Taps and bathroom furniture

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Taps and bathroom furniture, chosen carefully, combine to make personal care, elegant, comfortable and functional!

Taps and bathroom furniture
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Bathroom environment

The bathroom in recent years has been transformed from the place for the care and personal hygiene in real environment where to relax, find the well-being and ward off, at least for a while, the stress accumulated during the day.
The choice of the bathroom furniture and fittings are fundamental for everyone to cooperate to the preparation of a functional and comfortable space.

Rubinetti Gattoni
The design of decorative accessories for the bathroom is constantly evolving; the products are increasingly sought and realized also with the aid of new technology.

In recent years, a particular emphasis was placed on eco-compatibility of the materials used and the process of their production and disposal; indeed, these must absolutely be safe for the users and for the environment.
In some cases, the use of green materials becomes the distinction of an entire product line, also therefore it looked appealing and trendy, because ecology today marks a new trend!

The evolution of technology and the development of increasingly more innovative and avant-garde systems, in conjunction with a sophisticated design, contribute to the definition of the form and structure of a product.

In this regard, the company Gattoni Rubinetteria SpA puts clear light on all the functional and design of the product.


Mixers Boomerang are the happy result from the creativity installation by Marco Piva. They are characterized by an innovative system developed by Gattoni taps allowing a new mode of maintenance and replacement of internal parts of the valve, quick and easy to make.
The product, in fact, has been studied so that the entire body of the faucet can be easily lifted from its accommodation in the case of maintenance.

Rubinetto boomerang di Gattoni
Just simply start to unscrew the handle, with the use of an Allen wrench, to be able then to remove the entire body, by loosening the support holding the product in place.
At this point it can easily take action on the inside, the engine, and if necessary replace the cartridge. With this procedure the tap can be pulled out, adjusted and again stayed with a few gestures!

Gattoni, in addition to pay attention to the innovation of its products, does not underestimate another important aspect in the implementation of the fitting: the environment.

The company responds to the problematic with adequate care to the production process, using a system which takes into consideration any water waste.

Bathroom furniture

Another company notable for its collections clean and elegant style is Valdama Srl, with the lines Seed and Trace.

The first comes from an interesting idea: the form is generated thanks to a seed fed with water; the product is a casing that encloses life. All elements of the collection have harmonic and sinuous lines, designed on the project by Prospero Rasulo.

Seed by Valdama
The second line takes the name Trace and it is just a trace, a set of grooves to form the system of lines that define the individual pieces, by tracing them; as if the natural element, the water, in its passage had subtracted material, smoothing gently various products which make up the series.

Trace by Valdama
Trace is the union of two minds: Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio Study V + T. The company pays great attention to the study of design, which is linear and minimalist yet decided and captivating. The decision to emphasize the simplicity of the form, can highlight the pure beauty, in all its simplicity of expression.

collezione bagno IL by Valdama
Another relevant factor is the value that we want to give the matter; In fact, the shape becomes one with the material element it is composed of.

Another line of the same company, where the dryness of the forms is the main character of the line is the line IL, composed of a bathroom and a freestanding washbasin, with the shape of a truncated inverted cone, an idea by Rep design studio.

Faucets for the bathroom space

When furnishing a bathroom takes on forms that have little to do with tradition but rather are inspired by geometry from space, then we are talking about Luna Facet.
Designed by Graff as a tribute to the most mysterious and magnetic forms of the celestial, moon, this collection has a name that speaks for itself very clearly: this is a really original line of taps, inspired by the image of the Moon.

Rubinetti Luna di Graff
The fitting consists of a steel component, anchored to the wall, with the shape of a half moon. This ends on an oval marble sink, resting on the bathroom top.

The use of steel and chromium enhance the environment creating a very special effect, especially if the predominant color shade is black, in perfect harmony with the materials of the collection.

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