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All things to consider when installing a shower in our bathroom, stylish and functional.

Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Choose the shower

Cabina doccia: idromassaggio Stilbagno The shower is the ideal alternative solution to the bathtub, especially when you have a spaces of reduced dimensions. In fact, the choice is more commonly adopted for the second bathroom.

But, given the small space it occupies, the shower can be installed in other areas of the house, such as the laundry, the cellar, the garage, in short, in all those service areas where it can be useful to have a shower, which can occupy only 70x70 cm.

Despite its size so limited, however, even the smallest shower can be equipped with a hydromassage column, in order to be functional not only to personal hygiene, but also to the well-being of body and mind.

Hydromassage shower box

The hydromassage shower box can be completed, as compared to normal ones, with roof and seats that allow you to add the function turkish bath, to recreate, even in a small space, the pleasure of a home spa.

The shower represents a cheaper solution then the bathtub, both for its installation, that is faster, and for its management, that takes a smaller amount of water.

The shower box must be watertight, which a simple plastic curtain is not able to guarantee. Also for this reason is preferable the shower box, now available in numerous designs and sizes to meet every need.

Cabina doccia: Stilbagno Made of tempered glass or plastic, with aluminum or steel, it has various compositional possibilities. In fact, they are suitable for showers backed to a single wall, but also to those at an angle and have doors that can be swinging, sliding or folding.
In case, however, the shower is inserted in the niche, even of irregular shape, you can close the access with prefabricated panels and doors.

But to regenerate and regain the balance there is nothing better than a jet of water and vital air: the hydro-massage!
Compared to a traditional shower, as we said, those with whirlpool do not require much more space and add to the effects of a refreshing jet, many benefits for the health and psyche.

The columns typically include features such as multi-function thermostatic taps, sliding bar, shower heads, shower heads rain effect and useful accessories such as shelves for soaps.

To complete the shower

Cabina doccia: Stilbagno, piatto doccia realizzabile su misura Shower trays can be in ceramic or acrylic, available in many shapes and sizes.

The most common shapes are squared, of75x80x90 cm. But you can also find versions with curved corner, but now they are spreading, more than in the past, the rectangular versions, with many companies also offering non-standard measures.

Cabina doccia: Stilbagno, mobile bagno moderno To complete the shower corner, the bathroom decor is to combine simple lines, essential and elegant, enhanced by the use of fine materials that create an effect of complete elegance.

The style and the quality of many proposals for the modern bathroom furniture solve specific needs.

The solutions include ground-based or suspended furnitures, wall, column base port basin, mirrors, all proposals in several essences and finishes, stained or lacquered wood.

Floor coverings combined with shower

The floor of the bathroom should not be underestimated, not only for its aesthetic, but also for its functionality. In particular, it is important that it is fully waterproof, even more so when the bathroom has a shower.

Cabina doccia: Stilbagno, piastrelle ceramiche The most common type of floor in the bathroom is represented by ceramic tile, beautiful to see and able to ensure a long life.
In addition, they are available in a range of colors and designs virtually endless.

However, there are also alternative solutions, such as vinyl tiles, cork or particular types of parquet specific for the bathroom, but in this case the surfaces require a more careful maintenance.

In addition to the floor, also the walls of the shower enclosure must be perfectly impermeable, because in this place are not only dangerous splashing, but also the formation of water vapor.
It is therefore necessary to ensure that the wall tiles are put in place with watertight adhesives and that there are no gaps where the water can infiltrate.
To avoid, however, the condensation is recommended that the top of the walls and ceiling are painted with breathable paints.

As an alternative to tiles, the walls can be painted with enamel, especially with gloss or semi-matt finish.

Purchase of the shower: where to go?

StilbagnoCasa, a company that is more than twenty years in business, is the ideal solution for those who have to deal with the maintenance, renovation or construction of a complete bathroom.
Here you will find many ideas for the installation of a shower elegant and functional.

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