Geometry coatings for the bathroom

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The bathroom becomes a place of experimentation: the geometric ceramic tiles contribute to the dynamic environment and with so many possibilities for customization.

Geometry coatings for the bathroom
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Coatings for bath at Cersaie 2014

Also this year we held one of the most anticipated events in the field of bathroom furnishings and construction, Cersaie and, thanks to this exhibition, you've got to write down all the trends and innovations in the field.

Getting out of the various pavilions, we got to see how strong is the desire to transform the bathroom into a place where all the details combine to make the space comfortable and functional at the same time, from the installation of technologic bathroom fixtures to the use of platforms and storage units in high-tech materials, to the application of coatings capable of characterizing the environment in a clear and not standardized manner.

rivestimento tridimensionale Tagina

In fact, with regard to finishes, bathrooms configured from the seventies onwards, have more or less similar features: ceramic modules with small or medium size with no color change that can differentiate the flooring from wall covering. At most, this could be a sort of frame, composed of moldings or mosaics, to break the uniformity of the coating.

Today, these trends have been surpassed by the desire and the need to configure our bathrooms according to our taste, with ceramics of various types, color, size and pattern, which can give rise to highly personalized spaces.
One trend we have noticed in the halls of Cersaie was that of the use of ceramic tiles with geometric patterns.

Geometric bathroom coatings

The use of geometry has been the basis of many sciences: be that architecture or music, geometric rules help to define a space, a rhythm, to give an order to something that might be messy or undefined.

The geometry, in particular, applied in architecture and furnishing, provides expedients for the realization of environments suited to their needs. In addition, and to a matter of taste, choice of finishes with geometric patterns can help to make a dynamic or very rational space, larger or smaller than its actual square footage.

Let's see some examples seen at the fair or selected among the most interesting news of the year.

rivestimento geometrico bisazza Bisazza, one of the leading companies in the field of coatings in molten glass, over the years has had such a strong expansion, to incorporate also other categories of coatings, such as ceramic.
Its strength lies in a constant renewal, thanks to the collaboration with the most important designers of international fame.

The collection we present, in fact, is designed by Marcel Wanders: Frozen Garden is a coating in ceramic paste, whose geometric patterns reside both in decoration and in the form.
It is a hexagonal tile with edges and internal floral pattern in relief; the different modules, available in two colors, black and white, and with two decorations, floral or grooved, joined together create a three-dimensional wall and very elegant, beautiful to look at but also to touch: the three-dimensionality of the coating in fact, gives interesting effects and games of light enough to make the coating suitable not only in the bathroom but also in other residential and non residential spaces.

rivestimento geometrico kreo Even Iris Ceramica tip on personalization and contamination proposing Kreo, a line of wall coverings and floor based on geometry and graphic signs: three sizes, five different colors for the floor and six on the walls, all designed to form a modular system; variants characterized by an arc or by a diagonal, for example, realized in prominence thanks to the chromatic changes, depending of pairs of modules, allow countless opportunities for personalization are thus created circles, semicircles, triangles, lozenges, etc .

The proposed geometric designs reminiscent of the ancient ceramic decorations of a time with the intent to enhance and give the right visibility to the craftsmanship.

Tagina, one of the companies in the ceramic district of Umbria which we mentioned in the article on Ceramics Made in Italy, during the last Salone del Mobile has introduced the new collection Deco D'Antan based, not surprisingly on three principles: color, contrast and decorations give life to geometric patterns and designs generated thanks to the clever use of glazing and dust grit.

The result is a ceramic coating for floors and wall coverings, not only suitable for the bathroom but also for other environments, in numerous geometric variations and color.

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