Lights for mirror

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Good to see our face reflected in the mirror of the bathroom is advisable to place the lights separate from general one of the room.

Lights for mirror
Arch. Sara Martinelli
Arch. Sara Martinelli

How to design the lighting for mirror

Make up your face or shave are precision operations that deserve a proper lighting. Even during the day, it may happen that the natural light coming in through the bathroom window is not enough to see the face well. Therefore we usually place a lighting system suitable for the mirror, with a separate switch from the lamp generally used for the whole environment.

If the lamps for the mirror are not well placed, you may not see your face, as it may create shadows or have unpleasant color effects that make you look very pale or not fit.

luci per specchiarsi To obtain functional lighting of the bathroom mirror is advisable to provide a dedicated light coming from above.
This lamp will play the dual task of illuminating the face as we reflect ourselvels, but also to avoid shadows on the sink when washing, because it often happens that we have to position ourselves between the sink and the general light beam of the room room.

The ideal device to be placed at the top as a functional light for the mirror is definitely a spotlight, maybe encased in a false ceiling. The spotlight will be placed in line with the edge of the sink and it will be preferable to choose an adjustable one, so you can fix on the spot light direction.

This illumination dedicated for the mirror is not enough. The beam of light from above illuminates well most of the face, but has a tendency to create shadows under the nose, chin and under the eyes, accentuating the dark circles and giving rise to the perception of a pale complexion.

To soften shadows and improve skin tones, it would be ideal to study two more points of light on the wall, placed sideways in the mirror and in front of the face, then between 150 and 175 cm from the ground, according to your height. Ideal for this second level are the softer lighting sconces, lamps or suspended, but they need to be waterproof, given the proximity to the sink.

The choice between the two models can be determined by personal taste, or from places where you can easily get to the cables. Often happens that in the bathroom there are already tiles and it becomes difficult to use the lights on the wall. By passing the cables in the ceiling it will be possible to have the attacks to apply the pendant lights to.

Types of mirror lamps

Pay attention to the type of lamp to be placed at the sides. Fluorescent lamps generate a glare, but a bit too strong for the use that we want to do. Surely it is better to opt for lamps with softer effect, this can also enhance the skin complexion.

luci per specchiarsi In the case of very large mirrors, consider using two ceiling spotlights, spaced about 60-80 cm and directed towards the center of the mirror. Even these will always coupled to two side light points. Better keep separate switches for ceiling spotlights and side lamps, so you can always choose the type of lighting desired. Soft lighting side mirror can be dimmed and also used alone to create relaxing effects, such as when we immerse ourselves in the bathtub and want a sleep light.

luci per specchiarsi If in your bathroom there are two sinks, can be evaluated using two separate mirrors, each of which will be placed the usually adjustable spot centered on the width of the mirror.

For side lighting it will then be ideal to provide, in addition to the two light points of the extremes of right and left, also a third central unit, positioned between the two mirrors, which makes symmetrical the illumination of the face.

luci per specchiarsi In case not be able to collect the items on the ceiling, one can think the alternative of a mirror slightly protruding, to be illuminated with a luminous tubular element placed around the behind the entire perimeter. This solution is suitable only for mirrors not particularly large, because with its soft effect might not provide sufficient functional lighting. The backlight is also suitable to enhance the effect of brilliant mosaics.

There are also commercially mirrors that have already incorporated lamps side, or it is possible to study a mirror to measure, slightly protruding from the wall, in which to collect the spotlights on the left and right side. In the latter case, be careful not to spot elements exactly at eye level. It is better to move just above or below the eyes, determining the exact spot according to your height. In this way you will avoid annoying glare effects.

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