Gas dryers to conserve and respect the fabric

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Use of machine to save time and effort without an increase in the cost of the electricity bill is possible. Some models of gas dryers

Gas dryers to conserve and respect the fabric
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Dryer with natural gas or LPG

Especially during winter, when the weather does not allow us to dry clothes outdoor in the air and sun, having a dryer at home makes all the difference!

The dryer, in fact, enables us to have the laundry always dry and fresh in no time, making us forget the dull discomfort of having to keep it inside the home for days on a drying rack to dry.

Those who never had a dryer, should know that there are different types of models that differ according to the technology on which it relies to eliminate the damp from the laundry, drying them. There are in fact electric dryers, with heating pump or even gas pumps, condensing or ventilated.

The gas dryers (natural gas or LPG) are equipped with a burner as a heat generator. Although on the market there are less gas models than electric dryers, these also have several advantages, such as lower costs, due to the lower price of gas in comparison with electricity, the drying times the absolute lowest (because the machine first reaches the set temperature), and finally the possibility of simultaneous use of this appliance with other appliances.

The disadvantages, in general, are in the initial cost of purchase, higher than the electric models, and in the necessity of a placement in the presence of a gas connection and fumes evacuation pipes.

Models and advantages of gas-powered dryers

Rinnai Dry Soft is a gas dryer model ideal for those who want to permanently solve the problem of too long times linked to the drying of clothes, especially when temperatures are low and the wet weather outside is likely to make even more soaked our just washed clothes, not letting them dry well and leaving an unpleasant odor.

Dry Soft, with a capacity load of 6 kg, is faster and economically more advantageous of an electric dryer: it maximizes the efficiency of the drying cycles, ensuring minimal environmental impact. It is compact and it can also be placed above the washing machine, on a column, thanks to the special indispensable brackets to place it even where space is limited.

The benefits are the saving up to 70% less than an electrical cycle, the drying times halved and noiseless. The basic cycle has an average duration of one hour.

Moreover, compared to the electrical dryer that tends to dry and stress the fibers of the clothing and charge them static, Dry Soft leaves the clothes softer and preserves them over time, thus invalidating one of the biggest questions that often make people desist from purchasing a dryer, fearing that it might damage our clothes, linens and panty that we put to dry.

The costs, more than halved compared to electric models, will make it an appliance to use weekly, even in summer, because then the clothes will no longer be exposed to pollutants, dust and allergens especially in big cities.

And finally, the last but perhaps the most important plus linked to the use of the dryer is to say goodbye to the iron, at least for most of the clothes.

Stop stiro: un beneficio per chi utilizza l'asciugatrice
The fibers of clothing, still hot when they come out of the dryer, are soft and are ready to be placed directly in the closet without having to iron them.

The green note? The gas dryer enter only 1/4 of the carbon dioxide of an ordinary electric dryer.

Rinnai Dry Soft 6 is a dryer with 6 kg load capacity.

Available for use with natural gas or LPG, it guarantees a safe savings compared to drying power, because it does not weigh on the counter.

This has the enormous advantage to allow its use in conjunction with any other appliance, optimizing the time to devote to domestic life.

The dryer Rinnai Dry Soft is silent, compact and fast.

Dry Soft 6 is equipped with a digital display for the selection of programs, triple filter for collecting the lint, a bag for delicate garments and a shelf to be positioned inside the drum for drying the shoes. is instead a useful web site for those interested in buying a gas dryer, being importer of Whirlpool and Rinnai products, because as we have already mentioned, there aren't still today many models that work with gas supply available in Italy.

Asciugatrice a gas Whirlpool Dry Gas Jeans 10.5 kg For example, you can find the new 2015 model Whirlpool Dry Jeans Gas 10.5 kg, which is methane gas supplied, is available on the US market.

This model has the function stop ironing, five different automatic programs Sixth Sense with humidity sensor and hygrometer, eight manual programs for all kinds of linen, but also for wool and quilts, four temperatures, three programs to refresh the clothes (also suitable for people with allergies), removable filter and portholes LED lit.

This dryer allows the exit of the vapors both on the rear side and on both sides.

Another proposed model is the dryer Maytag Dry Soft 9 kg again natural gas supplied.

Asciugatrice Maytag Dry Soft 9 kg
Robust and reliable, it is easy to use with its three automatic programs (white, colored and heavy cotton), mixed cotton 45 min, Soft and delicate with crease-resistant stop ironing.

Another appreciated feature for its convenience during the loading phase is the extra large door with a 135 degrees opening and a steel basket, more delicate with the clothes, a stop ironing ventilated accelerator for softer linen, crease resistant and the front controls.

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