Ice cream makers at home

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Ice cream and sorbets, welcome dessert after a meal in the summer and throughout the year, you can prepare them at home quickly and easily. Here are the best ice-cream maker.

Ice cream makers at home
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

How to choose the ice cream maker

If in the past the machine to make ice cream at home was a luxury for the few, now the wide range of products on the market allows us to choose the ice cream machine ideal for our needs, both in space, price and use.

With the ice cream machine you can prepare at home delicious desserts, ideal for the summer, but always highly appreciated also during the other months of the year.

Gelatiera Delonghi Gelataio
The ice cream machine makes possible to indulge in the preparation of creamy ice creams, prepared with fresh ingredients and excellent raw materials, whether you want to get to taste that fruit or cream ice creams.

It is important to know at the time of purchase, that are accumulating ice-cream maker, or basket with double wall, which inside contains coolant, or self-chilling models, that prepares ice cream in less time and do not need to keep in the freezer the baskets, and for this reason they are often preferred.

In summary the compressor cools the air and the ice cream maker work the raw materials, which will become ice cream, at a constant temperature.

The advantage of having a machine to make ice cream at home also solves the problem of having to prepare the cake for the guests, having ready in a few moves excellent ice cream, which can be eaten freshly made or prepared in advance and stored for use.

Self-chilling ice cream maker

Ariete presents different types of machine to prepare ice cream. Among these are also the model Gran Gelato Metal, an auto-chilling ice cream maker for domestic use, compact and elegant, which gives excellent ice creams cast.

Gelatiera Ariete Gran Gelato Metal model
Thanks to the compressor, it is also possible to prepare many flavors in sequence.

The kit of the ice cream machine comprises two baskets, one of which is removable, a measuring cup and a spoon to collect ice cream. Intuitive and easy to use, thanks to an LCD display that shows the temperature and the remaining time, it has a power of 135 W and a capacity of 1 liter.

Gelatiera Delonghi Mod. Gelataio ICK5000
Worthy of signaling is also the Gelataio ICK5000 by Delonghi characterized by a refrigeration system with a compressor that ensures constant temperatures during the whole preparation.

Three functions: preparation of ice cream, only movement of the stirring blades (for perfectly mix the ingredients) and only refrigerant system. The removable wire basket, stainless steel by the capacity of 1.2 l, is used to prepare up to 700 g of ice cream.

The Ice Cream has a power of 230W, transparent cover to check the preparation with airtight saves cold and environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.

In the box there is also the spatula to serve ice cream and the booklet with 36 recipes. In addition, the shovel, the tub and the lid can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

It is by Nemox instead the new compressor ice cream maker Gelatissimo Exclusive.

Gelatiera mod. Gelatissimo Exclusive by Nemox
New design, high-efficiency cooling unit, powerful mixing.
It produces not only ice cream, but also sorbets, granitas, frozen yogurt, which can be prepared both in the fixed bowl steel (1.7 liters), and in the removable.

Just turn on the machine, pour the ingredients and wait 20 to 30 minutes to be able to taste the ice cream or other preparations.

With a powerful independent refrigeration system with compressor, you can get more flavors very fast.

The machine is equipped with an aluminum removable bowl, measuring cup and scoop ice cream. The refrigeration system finally complies with environmental regulations protecting the ozone layer.

Ice cream machine preparing two flavors simultaneously

A fun model, and excellent gift idea for gourmands and fans, is Twin Ice Cream Maker, another ice cream maker signed by Ariete born at the same time to prepare, in just 20 minutes, two different flavors of ice cream.

Gelatiera due gusti Ariete Twin Ice Cream Maker
In this case the baskets are true self-chilling cups that can be stored directly in the freezer, so as to always be ready for tasting.
When the ice cream is ready, it can be consumed directly in its cup with handle.

The package also includes a recipe book with ideas and suggestions for preparations always new and surprising.

Gelatiera Ariete Twin Ice Cream Maker
The ability of the cups is 400 ml while the machine power is 9.5 W.
The advantage of this ice cream maker is also in its compact form (30x13,5x27 cm), which can be placed in any corner of the kitchen.

Double taste and double pleasure with Gelato Mio Duo Plus 2x1 Nemox.

Gelatiera Duo My Plus 2x1 Nemox
In just 40 minutes this ice cream machine prepare two different flavors or doubles the amount of the preferred taste.

Large capacity 2x1l (for 12 persons), this ice cream machine, this time with cold accumulation, has double-walled container sealed hermetically.
The mixing is done by the the electric motor.

It produces ice cream, sorbets, granitas and frozen yogurt. It is also ideal for instant cooling of any type of beverage.

This model can also be used in an alternative: the basket elegant design may in fact be on the table as ice leads or bottle cooler, at dinners with friends on warm summer evenings.

The frozen bowl fact keeps a temperature of -10°C for about 2 hours.

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