Faucets and shower heads of design in the bathroom

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Intuition, experience, knowledge of materials and their potential, research and innovation: all this serves to design and produce quality faucets.

Faucets and shower heads of design in the bathroom
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Quality faucets

Rubinetteria e soffioni di design Intuition, creative spirit, experience, knowledge of materials and their potentiality, tendency to innovation and, therefore, to the research is all this for designing and producing faucets and other bathroom accessories that work seriously, from every point of view stylish and practical.

The faucet is a classic example: an article seemingly simple, in reality it is complex and has to perform many functions, not least, to save water use. Sustainability, economic use of resources, looking for ideas to be forefront of technology and also in design: these, in short, the points of reference for companies in the sector at the top.

And so the message of technology and design together seems to be the spot for presentation Rubinetterie Treemme, company from Siena that has always collaborated with leading designers to propose design solutions immediately distinguishable.

The factory occupies about 6,000 square meters and houses the entire production cycle of all items, from casting to testing. The entire production process is well under strict and constant quality control at every stage: we support the efficiency of the technology, the experience and skill of our staff. (Cited above)

Taps ultra-modern, small works of art?

Among the many in the catalog, we mark the Nanotech series, which was created with the intent to become a niche product, while maintaining a very elegant formal concept. The focus is always alive to the needs of the market, in fact, it has led to the creation of this collection of faucets perfectly in tune with the current requirements, at an affordable price.

Rubinetteria e soffioni, design: Treemme, Nanotech The line, very original, is based on the insertion of a cascade spout with front exit, so the dimensions are reduced to a minimum, a fact which led to the name of the collection.

The price, very interesting, is not the only quality of this model. Its line makes it suitable for most environments, classic and modern, and for many situations composition, given the choice between basin mixer taps medium, high, or wall, or between taps for bidet, bath or shower. Nanotech taps are available in chrome, black chrome, bright white.

The Time collection, designed by architect Marco Pisano, has a minimalist design: a circular body with a flat spout and essential. The thin colored lever recalls the hand of a clock, hence the name of the collection. Even in this case are available in different versions depending on requirements.

On the other hand, all the taps by Treemme are characterized by a special design that makes each model a small work of art.

Rubinetteria e soffioni, design: Treemme, Time Just consider the formal concept of the collection Philo, small sculptures that recall, immediately, to the question of where the water comes out... Formal basic concept of the classic barrel tap is lost, indeed, splits, in this particular form, rigid in its quadrangular section, but curvy in the final movement that gives shape to the faucet.

Philo is available in various finishes and in various sizes and heights of the main body, which is almost the only variable, and the complete collection also includes faucets for the bath and shower heads for the shower.

Complete sets of bathroom taps

Interesting by Treemme are also complete sets for the entire bathroom, as the collection Blok, a real project that was created to renew the concept of the bathroom area. Awarded in 2007 by the jury of the Design Plus, Blok uses the basic shapes to create solutions very pleasant to the eyes and at the same time extremely functional.

Rubinetteria e soffioni, design: Treemme, Blok The official explanation of the prize was: Complicated in design, simple in solution. In Blok live edges and rounded shapes, styles taken from various market trends. Peculiar the solution of the faucet that seems integral part of the shelf in which it is part of. Also the choice of the material was a logical consequence: Crystalplant is a solid material at the same time and as pure color, technological and versatile.

Speaking of prizes, we mark the award of 2014 collection GrandesignEtico 5MM, design Ocostudio and ing. Castagnoli, where all the qualities of this line are underlined: Italian creativity, functionality, aesthetics, ethics of production processes.

Rubinetteria e soffioni, design: Treemme, 5MM
No coincidence that this is a recognition that rewards all Italian especially the ethical parameter than the other selection criteria, taking into account the overall work of all those who contribute to the realization of an article, starting with the designer and the company, who embraced a philosophy of ethical awareness (cited).

5MM is a series made using a technology that has enabled an innovative design along with a great attention to the environmental sustainability and water conservation. The water, in fact, can pass through only five millimeters thick, aesthetic characteristic that distinguishes all the components of the tap, from the levers of the command to all applications of the collection.

New shower heads more innovative design

Rubinetteria e soffioni, design: Chalks, Round The new shower heads are now real aesthetic objects, with attention to design and fine materials classics revisited or finishes the most futuristic. They are, above all, practical and environmentally friendly, are also distinctive signs for the bathroom.

Segni, precisely as the name given to the series of shower heads Gessi the larger collection, Private Wellness, composed of several models, each designed to be installed either on the ceiling or wall. Quadro, Ellisse, Rettangolo and Tondo, are the names of these patterns of shower heads, made of stainless steel and mirror finish.

These heads of modern design contribute to characterize the shower environment, or better the wellness area, as it is now called, for all intents and purposes, this room of the house once relegated to the role of service environment ...

Since then ... it's been a while and, regardless of the bathroom size, new faucets for the shower make of the domestic, a space that has nothing to envy to those of the most modern spa.

Rubinetti e soffioni in bagno, design: Frattini, Constellation
I must point out, among other things, the collection of shower heads Frattini's Constellation series, the flagship of the company, to bring out emotions where the past, present and future act in a synchronic magic with the passion and expertise of always (cited above)

Post: Faucets and shower heads of design in the bathroom
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