Electric irons technology

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The new electric irons, as well as guaranteeing professional performance, are attentive to energy saving and safety, easy and fast to save time.

Electric irons technology
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Specific features of the new electric irons

The electric iron is a small appliance that in the house just can not miss, though ironing clothes is considered by many one of the most tedious and tiring house work.

Stirare con facilità
But when one can not avoid it, the electric iron is a valuable ally, especially if we refer to the electric irons of the last generation that aim to facilitate the task.

The new electric irons in fact seek to satisfy our needs and save us time.
There are wireless models, to reach all corners and eliminate creases easily the most difficult, but also equipment designed to adapt to iron all types of fabric, without having to change settings for each item.

Also in the market there are different models of electric iron of new generation programmed to save energy and reduce consumption.

Easy ironing of all fabrics

PerfectCare Xpress is a pressurized electric iron by Philips designed for you to iron more quickly and easily because it does not require you to select any settings.

Ferro da stiro a vapore Philips Perfect care Xpress
Indeed it irons any fabric that can be ironed, from silk, linen, cotton to cashmere without having to adjust the temperature. Philips PerfectCare Xpress therefore allows you to obtain exceptional results without risking burns or annoying shiny patches on fabrics, to make ironing easy.

Its main features are the auto-off safety and anti-scale, the Anodilium plate (long lasting and scratch resistant) and the steam supply of 50 g per minute.
The absolute ease of use is the possibility of ironing the different garments without having to wait or to adjust the thermostat of the iron.

Also the program Woolmark Apparel Care helps consumers to identify quality products for the wool approved by Woolmark. The Philips brand, offering technology OptimalTEMP, got the certified Gold Woolmark.

The products approved by Woolmark Apparel Care program are therefore ideal and safe for use with all the wool items.

The advantages of this model, from 2600 W, are the rapid heating of water and the ideal temperature setting and the supply of the right quantity of steam, which is automatically activated with a special sensor that detects the motion of the iron. So it will be easier to remove effectively all the creases.

Wireless electric irons

A great convenience is offered by the possibility of being able to iron with a cordless electric iron.
AZUR 2 in 1, for example, is a wireless steam iron model by Philips, which guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

Ferro da stiro wireless Azur FreeMotion Philips
Azur FreeMotion 2000 W has an Anodilium plate, long-lasting and resistant to scratches, and shot of steam of 160g, 30 g/ min, which can be used for steam ironing in vertical and the most stubborn creases.

The 2 in 1 offers a powerful cordless electric iron, which can be easily converted into a cable electric iron. The electric iron is charged alone on the base, while you tidy up the pieces of clothing and, in the case of stubborn fabric, it goes off with the cable mode.

Energy saving electric irons

Aquaspeed Echo by Tefal, thanks to the exclusive Easycord system that allows both to hang the cable to the handle and to lengthen the cable while ironing, is characterized by the 20% Energy saving function.

Ferro Tefal Aquaspeed Eco Aquaspeed System offers a wide mouth with a door for filling the tank directly from the sink in just 4 seconds, a Ultragliss Diffusion plate super smooth and ultra-durable power of 2400 W and double anti-scale system.

Also Rowenta offers an energy saving electric iron.

The model Eco Intelligence ensures efficiency and 30% energy savings.

The unique combination of Microsteam 400 3D plate and the Eco Steam System, in fact, offers an efficient ironing and energy saving compared to a normal iron Rowenta 2400 W.

Ferro Rowenta Eco Intelligence The other features are the Eco Steam System, automatic steam supply to get the right distribution according to the fabric to be ironed, the supervapore 180 g/mi to eliminate even the most stubborn creases and perfect steam distribution and maximum efficiency in ironing thanks to the special plate.

Finally the high precision tip ensures excellent results in the most difficult parts, because of the shape and 400 micro steam holes.

Electric iron with safety system

Home security, during the housework, is the priority.

That is why Bosh has invented a new way to iron to guarantee even safer results.
The new electric iron ProEnergy SensorSecure, Sensor Active Control is disabled every time you leave the grip, to iron perfectly and safely, for yourself and for those who live next to you, like children.

Ironing requires attention to details and a particular attention and the distractions are not allowed, but a phone call or a sudden visit can happen to anyone.

Ferro di alta sicurezza, modello Bosh ProEnergy SensorSecure
But SensorSecure, with the innovativo security system given by the new sensor Active Control, allows the iron to cool down automatically when not in use, thus ensuring maximum reliability and performance.

During the first 2 minutes the iron heats up quickly, thanks to a power of 2,400 W. The display remains lit during use and flashes when you leave the grip.

The innovation is the integrated electronic sensor Active Control, located on the handle, which recognizes the grip of the user. So the iron is switched off when leaving the outlet and is reactivated when you hold it, for a 100% security.

This iron is also provided with a practical rear tank 400 ml-opening for filling, for a system that blocks the leakage of water drops from the iron and is provided with the capability of auto integrated cleaning that prevents the formation of limestone.

The Palladium-plate glissée, with 3-zone design and grooves, it is ideal for the perfect distribution of steam and superb gliding.

Post: Electric irons technology
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