Coatings for the bathroom

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The coatings of the bathroom must be such as to withstand sudden changes in temperature, humidity and steam and the formation of condense which characterize this environment.

Coatings for the bathroom
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Coatings for the bathroom: what to choose

There are many, colored or black & white, glossy or satin finish, typical urban or Mediterranean flavor. Once there were the tiles; currently present with a wide choice of materials and different forms, some of which even supplant the concept of the tile.

What, then, are the criteria for making the right choice for coatings in the bathroom?

The first consideration is about technical features, that wall cladding should have to adapt very well to the bathroom.

Technical characteristics of coatings in bathroom

Bardelli Ceramics: Design collection, Isabel Ruben Toledo
These must be such as to be able to withstand sudden changes in temperature, humidity and steam that certainly characterize the considered environment.
In particular, a major problem in the bathroom is condensation.

The water vapor condenses when the bath temperature is not constant and the ventilation is insufficient, forming small drops that run down the wall.

The result is the fogging of mirrors and glass windows and in the worst cases can be the formation of troublesome mildew stains.
The problem occurs especially in very small spaces or without windows maybe of service bathrooms derived from portions of other rooms.

To overcome this inconvenience it is necessary that the environment is provided with adequate ventilation.
If aerators are used, these should be positioned in the upper part of the outer walls, so as to let out the hot, moist air that tends to rise.

In most cases it is often enough just to open the window, when the bathroom has one and ventilate the room to let out the steam.

Types of bathroom coatings

In environments with these features the most suitable coating is certainly represented by ceramic tiles, to be applied to the entire wall, at mid-height or only in some areas, alternating with other types of coating.

Pulkra: rivestimento bagno in resina In the market there is a wide range of solutions in ceramic material and each collection is usually equipped with different sizes and colors, as well as special pieces such as headbands, decorations, dots and pencils.
These elements allow the imagination of architects and clients to indulge in different applications for each construction.

The tendency that is the most spread in recent years is that of ceramic products, we mostly talk about porcelain tile, which imitate other materials from marble stones, from wood to metal and even velvet.

Highly effective coatings are also made in resin or resin tiles that create a real-painted wall, design works are unique and unrepeatable!

Available in glossy finish, high gloss, satin and matte finishes, this material, which proved very suitable for environments such as the bathroom, can be used not only for the walls but also for the floors and to cover the furniture.

In addition to having the original aesthetic qualities, the resin has a longer life than traditional materials such as paint and tempera.

Incidentally, the resin coatings provide a uniform surface, without gaps and therefore it is easy to clean. It is possible to apply the resin on top of an old tile covering, avoiding its consuming and annoying demolition.

For parts to be painted, the safest way to protect the walls of the bathroom is to seek a synthetic enamel finish.
It's best not to focus on the shiny kind because, in addition to highlight flaws and imperfections of the walls, it could also highlight the presence of condensation.

The water-based paint is rather easy to apply, better mask the defects but, unlike the enamel, it is not simple to clean and it is less resistant.

Solution rarer, but still applicable, is to cover the walls of the bathroom with a washable vinyl wallpaper.
Before applying the wallpaper, the surface of the walls must be treated with a waterproof material and for the laying must be used an adhesive that is also a fungicide.

Itlas: teak This type of coating withstands quite well a certain presence of water vapor; However, if the moisture in the air becomes excessive the sheets tend to curl and peel off at the joints.
The effect is really nasty!

To obviate this drawback you can pass on the paper surface a layer of transparent waterproof material.

Another solution is that of very original wood paneling, which gives to your bathroom a sense of warmth and is also a good insulator. The panels, which can be positioned up to the middle wall and around the bathtub, must be painted with synthetic enamel to protect them from water and steam.

It is advisable to opt for the installation of essences that stand up well to the presence of water, such as those used in shipyards for the construction of boats.

Nice ideas to choose coatings for the bathroom

The latest at home Fap Ceramiche gives a new look to the fascinations from the past. Vintage character with modern quotations for Crete, the new collection of white body wall tiles. It is a warm and inviting material yet essential and therefore very close to the contemporary taste, with his quest for synthesis.

Crete 3D Diamond Fap ceramics A proposal geared to the past but with a contemporary mood all that reinterprets the tradition of Italian ceramic decoration.

Crete is the happy birth of Fap research that aims to the faithful reproduction of the natural effects of the plaster of old houses typical of the Tuscan countryside.

The result is amazing and is expressed in five exclusive shades effects: mud, natural, night, ocher and pearl.
Among others, we point out because of its actual aesthetic beauty, a version in white clay with textured surface 3D Diamond.

What about Ceramiche Bardelli, always synonymous with original ceramics?
Under this brand they have demonstrated their creative abilities the top pencils of the past and the present. Among others include: Gio Ponti, Piero Fornasetti, Ruben Toledo and Nigel Coates.

Ceramics Bardeli: Design collection, Julia Binfield
Now are twelve the internationally renowned designers, who make the company products absolutely original, divided into four collections, each with its own unique character: Design, Colour, Style Floor and Atelier.

From Line Design we mention the ceramics Mary Ann designed by Julia Binfield that recall the paintings of naive children and also Isabel Ruben Toledo, with its young ladies with a slender silhouette.
From the collection Atelier, we point out Wallpaper, decorative wall tiles made of double firing, wholly hand made on shiny background.
It is available in eight color combinations to be combined with the solid colors of the series Colore&Colore.

Ceramiche Bardelli: Wallpaper, Atelier collection
Many strokes close together remind the color tests that are performed on the wall before choosing the right color. The effect is amazing and gives life to the joints of a large random patchwork ceramic!

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