Contemporary bathroom

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Forced to make an optimal use of our spaces in order to have a normal life together with other people at home, what we face in designing the bathroom space is a real challenge.

Contemporary bathroom
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom Despite the fact that modern houses are smaller and smaller, or perhaps precisely for this reason, the bathroom today assumes a fundamental importance in our home.

Forced to make an optimal use of our spaces in order to have a normal life together with other people at home, what we face in designing the bathroom space is a real challenge ...

... that we are winning, thanks to the current sophisticated solutions from both technical and aesthetical point of view. If you are thinking about having small or grand renovation, or even to rebuilt your bathroom at home, here are some useful news.

Ponte Giulio. Bagno Sicuro

Bathroom accessories

Without necessarily thinking about major changes in the bathroom, it can sometimes be useful to add accessories such as seats of any type and size, in order to facilitate certain actions. Just have a look at the new products by Ponte Giulio , slatted seats and benches, they'll definitely do for you.

Even if from the building point of view slats are certainly the most practical solution, lately, mainly for aesthetical reasons, many companies prefer other forms and surfaces.

Strengthened by a long experience in the production area specific for bathrooms, company's engineers have designed new slatted seats, using vinyl-coated zinc steel as concerns the structure, and polyamide (material with a high tensile strength, low density, good thermal and abrasion resistance) for the seat.

The most important improvement is about the shape, which in this version has a saddle backed profile, with two measures available in width. The thickness of the body, however, was increased so as to strengthen the more stressed parts of the structure.
Tece. Tecelux.
Still on the subject of accessories, have a look to Tecelux solution by Tece, which combine functionality and aesthetics, in a sustainable way.

Tecelux is adjustable in height and this is only one of the features of this system that hides, inside the wall and behind a sheet of white crystal, a whole host of additional features for the toilet, depending on the version (top or basic): the cistern, the air filtration system and connections for water and power supply and, finally, a system of adjustment in height.

Tecelux fits into any stylistic context of your bathroom.

Japanese style for your bathroom

Do you like instead the typical Japanese atmosphere for your bathroom, where everything is visible and shared and shareable with others? You might like Fonte collection, by Rexa Design , designed by Monica Graffeo.

The bathroom design Rexa Design. Fonte meets modern rhythm, lifestyle and the sensitivity of the Eastern world, where well-being, self-care and sharing your intimacy with people you love have a great importance. (

This presentation well clarify the concept behind this project, with products made in Corian® for what concerns sinks, floors, shower trays, cabinets and shelves; the bathtub in Korakril , and a solid elm is the material used for all accessories including items for hanging robes, the booths and the benches.

Bathroom and wellness area

I have already talked about bathroom, meant in the broadest sense of wellness area , but it seems that now the fashionable trend, if there is enough available space, is to have a real spa at home.

Rope and HSH (Home Sweet Home) are the new collections of saunas, by Glass. Rope Glass Idromassaggio, designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates.

The two concepts are different. Rope is a neutral container, characterized by a surface whose texture comes out from the design itself of the linear slats that cover the inside of the container. There are 3 levels of seating, placed longitudinally, looking as if they were suspended and supported by ropes.

The wall that closes the sauna space is completely transparent in order to enhance the feeling of lightness.

HSH, the other model, which stands for Home Sweet Home, has a design that looks just like the typical one of the house as it is in our historical memory, unlike the concept of the box, typical of the traditional sauna.

Glass. HSH HSH undermines this concept and stands as a metaphor house icon. An iconoclastic silhouette with sloping roof and burnished crystal wall that has nothing to envy to the facade of a loft. (Meneghello Paolelli Associates)

The slats are a reminiscence of the dark wood beams of the sloping roof houses typical in the countryside landscapes. Other accessories in this collection, that refer to that concept are: the hourglass, the carpets made of wood, the stove and all those furnishings that bring together the concept of home, sweet home. Exactly.
Glass. Modula
There are other solutions for you, again by Glass, if your bathroom or your wellness area should have a more modern look, this also concerns the materials.

Modula is, in fact, the versatile coating to compose and decompose the different functional areas in the bathroom, such as: the bathtub, the shower and hammam spaces.

The coating and the accessories of this collection are perfectly integrated and modular, almost a single surface. Mixers, shower heads, whirlpool jets, lighting, mirror, the soapdish shelf and all the other accessories, blend together with the coating and become a single entity, funcyonal modular tiles to arrange on the wall, for the greater freedom to design your own bathroom.

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