Toilet lifters Ambrose and Lazarus for elderly and disabled people by Bodylift

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Lifters for toilet by bodylift dedicated to the elderly and disabled, enhance life by offering freedom and independence of movement in daily actions in the bathroom.

Toilet lifters Ambrose and Lazarus for elderly and disabled people by Bodylift
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Rediscover your autonomy with lifters Toilet Ambrose and Lazarus by Bodylift

With the age or for those who suffer of physical disabilities, but also for those who carry too much weight, capable of compromising their mobility, even everyday actions, such as going to the bathroom, sit down and get up from the toilet, can become a big problem.

Not everybody is able to afford continuous support and in any case, the quality of life would certainly be compromised.

Lifts for toilet Ambrose and Lazarus
A moment as intimate and personal as the toilet shouldn't be faced requiring the help of someone, without creating a deep embarrassment and a feeling of dependency on the part of those who need support.

To find privacy in full self-sufficiency, the lifters are the ideal solution for a toilet! They allow to recover freedom and independence, because you can sit down and get up from the toilet without any effort and without the embarrassment of having to ask for help from another person.
All by simply pressing a button that activates the mechanism.

Toilet lift Ambrose

Lifters for toilet Bodylift GDL Spa differ from others on the market for their ease of use and versatility; In fact, the two lines Ambrose and Lazarus have fixed anchorage to the wall and are therefore easily to move.
This allows the use of the same toilet seat to other inhabitants of the house.

Ambrose is a toilet lifter automatic generation, it indicated support for people with arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis or with serious problems of overweight.

The lift toilet Ambrose
It features a remote control to regulate the movements of lowering and lifting the toilet seat, to enable people with mobility impairments to sit and stand up by themselves, greatly reducing the risk of injury from falling or slipping in the bathroom.
Ambrose can be installed in less than an hour and it can be adapted to any type of bathroom fixtures, with a decent line, able to integrate better in the context of bathroom furnishings.

Unlike other similar products, it is equipped with adjustable legs and slip, which allow you to keep it stable without having to stare at the wall. This allows you to avoid the inconvenience and expense caused by interventions on the walls.

Toilet lift Lazarus

is another model guaranteed GDL Spa, automatic and twin-engine, also suitable for those who have particular problems of displacement and severe obesity, defending the right to live independently and with the necessary privacy when using the toilet.

Lifts for toilet Body Lift: Lazarus
The main feature that differentiates it from Ambrose is double engine, which gives the toilet a lift capacity of up to 300 pounds; It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that works even in case of black-out or interruption of the electric system for a prolonged period, and providing up to 30 Raised in absence of power.

Toilet lift Lazarus, Bodylift
The location of the control buttons has been specially designed to enable a person to support himself while it is in operation and to avoid the risk of falls and injuries.
Lazarus also takes just about an hour to be installed, which can be performed on any type of toilet as it fits the size of the toilet and the stature of those who will use it.
Lazarus is a water raises discreet and easily integrates in any type of bathroom furniture, despite its size is greater than Ambrose.
It features armrests at the ends are buttons that control both engines.

The self-cleaning bidet Bodylift

Bidet Bodylift The daily personal hygiene is often a problem for those who can not get up and down smoothly.

Bidet Bodylift is a self-cleaning bidet built-in unit that, thanks to an arm made of aluminum or ceramic, you can channel the water jet, making it possible to wash the comfort of sitting on the toilet.

Through a remote control you can easily adjust the intensity and temperature of the water.

Being integrated in the lift wc, bidet can adapt to any type of water and is easy to clean, as it has an air jet with temperature control that allows you to easily lift dry and bidet.

Who to contact?

Bodylift GDL Spa is the leading Italian company in the field of health aids for the elderly and disabled people.

By careful studies on the needs of the market and technological developments born Bodylift, the new line of lifts for toilet, comfortable, sturdy and guaranteed for five years.

Renowned for the high quality standards of our products and the competence of its operators, GDL Spa takes care of the customer, providing service department to answer all questions, find a speedy resolution to problems and failures relating to lifts toilet and bidet.
It is the only one to provide a 5-year warranty on its lifts for toilet, making Bodylift a synonym of reliability and quality assurance!
The call center is comprised of several officers specially trained to find the right solution for every problem and manage the practice in 24/48 hours.

The company's mission is to meet the needs of mobility and independence of older people and people with physical disabilities. With lifters toilet for the elderly and disabled, comfort is a certainty, with innovative solutions and minimally invasive aesthetic terms.

Bodylift is a safe choice: all lifts for toilet marketed are thoroughly checked before installation. With the purchase of lifts for toilet Bodylift you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tax deduction for the purchase of health aids and equipment for disabled people, confirmed by the Revenue for 2015.

In addition, the GDL Spa is further trying to meet the users, with a promotion of limited duration that includes: payments in personalized installments, agreed upon with the company, free installation and warranty extension for five years at no additional cost.
Bodylift: autonomy and comfort for everyone!

For information contact:
Via Orbetello 54 / A - 10148 - Turin - Italy
Toll free number: 800.62.55.37
More information on the lifts for the elderly and disabled toilet Bodylift

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