Shower heads for wellness

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The shower heads use advanced technologies, have ancillary functions and an attractive design, in order to bring well-being in the bathroom.

Shower heads for wellness
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Shower heads to characterize the bathroom

doccia The shower is not only a hygienic practice but a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

This feeling is enhanced by the newly developed environmental bathroom, which includes particular shower heads: Ergonomic, equipped with built-in lighting, with mechanism of color therapy, with special jets or with a playful design and innovative.

On the market there are products of all kinds. Let's see some proposal to make the bathroom a unique and comfortable space.

Color therapy and wellbeing in the shower

Performing shower with the company Dornbracht presents for the first time its products for the shower area, with a variety of forms and products to deliver water as rain, as clear and energetic jet, as jet button, generous or vigorous or soft and enriched air.

Performing Shower by Dornbracht
The shower experience is renewed constantly with Performing Shower using various products in the range Balance Modules: Big Rain, Just Rain, Rain Sky M, SideRain, WaterBar and Water Fall, WaterSheet.

Balance Modules put the focus of the man with his habits and rituals and allow moments of high perception of one's body.

The bathroom as a wellness place, dedicated to self-care, where the taste of a daily gesture becomes a subtle pleasure. The shower is at the center of modern wellness rituals. Protagonist of relaxation involves advanced technologies, which ensure maximum satisfaction with a conscious use of the precious element of water.

Collezione Rainfall Shower Plus Zucchetti
Shower plus by Zucchetti is a collection comprising a wide range of shower heads.
The intent is to transform the shower into a sensory journey that engages all the senses through color therapy, aromatherapy and aquatherapy integrated into heads aesthetically attractive, suitable for both the home and installed in real Spa and refined Hotel.

High technology content for this line of products dedicated to wellness and to the person, can customize your wellness program, built according to the needs and individual taste.

Colored light to improve the biological functions of the nervous and the immune systems; aromatic stimulation to rebalance the mental sphere and physical energy; various types of water jets as those sensitive to rain and spray to reduce the stress or the waterfall to find a burst of energy.

Shower heads with rain

The shower, according to Bossini, is a rainbow of sensations: the caress of an awakening to the best relaxing massage back home. Elements that are associated with an advanced design and functionality of the accessories, helping to make your shower an unforgettable moment. No longer a dream but a dream shower! A time of day where we grant you total relaxation and where the frenetic daily rhythm stops magically transformed into energy and vitality.

Getto doccia rettangolare Dream di Bossini
A wide range of products includes items eco-friendly enabling effective water saving and providing functionality of furniture as well as well-being. The Bossini shower heads are available in different variants: a waterfall, rain with arm wall horizontal or vertical, with a ceiling function with LED RGB color therapy, body sprays.

The heads of jet line Dream Oki, made in steel, self-cleaning nozzle with silicone and equipped with the easy-clean function for removing limestone with a single jet.

It takes just 20 liters of water per minute to make them function optimally. Installed parallel to the floor, they deliver a jet in free fall as a soft rain.

getto doccia di Bossini
With the installation of shower heads Dream it is therefore recommended to use the taps that have the capacity to deliver approximately 25 liters of water per minute. Advanced technology and refined aesthetics characterize the series Dream Cube.

From the minimalist, elegant and simple, the head is square. Its large jet, as well as being functional and efficient, gives the opportunity to devote to relax and relaxation.

Also in this case as in the previous, 20 liters of water per minute are enough for it to work optimally.

The two heads also their variants to install  on the ceiling: Dream Oki Light and Dream Cube Light, also in the Rectangular.
All three elements are characterized by inside LEDs that generate monochromatic light.

For their operation need to be fed with the voltage and power of small magnitude, so present a low power absorption and a low operating temperature.
In consequence of this, and considering their discrete light emission, they are characterized by an excellent luminous efficiency.

Shower heads with a playful soul

Design feisty and fun to the head Al dente produced by Agape and thought by the designer Mattia Vittori, Davide Borin and Nicola Gibertini.

Rainfall Al Dente di Agape
The shape leaves no doubt: it is the transposition of a kitchen accessory, the colander, in the bathroom.
The water diffuser polypropylene is simply placed on a basket made of stainless steel; the same principle determines the shape of the soap dish.
The polypropylene components are available in orange or green.

Drop getto doccia di Ib Rubinetterie
Curious and playful spirit is the shower head Drop by Ib Rubinetterie, designed by Giulio Iacchetti is a shower head in soft silicone.
The design of the profile refers to the shape of the droplet that improves performance in terms of dispensing; the use of the silicon prevents the formation of limestone and when the shower is finished wringing out the drop in order to avoid that water remains inside it.

Available in six different colors: blue, white, black, yellow, green and red.
Giulio Iacchetti has designed a product suitable for the bathroom but also to be used outdoors: on boats, in the pool, in public places. Crushproof with heat and sunlight.

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