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The modern bathroom has changed its function over time: from a simple service area today it has become a relaxing corner in which it is possible to mix functionality and fine design.

How to choose your freestanding tub
Arch. Adriana Zingone
Arch. Adriana Zingone

Freestanding bathtub: atmosphere and functionality

The bathroom has been used in very different ways over the years: in the past it was seen just as a service room but today it has become a proper relaxation area.












The bathroom environments, for those who can afford it, are getting bigger and bigger, leaving space for exclusive but also contemporary and functional design components: the first one we're going to talk about is the freestanding bathtub.

Vasca da bagno freestanding
This elegant bathroom element can be positioned in the center of the bathroom, in slightly narrower spaces or in strategic positions in order to accentuate the design covering or wall.

Vasca da bagno freestanding stile elisabettiano
The modern bathtub or retro bathtub, super-equipped or simple, standard or with a seat, large or small, can be positioned in the center of the room, in the bedroom, if you have enough space, or even outdoors.

Vasca libera installazione outdoor by Agape
The bathtub in the bedroom is often chosen to furnish super luxury rooms in hotels or B & Bs but can also be installed in private homes. In this case the design element focuses on an amazing visual impact, as well as providing moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Vasche freestanding by Agape
In either a bedroom or in a pretty large bathroom, this bathtub is an unique component which can create an unparalleled universe of comfort.

Vasca da bagno design Porcelanosa
In a standard rectangular or rounded shape, the free-standing bathtub has also brought back the classic bathtub, which is now very fashionable. In an age where people are always in a hurry, those who choose the free-standing bathtub definitely want to dedicate some time to themselves.

What you need to know about the freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub adapts to different solutions: it is perfect for large bathrooms but even for smaller ones: on the market there are models of mini (120 or 140 cm x 80 cm) and maxi (160, 180, 190 cm x 80 cm) bathtubs as well as smaller round free-standing tubs.

Vasca da bagno by Porcelanosa Grupo
The most important thing is to organize the space properly. It often happens to buy a freestanding bathtub and not consider that, due to its particular design, it is quite wide on the top. It therefore becomes appropriate to consider that you might needc additional space.

Vasca freestanding aro bath porcelanosa
When we are trying to improve our quality of life, talking about the rooms in which we live, Porcelanosa Grupo continues to research the field of design in order to guarantee our maximum well-being.

Vasca libera installazione aro bath by Porcelanosa
Slim and Arch, are the new freestanding solid surface bathtubs developed by KRION® BATH, created with the aim of providing the bathroom space with tranquility through a design based on material purity and harmony of shapes.

Vasca slim by porcelanosa
The Slim bathtub is perfect as a refuge from everyday stress.
With dimensions of 170x80 cm and the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral as the only raw material, it transmits purity, elegance and freshness in an organic way. In addition, its pristine opaque white color brings order, cleanliness and brightness to the bathroom.
Vasca da bagno Arch by Porcelanosa Grupo
The Arch bathtub has all the power of simplicity: oval-shaped and with dimensions 160 × 75 cm and 170 × 75 cm, it presents a refined primitive touch and design inspired by natural stone.

Vasca freestanding Porcelanosa
The KRION Solid Surface simulates the feel of natural stone and it is composed for two thirds of natural minerals which makes it a non-porous material, easy to clean and with unprecedented resistance.

Vasca da bagno Aro by Porcelanosa
The free-standing tub is easy to install but requires more precise hydraulic interventions, which are now the norm for construction companies. It is a non-problematic element as well when it comes to coatings bacause the tub is placed on top of them.

Free-standing bathtub: colors and materials

The freestanding bathtubs can have geometric and squared lines or more rounded and sinuous lines, they can even have various shapes. Actually, there is no real standard size and thisdistinguish it from the classic bathtub. However, most of the models have a length of 180 cm and a width of 80.

Vasca centro stanza vieques by Agape
When it comes to choose your bathtub you must also consider the physical characteristics of the people who will have to use it in order to make it as functional and comfortable as possible.

Vasca free standing Agape
Those who choose to install a freestanding bathtub often have two or more bathrooms inside their house: usually the smallest has a shower and the large one has a free-standing bathtub which, undoubtedly, is not suitable for those who just want to take a shower every evening.

Vasca da bagno freestanding by Agape
Most of the freestanding bathtub models are made of acrylic material or new composite materials, all components are very resistant to scratches and bumps and, at the same time, they are not heavy and very easy to install.

Vasca freestanding Marsiglia white Agape design
The Marsiglia freestanding bathtub by Agape is available in white or two-tone Cristalplant® biobased (dark gray RAL7021 or light gray RAL7044) and it is characterized by the side shelf that can also be equipped with an iroko wood tray.

The taps can be placed on the wall or on the ground. They also feature a siphon drain with a white, biobased cap.

Vasca free standing normal Agape
The Natural model has similar characteristics to the one we previously mentioned, however, the use of the siphon drain is mandatory. In both cases, the two-color version can be built with the color specified by the customer and just a 15% surcharge on the total price.

Vasca in living tech Brina by Cielo
The products by Ceramica CIELO on the other hand, range between the colors of the sky and those of the earth, cold and warm tones which perfectly marry the essences of wood, metals, marble, leather and much more.

The Dafne and Febe bathtubs, for example, are presented as practical design elements in monolithic material in LivingTec® and are available in different finishes.

Vasca da bagno libera installazione dafne arenaria cielo
The deep concave shapes of the various freestanding bathtub elements lead water to become the central component of the bathroom. Once people were always in a hurry but now those days are gone forever: the bathroom with a freestanding bathtub serves as a reminder to enjoy every moment of your life, especially when you actually are inside your own home.

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