in search of avant-garde shapes.

Other models of bathroom mixers

T30 is a tap with a very particular and refined design, characterized by a circular silhouette. T30 is a mixer adaptable to any bathroom and it is distinguished by the particularity of the mixing control, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, also extremely functional.

Rubinetto, Treemme modello T30In the photo above: Treemme model T30 tap

The 3.6, a line with an unique style and essential and elegant shapes that make it ideal for contemporary style bathrooms, is another novelty that has been presented at the Cersaie 2021. 

The 3.6 line is made of stainless steel and consists of an important cylindrical body that contrasts with the very thin spout, designed with a particular innovative technology that allows water to flow in a few millimeters.

Miscelatore bagno, modello 3.6 di TreemmeBathroom mixer, model 3.6 by Treemme

The collection also features an electric version, called 3.6 electronic, in which there is a perfect fusion of design and technology.

This version provides for activation through a simple touch of the fingers or through the connection to intelligent personal assistants, through which it is possible to control the mixer.

Further innovations presented at Cersaie 2021: Webert

Webert presented at Cersaie 2021 many new models that are part of the new collection.

The One series collection, for example, is a complete line of taps born from an innovative production process, which integrates the potential of additive manufacturing in interior design.

Miscelatore bagno, Webert, linea One-BBathroom mixer, Webert, One-B line

One series is a constantly evolving collection and consists of 4 different lines: One-X bathroom series, One-B bathroom series, One-A kitchen faucet, Essential kitchen faucet.

The One-B line is extremely elegant, it gives a sense of lightness, absolute class and it has a great aesthetic impact, thanks to the presence of its light and fluid steel blade folded around an enveloping cylinder that almost looks like a soft and thin fabric to the eye.

Miscelatore lavabo, Webert, linea One-BIn the photo: basin mixer, One-B line by Webert

This series includes various elements such as sink taps, tall sinks, wall sinks, bidets and showers. All the elements are different from each other and very unique.

Let's find out more about the Wolo line

Another line presented by the Webert company is Wolo: the inspiring elements of this line are aerodynamics and lightness and, precisely for this reason, the taps are characterized by a tapered and slender body that tapers just like the wing of an airplane.

The elements that give life to this line are available in matt black, matt white and satin gold.

Miscelatore lavabo, Webert, linea WoloIn the photo above, Wolo line wash basin mixer by Webert

The complete series really offers a wide choice of elements for both bathroom and shower taps, providing the environment in which they are placed a constant balance and great overall harmony.

Rubinetto lavabo, linea Wolo di WebertSink tap, Wolo line by Webert

The Wolo line includes many elements which can be useful to enrich and complete the decor of your bathroom, including faucets for the washbasin, tall washbasin, wall-mounted washbasin, spout, bidet and shower line.

The new proposals of the Fiore rubinetterie company

Fiore Rubinetterie S.r.l., which was present at the Cersaie 2021 fair, has more than 50 years of experience in the sector and is synonymous with quality.

At the fair, many lines of taps were exhibited and presented, including the Kera line which is characterized by great elegance and style.

Set rubinetteria bagno, Fiore, linea KeraBathroom faucet set, Kera line by Fiore rubinetterie

The elements of the Kera line are available in various finishes and are ideal for the washbasin, bidet, shower, bathtub and built-in solutions have also been provided for lovers of essentiality and minimal style.

Rubinetti bagno, linea Emozioni, Fiore rubinetterieIn the photo: bathroom taps, Emozioni line by Fiore rubinetterie

A new concept also presented at the fair is Emozioni, characterized by beauty and elegance with seven new finishes that enrich the bathroom series of the company, starting from the design models up to the Old Style models.

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