Meandering sinks in the bathroom

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The collections of new basins are characterized by sinuous and soft lines, in a decisive manner that personalize any bath, even a small one.

Meandering sinks in the bathroom
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Bathroom fixtures for a particular bathroom

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: Teuco Milestone It 's time to remodel the bathroom or you are building a new home and the bathroom fixtures proposed by the developer does not convince you. It happens. You tired of the usual bathroom fixtures and you are looking for something particular.
It is not a matter of color or material, you just want something that strucks you for a particular, a line, a twist that catches the eye and make you say wow, that's what I was looking for!

At the end, a bathroom is a bathroom, a utility room, whose main qualities should be functionality, practicality and rational use of space.
Yes, but you're thinking: if I can also add an aesthetic touch, my signature, a trace of my personality, then it would be perfect. Let's see some proposals that can help you in this regard.

Basins such as carvings in the wall

It seems like they want to get out from the wall, these are the three models of sinks with a striking design Stappo, Soffio and Silenzio, designed by Domenico De Palo for antoniolupi and made entirely of Corian®. Strappo is described as follows by De Palo: I wanted to draw a sink that seems to tear a strip of the wall, to give birth to a new concept of living the bathroom.

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: antoniolupi, Snatch
After being embedded in the wall, Strappo is stuccoed and brushed, in order to be finished by using the same finish of the wall on which it is installed, creating in this way the effect of a flap of wall that is torn from the wall, creating the collecting space for the real washbasin.

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: antoniolupi, Breath
The lines of the basins Soffio and Silenzio are more sinouous, the basic concept is similar to the previous, but even softer in the forms: for Soffio is not a strip of torn wall, but rather a piece of turbulent surface as a whistle, a gust wind which alters the surface to form the recess for the basin.

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: antoniolupi Silence
Even more striking the effect of the sink Silence, evolution of the strain, and that starts with the intention of representing the formal functional essence of the basin as having only traces cutting and light: the basin merges with the surface on which is installed and from which it seems to want to leave, the same surface that gives it life.

Basins with organic shapes

We remain on the subject of suggestive and sinuous shapes. It looks like a sculpture the washbasin Wing designed by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper, it manages to blend perfectly with the desire to excite and the ability to be functional. Every detail has been developed with a specific software to not leave anything to the approximation, the project is was then shaped  in the prototype by skilled craftsmen.

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: Falper, Wing
The end result is, in fact, a real sculpture, made in Cristalplant®, which seems to come out from the wall or floor. Its installation can be completed by LED lights and metal elements towel.

Sinuous freestanding washbasins

The sinuous forms can also be found in the collections of freestanding washbasins. Miss Model of Hydra, design Meneghello Paolelli Associates, represents very well the prototype basin centerpiece of furniture, ergonomic design that is inspired by nature.

Lavabi sinuosi in bagno: Hidra, Miss
It is a washbasin user-friendly, whose front surface has been designed so as to shape it according to the position of the feet during use: seems to reach upwards thus creating a space for containing the water.

The formal concept is in fact based on the simple observation of the fluidity of flowing water, so the column moves from the ground up, to bend to generate the collection basin.
Miss is made in Icetek® light is made with flooror wall drain and it has various finishes: white, black and white, painted black, gold or silver leaf.

It is also very particular the design by Milestone, from Teuco, designed by Carlo Colombo. It is a freestanding sink constituted by a monolithic base that joins plastically to the horizontal plane that collects water.

Although it is a model created to enhance the marble basin in its most traditional of classic material, Milestone is also available in Duralight®, which, among other things, has recently received prestigious awards such as the Interior Innovation Award and IF Design Award.

Lavabi sinuovi in bagno: Teuco Duralight per Milestone
Duralight® is a composite material technical base acrylic with Teuco patent, and it is the company itself to work it on the inside. It is the ideal for creations formally elaborated and innovative designs and is a durable material, so perfect for bathroom fixtures and accessories, and you can have it in matte or glossy finish.

Duralight® Version Milestone allows you to customize the color-sink that is also available as a support, fitting perfectly with marble floors and stone gray as well as with the furniture collections Teuco.

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