Early Childhood Furniture

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The arrival of a baby changes your life, habits and house. Ideas and suggestions to make the house suitable for children, comfortable for parents.

Early Childhood Furniture
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

A house suitable for children

The arrival of a baby brings with it a thousand emotions and a good deal of concern for a couple that is preparing to become a family.

lettino Chicco
Right from the start, with the discovery of pregnancy, expectant parents are beginning to think about what changes and transformations are to be made to the house. The goal is to make the management of the new family habits practical and functional, surrounding themselves with a series of furniture useful in carrying out daily tasks, from changing the baby to putting him to sleep.

The revolution at home accompanies the months of gestation and also the following years, the first of the baby's life. But from the beginning, listing the priority issues to be addressed and consequently the first purchases to make.

First furniture for the arrival of a child

First, a good idea is to combine the logistics of home with the new requirements. Many parents who live in an apartment know the discomfort of having to go in and out of the house every day the baby carriage for daily walk.

Fortunately they can make their life easier, leaving the wheels in the entrance of the apartment building or any deposit on the ground floor, bringing home only the basket where the infant rests.

Once home the basket can be fixed up on a special structure, the support, which will guarantee its stability. Another advantage of this accessory is the hygienical issue: leaving out the wheels of the baby carriage, you avoid bringing home germs and dirt, residues of walks in the center or in to the park. Also the wheels do not leave unpleasant marks on the floor or on the parquet.

Bassinet Stand Peg Perego
An example is the Bassinet Stand by Peg Perego, the support base with the G-Matic for XL baket, basket Pop-Up and Primo Viaggio SL. With a simple click you clasp both the basket and the car seat, keeping them off the ground.
Bassinet closes up to save space and can be placed by moving it with the practice carrying handle.

lettino Next2me Chicco
Another very useful solution for the newborn and the mother is Next2me, the novelty by Chicco that can always sleep near the baby, thanks to secure attachment to the parents bed. This model will be ideal cradle and also very practical to feed the baby in the middle of the night, without having to get up and then making it back to sleep on site.

The chair MimmaMà® by Leura is instead designed and built to help the mother in breastfeeding. It enables all three positions breastfeeding, especially the arm called tandem breastfeeding twins, giving a unique comfort.

sedia MimmaMà Leura
Ergonomic, soft and comfortable, from the Italian design, it is modeled with special attention at the sitting, to support the bone structure and not to put pressure on the perineum, thereby reducing the pain after childbirth or complications caused by surgical wounds . MimmaMà® offers an optimal lumbar support, shoulder and arms.

A good find for an everyday action like changing diapers and bathing, here in version two in one, is represented by Hydro baby extractable Cam .

Hydro baby extractable Cam
The soft padded changing table removable on three sides, Baby bath tub includes two sessions with anatomical and non-slip (a tilted for children from 0 to 6 months and a seat with armrests for children from 6 to 12 months), and door compartments soap dish sponge, hand shower, support legs, cap and tube for discharge of water, non-slip structure adjustable depending on the tub.

The continuous changes of onesies and rompers require a large kit and always ready to use.

At this stage of life as never before, the mothers believe their most precious ally the dryer, which halves the time of drying the garments, bed sheets and blankets, leaving them fluffy and soft on baby's skin.

A valid model of washer-dryer is Hotpoint Aqualtis AQD970F 69 (EU).

Among the programs available there is in fact a Baby Cycle. This provides a perfect result even at only 40° and guarantees absolute hygiene for the garments of children and total respect of the skin and tissues.

lavasciuga Hotpoint Aqualtis AQD970F 69 (EU).
The cycle involves the use of a greater amount of water to dilute detergents perfectly, optimize the effect of specific additives, sanitizing and rinsing deeply the clothes, eliminating any possible residue of detergent from the fibers.

Finally, even with small spaces, it is important to have a small sofa bed that will be useful to accommodate grandparents ready to lend a hand and help parents with the child.

divano lettoHaru di Made.com
Convenient and compact size, the sofa bed Haru sale of Made.com for example, fits in any space.

video room wi fi Chicco Haru has a retro-inspired design, with cute buttons on the back to highlight the precious materials and the soft padding. The tightly woven fabric and structure in pine guests are guaranteed a good rest and relaxation. Available in different colors, it is the ideal solution for guests and helpers.

And finally, to monitor the behavior and movements of the small house, it may help some systems that use technology as the Stay Connected Baby Bean House, the new WiFi camera that allows you to stay in touch with the child, even at distance.

The camera connects to the Wi-Fi network and transmits video images of high quality.

Through its dedicated app, you can connect the camera directly to your smartphone or tablet, or choose to be changed via computer.

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