Chromotherapy showers

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The emotional shower or chromotherapy shower, match the water jet with colors. This perfect union gives its user a satisfying sense of wellbeing.

Chromotherapy showers
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

What is color therapy?

Color therapy belongs to medicine and is alternativ to a therapy that through the use of colors helps the body and the human mind to find its natural balance, causing the body to react even to particular painful symptoms typical of certain diseases.

cromoterapia This therapy uses then the colors, each of which is paired with a mood.

Warm colors are usually associated with energy and positivity.
Red is coupled to the fulcrum of the vitality, energy and all passions in general.
Orange is the color of optimism; its use helps to fight depression. Yellow is instead coupled to the light, the sun, and always connected to the sphere of the positive aspect of things.
Cold colors instead, inspire reflection, introspection and creativity, namely: green is the color of nature that is a symbol of harmony; blue is the color of calm and tranquility, because it recalls the trend wave; finally, purple represents creativity.

Colour therapy is practiced today in the most important SPA and wellness centers but its origins are to be found back in time. Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans practiced this therapy, ie exposure to direct sunlight, while in India Ayurvedic medicine has always taken account of how colors affect the balance of the chakras, the energy centers that are associated with the major glands of the body.

Emotional shower at home

Colour therapy is also called emotional shower and currently you can find this integrated system within the shower heads that you have at home and in the structures themselves.

It is often combined with other options such as the turkish bath or sauna, so to transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

A company that offers this facility is Nobili Rubinetterie, which combines shower massage to the healthy shower heads for color therapy.

In this way, the bathroom becomes a place of real relaxation, combining the pleasure of water and of colored light: white, red, blue, green, depending on the state of mind that comes and the feeling that you need.

Doccia cromoterapia Nobili Taps The company offers the collection Colour Therapy, which provides sixteen shades of color with electronic management, controlled by a control keyboard that allows you to create custom sequences, for an effect that reminds the emotional showers, typical within large SPA.

The installations are different: the shower head with chrome finish, for wall installation, the creation of an entire light cabin, as well as Signorini Rubinetterie offers, in whose collection there are a number of minimal and refined design rainshowers, large size, entirely made of stainless steel.
can contain up to 222 water nozzles from which you can turn a gentle rain shower, accompanied by intense color effects.

Doccia cromoterapia Jacuzzi

Also Whirlpool, with its shower Caleidos available in various sizes, from 35x35cm up to 60x60, offers the ability to have an emotional shower at home and, on request, depending on the version you can also combine the pleasant effects of aromatherapy.
The shower MySpa by iB Rubinetterie, combines the properties of color therapy with those of aromatherapy, plus a jet sprayed on the skin.

Doccia cromoterapia iB Rubinetterie The shower heads are available in both round and square shape, with a chrome finish, and ensure normal dispensing jet or spray, depending on your preference.

All these systems do not provide a chromotherapy shower manual operating system but are equipped with automated devices that synchronize a set of programs with sequences of colors, depending on the requirements, so as to guarantee the optimization of the effect of comfort and relaxation offered by Shower.

The control systems and the jet water dosing, in addition, are all aimed at saving water. The showers in them provide a LED lighting low voltage system and protected by a special casing, ultra bright low power type.

Installing this type of system in your bathroom can transform the shower in a regenerating moment for the body; in fact, just relax and enjoy a few minutes under running water colored to have immediate beneficial effects on the mind and the body.

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