Taps and design

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In the field of furniture for bathroom and kitchen faucets are, perhaps, among the articles that stimulate more the imagination and creativity of designers and architects.

Taps and design
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Fittings bathroom design

There are no limits to creativity, in any productive sector, if you combine imagination and technology. The innovation and research are at the service of art, without compromise, if the basis is the knowledge it tends to produce beautiful and functional together without succumbing to the temptation of beauty for its own sake or convenience but too safe approved, trivial.

Taps and design: Ritmonio, Aquapassion. From this point of view, in the most general sector of furniture for the bathroom, the taps are, perhaps, among the articles that stimulate the imagination and creativity of designers and architects, even those that normally deal with other types of products .

Perhaps because the taps are open to many challenges because they are objects of small size, then they have to fulfill a very specific function but simple in their kind, that can not be ignored, and it is right that part of the functionality to create more appealing products.

Taps, design and literature

Literature? Yeah, right. Do not be surprised of the combination, apparently risky, rather a look at the series of faucets for the bathroom Paolo and Francesca, by Rubinetterie Ritmonio, where also the designers Alberto Rizzi and Rossano Didaglio quote Dante Alighieri for this creation.

You will agree with me that, in this case, the combination of aesthetics and functionality is fully complied with: research at the level of basic materials and wisdom in the processing of the product that have been exploited to give shape to an idea, to a picture described by a line of poetry.
Taps and design: Ritmonio, Paolo and Francesca
The simplicity of the meandering final design should not deceive: it is the result of a long and laborious study of materials and their intrinsic qualities.

This that has allowed us to assemble two profiles in different section, rectangular and elliptical, after being bent, surpassing every limit in order to reach the juxtaposition of constructive logic, gradually more or less complete, of simple solids postforming.

In the mixer of the washbasin, in particular, the upper body with a rectangular section (Paul) lies on the bottom ring elliptical section (Francesca). Other combinations with quotes and verses you can read in the formal concept of the other elements of the collection: the complete unit for the bathroom fixture, mixer shower and shower head.

Taps and design: Ritmonio Ribbon Other forms, other sensations evoked: the gracefulness of the movements and the grace of a tape wheeling and describing sinuous curves in the air.

Description Simple and effective collection of faucets Ribbon, always Rubinetterie Ritmonio from chrome or 24 carat gold bath, characterized by the shape of the barrel which translates to a movement that is almost a dance, or the movement of the tape Olympic athlete during a performance.

Design, comfort and sustainability in the new-generation valves

Taps of the last generation in the first place there is the quality, which is also declined Taps and design: Ritmonio, Fever. in attention to produce in a sustainable manner, creating products that help preserving the planet's resources.

The collection Ritmonio Luxury.con, where .com is the contraction of contract, including several series of products for residential and commercial environments, designed to perform the dual function of ensuring comfortable use and reduce water consumption by providing, for example, basin and bidet mixers with a capacity of about 6 l / min.

In the series Aquapassion the design is simple and immediate, soft and sinuous profile, to interpret the daily routine in a more playful and ephemeral.
Taps and design: Ritmonio, Clé
Clé is the series of taps designed by the designer Peter Jamieson, and reflects the desire to solve the formal lines in a simple way, although, in this case, the result of a meticulous study of construction technology and materials.

Fever and Feverplat refer openly to the sophisticated styles of the past, contemporary twist, while Mystery succeeds in enclose in a slim and elegant all the latest technology the result of ongoing research in the field.

The collection of faucets for the bathroom Ritmonio is now enriched with a new series, Tweet, successfully presented at the last Salone Internazionale del Bagno. This new model has undoubtedly decided in a style very formal lines for a new way of living everyday life (cited).

Taps and design: Ritmonio, Tweet.

Tweet brainchild of the study Lana + Savettiere architects, to meet the demand from the company to simplify the tap-person dialogue, to encourage contact and stimulate a positive attitude (cited Lana + Savettiere architects )

Minimalist design for gentle taps

Taps and design: Cristina, Beak. Still on the subject of design regarding bathroom taps, here is a hint to the production by Cristina Rubinetterie, another industry leader and is characterized, as always, to be careful to anticipate every stylistic trend in the field, proposing innovative and functional solutions and, above all, eco friendly.

It is called sweet Minimalism the style chosen for the new collection of faucets by Beak, Cristina Rubinetterie. The forms are simple, inspired by Scandinavian design and Japanese, with the intent to re-interpret the archetype of the tap, combining in an innovative way volumes and proportions.

Taps and design: Cristina, Beak

The connection between the body of the faucet and the spout of the mixer is via symmetrical curves and surfaces is at the heart of the same design: the vertical cylindrical body extending gradually to give shape to the horizontal, so remember the shape of the beak of a swan, hence the name of the collection, Beak.

It is the whole series to have similar stylistic features, which are born from the merger between sweet Taps and design: Christina, Delta pure geometry and organic forms in a continuous overall balance of proportions. The result is a lightweight, sculptural and elegant.

The other news from the collections for the bathroom, the Delta series, presents similar features of refinement: the body and the spout of the tap are merged into a single piece, the result is a sinuous and light, very stylish and functional together .

Both Beak and Delta have been designed thinking about a concrete response to the demand for water savings. Indeed, the mixing of both collections, both in the version of washbasin and bidet, are equipped with a special cartridge of 25 mm diameter, and an aerator with reduction in water flow to 8 liters / min.

Post: Taps and design
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