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Deciding on the taps in the bathroom is not easy. Considering that these products are continually solicited, it is understandable how important their choice is.

Taps designers
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Choice of taps for the bathroom

Fittings author Decorating a bathroom, new or after a renovation involves the selection of quality materials that ensure a fair durability, without losing the characteristics underlying the choice itself, sometimes laborious and based on several criteria.

Among the latter, the most important selection criterion is concerned, almost always, the aesthetic side. The first impact is, in fact, the visual, and this concerns the tiles as well as the bathroom fixtures to be mounted, the taps, the various accessories such as towel rails, soap dishes and so on.

Only at a later time you take into account the only one, perhaps, really important parameter: the technological features hidden in the various articles. Only the latest technology can really ensure that feature mentioned at the beginning of these considerations: durability, consistent quality.

Considering, moreover, that in the bath the more articles solicited daily are precisely the taps, it is easily understandable how important it is to choose carefully. Not that aesthetics is negligible, in fact, just turn to companies that have put first the continuous search for innovative solutions from the technological point of view, with a keen eye for design.

From this point of view, the productions of Made in Italy guarantee us all this, thanks to the immense wealth that everyone envies, made up of ideas, solutions, insights, good taste, without neglecting quality.

Fittings of contemporary and neoclassical design

Taps author: Stella, 130 Rubinetterie Stella for over 130 years dedicated to a single passion: to create products that keep pace with the times and that they can say which icons of style and timeless elegance.

Some time ago, on the occasion of the celebration of this long journey, was born a commemorative book, published by De Agostini, which is titled The pursuit of excellence: the 130 years of the history of Italian talent and brilliance. Not just any book, therefore, a historical catalog as many, but rather a history of Italy since 1882 to our days.

Pages that tell about Italians through the creations and works of great artists, contractors, architects and designers. Along with great people, documents, photographs and quotations, they tell about the presence of Rubinetterie Stella throughout this period.

The company, the longest in Europe, has teamed up with designers of the likes of De Lucchi, Duranti, King and Miranda, Lissoni, Scacchetti and Piva, all featured in the book with their testimonies. In particular, Michele De Lucchi has created an opportunity for the two new commemorative series: Series 130 and Series Titian.

According to reports by De Lucchi, it is clear that a tap has nothing to do with the world of furniture, being an object of refined technology, sophisticated industrial mechanics and contemporary art.

Taps author: Stella, et al. Star
Technical competence and quality go hand in hand, therefore with taste, without this you descend to compromises that undermine one or the other aspect; in addition, the production of these two collections is entirely made in Italy, with a numerical control directly at the company.

Among the technical features of both series, is to point out the hydroforming mouths dispensing with 3 holes, ie a process of brass that uses high-pressure water in order to obtain light pieces, into the desired shapes, but robust structure.

Taps author: Stella, Titian In Series 130, in particular, is mounted a patented system for the management of the exhaust, which uses the circular lever integrated in the same spout, so as to prevent a mechanical element of influence on the aesthetic appearance of the faucet.

Also with regard to this collection, there exists a dual control version, with knurled ring nut to adjust the temperature and rotatable lever for opening and closing the cock, and this system encloses the practicality of the lever and the functionality of the mechanical mixing, with a significant reduction in consumption.

The Series Titian mounts a 25mm cartridge-operated joystick, according to the most modern principles, to ensure a low environmental impact and reduced noise during delivery.

The brass is the main material for the realization of all the internal components of the faucets, to guarantee excellent wear resistance and ease of processing for the classic finishes such as chrome, polished brass protected, nickel, silver and gold, or those optional extras such as, for example, brushed nickel and bronze.

Of note is the particular laser engraving plates of hot/ cold on the handles 130 of the collection, made before the chromium plating process that allows you to customize the handles according to customer requirements.

Taps author: Stella, Casanova
Increasingly, we mark the Stella collection Casanova, that you will appreciate very much if you are a lover of the neoclassical style, of course revisited in a modern key.

The surfaces are milled with a clear inspiration in classical pilasters and the typical sobriety that characterized the style, in contrast to the Baroque style. The style of these articles clearly refers to the refined and sophisticated world of Casanova's Venice.

Timeless design fittings

Tap author: IB, MyGod! The philosophy in which we believe is to create objects away from the logic of the market and ephemeral, designed to communicate with time.

This description clarifies unequivocally the concept behind the products IB Rubinetterie, another leader in the industry, which has always placed the issue of research and innovation in the first place.

Primary intent is to create items that, even at the cost of difficult choices, as pointed out by the same company, have characteristics that place them as examples of consistency and technological innovation, with particular attention to the formal aspect, never an end in itself.

Tap author: IB Wave Design and functionality, a perfect mix, thanks to the collaboration with designers of the likes of Maurizio Duranti, Marco Acerbis, Lorenzo Damiani, Giulio Iacchetti, Itamar Harari and Nadia Mongilardi.

It is Maurizio Duranti to sign the full line MyGod!, which is inspired by the bolidism Raymond Loewy, while Marco Acerbis draws the Wave collection, sinuous lines and simple, delicate and rounded square shapes where you engage in a harmonious way.

The basic concept of the Wave faucet should clearly state its function, without forgetting its mission of communicative object of emotion and pleasure. Form and function, together, and the function should not be secondary to the shape or the Wow Factor!

Fitting author: IB, Onlyone
Lorenzo Damiani sign instead Onlyone the design of the tap, which is both body and lever, for a concept of uniqueness that gives its name to the collection.

Post: Taps designers
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