Sauna compact

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Illustrate a model of sauna more accessible to the public that, even for size, is insertable in a domestic context, since it is quite compact.

Sauna compact
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

The Finnish sauna is a bath of heat through perspiration, which is increased, favors the elimination of toxins.

E 'a treatment that, apart from the cases in which its practice is not recommended, has several beneficial effects on the organism, since ease muscle relaxation and disposal of lactic acid (and this can be practiced at the end of a sporting activity ), has a sedative effect on the nerves and the peripheral circulation, and is also indicated for specific respiratory diseases.

Sauna compatta: Inipi B The sauna is practiced in particular environments, in which the temperature is raised, with special stoves, to 60°. After the first step, we can define a bathroom dry and lasts 10-15 minutes, is followed by a phase of superheated steam, obtained by throwing water on hot stones, which takes 15-20 minutes. Next a cold shower.

The interior of the environments in which they practice the sauna are covered with rough wood, poplar or pine, which are also made ??benches.

Usually you can find saunas in gyms, wellness centers and hotels, while at home is often still a luxury.
Yet they begin to penetrate the market models more easily accessible to the public, such as what we present in this service, which, for size, fits easily into a domestic context and in a normal bathroom, face is fairly compact.

Saunas of compact size

Sauna compatta: Inipi B Super Compact Already in 2009 Duravit presented Inipi, a sauna compact easy to fit in the bathroom.
This year the company continues in this exciting journey, in collaboration with the three designers of the study Eoos, presenting the model Inipi B Super Compact, measuring just 120x120 cm, so it can easily fit in a small bathroom.

Besides, it's also an easy assembly and disassembly, so it is suitable to be used even in homes for rent. A trained installer takes about two hours for assembly.

Inipi is actually given also in a larger version of that measure 240x120 cm, and that, unlike the previous one that is designed for a single use, can also be used simultaneously by two persons lying comfortably.

The cabin design is essential, as is typical of the style Duravit and instrumentation technology remains hidden.
The cabin has a wood frame white lacquered or American walnut, with glass front, allowing a harmonious insertion into the bathroom.
Both models are available in both angled in the back-to-wall, while the largest is also available in a version from the center of the room.

Operation of the sauna compact

Also interesting is the level of technological comfort of the product, carefully studied, along with a particular design.

Sauna compatta: telecomando The remote control, for example, in the form reminds a stone, just like those that were used in the red-hot rooms of sweating.
The remote control is inserted laterally on the front of the sauna and allows to set autonomously temperature, the stove timer and digital hourglass.

The operation is however thought to reduce the waste of electrical energy. In fact, when the sauna is in standby mode, the ECO can reduce the inside temperature of 20 degrees, and the stove will automatically switch back to return to the desired temperature for later use.

L 'Aufguss, that is, the jet of water that falls on the stones inside the stove, can be conveniently operated with a switch located inside the sauna.
E 'requires a reservoir for water, which is positioned outside, but is closed by a flap in wood for which, despite being easily accessible, remains hidden.

Equipment sauna compact

The Sauna Inipi B are present in poplar benches clear, on two floors, inviting you to sit in a Super Compact and lie down in the largest one.

Sauna compatta: panca E 'can choose the most comfortable position by adjusting the' angle of the backrest on the rear wall, also the size of the sessions can take during treatment, different positions always ergonomic and comfortable, even for a long time.
It 'also a headrest to make it even more comfortable position lying down.

The bench top is in one piece, while the lower one can be transformed into a session continues with the addition of an element.

In addition, thin strips of wood, LED backlit and crosswise, creating a visual parallel to the sessions.
The stove with stones is placed behind a wooden wall.

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