Freestanding washbasins

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The bathroom environment can find in new design objects such as the freestanding washbasin an ideal solution for furnishing a room with a strong identity and a contemporary imprint

Freestanding washbasins
Arch. Adriana Zingone
Arch. Adriana Zingone

Freestanding washbasins: the new trend

Contrary to popular belief the bathroom environment requires the same attention to design and attention to detail as a living room or any other room in the living area.














The freestanding washbasin, or free-standing, asserts its personality in the world of interior design. Its slender shape and sinuous lines make it look like a sculpture that gives a strong identity to the bathroom.

Lavabo freestanding by FalperEccentric freestanding washbasin by Falper

The free-standing washbasin in the picture above has a contemporary style which is characterized by a rational design, which enhances the geometry of the circle declining it into a totemic element. This design element for the bathroom, eccentric in name and in fact, creates a simple dialogue between the different materials that make up the washbasin, such as Carrara marble, wood, metal etc, textures and tactile suggestions that give great character to the free-standing sink. 

Albume lavabo metallo freestanding Antonio Lupi designAlbume, Antonio Lupi freestanding metal washbasin

Designers indulge themselves in creating such exclusive design elements, this definitely means that, at least for them, having a free-standing washbasin in the center of the room is basically a must. And there is no doubt that many private individuals, architects, interior designers have indulged in this exclusive and practical trend in the bathroom.

Lavabo freestanding tralerighe Antonio Lupi designThe Antonio Lupi bathroom. Freestanding tralerighe washbasin by Lupi design

The designer Antonio Lupi was one of the first to launch the captivating lines of freestanding washbasins, first in composite material, giving the object a compact, pleasant to the touch, hygienic and resistant appearance, then he proposed even more eccentric shapes in many different materials, which are problemy the most itersting feature.

Iconic shaped freestanding washbasins

The advantage of the free-standing washbasin consists in the synergy between practicality and elegance, in addition to the reduced size compared to the classic sinks integrated into the cabinet. The assembly of the design washbasins is simple and supported by technical data sheets relating to the product, just like a classic sink.

Miscelatore lavabo freestanding Eccentrico by FalperEccentric freestanding basin mixer by Falper

The freestanding basin mixer, depending on the freestanding basin model, can be positioned on the wall, it can descend from the ceiling, it can also start from the ground or it can  be integrated into the basin, there are many different options and style choices available.

Lavabo in pietra freestanding Antonio Lupi designAntonio Lupi freestanding stone washbasin design

The stone washbasin by Antonio Lupi Ago 185 comes with an amazing marble effect, carrara white or marquinia black color, it is born as an organic element that softens the geometries of the room.
It has a floor drain and a free drain as well, a siphon and a flexible hose.

Astro lavabo freestanding Antonio Lupi designAstro freestanding washbasin Antonio Lupi design

The Astro and Aura collection, on the other hand, presents itself as a natural element, a volume that is molded, transformed and recomposed to find a final image, liquefied but solid at the same time.

Lavabo Astro freestanding Antonio Lupi designAstro freestanding washbasin Antonio Lupi design

It is actually the states of water (liquid and frozen) and its fluid image that describe the concept of the Astro and Aura collection designed by the great designer Marco Piva. A parallelepiped without any ornament but softened by the translucency of the Cristalmood.

Lavabo freestanding Handmade WA9 by FalperHandmade freestanding washbasin WA9 by Falper

Handmade, the freestanding washbasin in Cristalplant Biobased by Falper is also available in Corten and soft-touch colors.

Made out of the most performing, strong and certified material in the world for the construction of washbasins and bathtubs, it is able to give a soft and uniform tactile and light reflection effect.

Lavabo freestanding Controstampo WA7 FalperCounter-mold freestanding washbasin WA7 Falper

The Controstampo freestanding sink, on the other hand, is presented in a very different way, in Cristalplant Biobased, also available, according to preferences, in Corten and soft-touch colors.

Dettaglio lavabo freestanding Controstampo WA7 Falper
The name of this model actually describes the shape of this free-standing sink which has a simple and hybrid shape: this is a great product which brings a lot of brightness to the room.

Lavabo freestanding Homey by FalperHomey freestanding washbasin by Falper

The Homey collection has a more essential line, its products are elegantly presented in shape and color and the adapt to any bathroom furniture, from bathrooms with eccentric and peculiar coverings to classic or hybrid bathrooms of more contemporary homes.

Lavabo freestanding by Abk designFreestanding washbasin by Abk design

The Abk large format is perfect for custom-sized bathrooms.
The wide range of Wide slabs offers the possibility to create particular bathroom environments, following the mix & match philosophy, while the on-demand logic allows you to create customized furnishings.

Lavabo a colonna widestyle tropicana Abk designTropicana widestyle pedestal washbasin Abk design

Abk's free-standing washbasin looks like a large rectangle with a resistant shape, it actually is a great hybrid that adapts easily to many different design styles.

Lavabo a colonna grigio pietra Abk designStone gray washbasin Abk design

Abk offers the possibility of custom designing one's own pedestal sink in shades of stone and marble, which are perfect for classy bathrooms.

Lavabo freestanding Monowash large by ceramica flaminiaMonowash large light blue freestanding washbasin by Ceramica Flaminia

Ceramica Flaminia Spa also offers free-standing sinks with large dimensions, comfortable to use and easy to clean, these models are very unique when it comes to design and color. A perfect example is the Monowash large freestanding washbasin.

Lavabo freestanding Monowash large by Ceramica Flaminia
Monowash large black freestanding washbasin byCeramica Flaminia

The comfortable dimensions of the freestanding washbasin are not unique because of the geometric shapes of these models, in fact the free-standing circular washbasin supported by a column is exactly the same.

Lavabo freestanding Bonola50 by ceramica flaminiaBonola50 freestanding washbasin by Ceramica Flaminia

The Bonola 50 washbasin has a diameter of 50 cm, it can be placed on a top or on a column and it comes in different colors.

One of the main features of the freestanding sink is that of having the floor drain, as we mentioned earlier, which is practically invisible, and it is useful in order to combine its characteristics of elegance and uniqueness.

Lavabo freestanding Twin ceramica flaminiaTwin Ceramica freestanding washbasin Flaminia

This type of product is mostly chosen to furnish bathrooms for which a strong aesthetic impact is required or which require slim dimensions. It is therefore a type of sanitary ware that is actually a niche element and it is characterized by very refined design needs. Thanks to these features it has become increasingly popular.

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