Choosing the shower

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If the choice of the bath tub expresses a kind of momentary detachment from the world, the shower is an expression of the philosophy of life marked on making, anyway.

Choosing the shower
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

A shower for every emotion

Scegliere la doccia If the choice of the bathtub expresses the desire to relax, almost a kind of momentary detachment from the world around, choosing the shower is an expression of energy, speed of action, proactive attitude and philosophy of life marked on making, anyway.

The shower is not a place to alienate, rather it is the place of preparation to deal with, and sometimes to attack the world. Also when the shower box becomes a small home spa it is still a parenthesis to regenerate, to release tension built up, to share and recharge before starting an action, a project, even just to start a quiet day at work.

The shower is therefore linked to emotions, always different, due to the character, of course, but also more specifically to the mood of the moment.

Modern custom designs for shower

Also thanks to the new production technologies, today the bath furnishings sector companies are able to provide an adequate response to every requirement that relates to the type of shower to install.

There are no longer restrictions of any kind and any space, even the smallest or irregular floor plan design can accommodate a structure conceived and designed with care and skill of tailoring mold, equipped ad hoc according to tastes, needs, and why not, even foibles of an increasingly more attentive clientele.

The warranty for such products is ensured by a rich background of decades of experience in the industry, research and products that have followed the evolution of tastes and habits over time.

Megius, one of the leading group in this specific production sector, consists of several companies, each engaged in a specific area: Megius spa bath furnishings, La doccia ltd. in glass processing, Alutecnik Ltd. for processing aluminum rod.

Scegliere la doccia: Megius, Matter
In this way, the entire production process is guaranteed, since the entire process is controlled. All the wealth of experience and knowledge that each of these companies has brought with it has allowed us to act on the market at the highest levels, the design work is always preceded by social studies that have allowed us to anticipate trends and styles with products that are all avant-garde.

Megius, or the One Thousand Exciting Drops In Space. This, in a nutshell, the basic philosophy, that is: give a style to every emotion. And, in fact, a claim for an advertisement launch of the most emblematic of the philosophy of Megius was right: a kaleidoscope of emotions.

All of the company's proposals interpret the different moments of life with a keen eye on the market and its needs. The strategic approach is therefore really more life oriented, shower stall to live according to their own personality.

Here then become important the contamination between fashion, design and green mood (cit), as evidenced by the latest creations presented at the Salone del Bagno 2014, or the solution shower booth Materia, field experimentation to create elements by mixing different materials and unpublished for the shower environment, such as jeans and leather.

Scegliere la doccia: Megius, Artbox Manolibera
Speaking of art and design, to point out, always by the latest proposals of Megius Milan, the brand new Artbox, created to describe different ways of conceiving the shower, starting from creative experimentation that combine art and function, design and practicality.

In addition to the traditional volumes are well defined and squared, there are now almost sinuous hand-drawn, the play of shadows and lights, in a continuous evocation of different expressive forms of art itself, in continuous formal and elegant contrasts of superficial finishes.

Scegliere la doccia: Megius, Artbox Chiaroscuro
Manolibera and Chiaroscuro, these two collections presented in Milan, in fact refer to two different artistic expressions and are united by the sinuous movements of the glass plates with Protective treatment available in the following finishes: opal, smoky gray and transparent.

Both models have the shower glass 6 mm, but in the version Manolibera the lower profile is almost absent, to emphasize an idea of spontaneous art, from simple strokes, how the name recalls. In Chiaroscuro, however, the side handle and bright chrome profiles reveal a greater eclecticism and a greater love for the contrasts, in fact.

Shower, a tailored proposal

Unique and sensory experinces assured, contemporary design, but above all tailor-made solutions, sewn on in a true sartorial style. I speaking of Samos, another leader in the production landscape of the industry.

Samos is a brand that has always been characterized by a wide and varied range of models that cover all market segments. Everyone has their own shower, through specific market policies that have resulted in three major product lines: Trendy dedicated to those with sophisticated tastes; Classic for lovers of classic and trendy; Easylife for those who prefer aesthetics and functionality first.

Scegliere la doccia Samo, Axi
Having decided on the preferred line, continue with a project based on needs and available space, more and more restricted in some cases. The products Samo fit not only measures and constraints imposed by the plans, but also to the aesthetic style, with the ability to offer customization for each collection.

Designers and consumers are the central fulcrum, as always, the entire production company is suitable in the case of new constructions or when renovating. The mission for a production that dress the entire bathroom is expressed even more following the creation of the holding Samo Industries, which combines the brand with the brand Samo Inda, Europe's leading furnishers and has seen its first official presentation during the recent Salone del Bagno, 2014.

About the new solutions for the shower, the Trendy line is enriched by the new creations and Axi Top Pictor.

Axi is stainless steel, has an elegant inverted L shape and the design is essential, the rainshower is embedded in a rectangular wire. It is equipped with special nebulizers dew breath and the mixer faucet is thermostatic.

Scegliere la doccia Samo, Pictor Top
Pictor Top has a more sophisticated design, characterized by a rectangular shape with asymmetrical oblique main lines that are connected in an elegant way by the shape of the body. At the bottom of Pictor Top there is a practical storage shelf and head shower holder.

Pictor Top is available in five finishes: satin brushed, brushed copper, black, bronze, polished stainless steel.

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