Transformation of bathtub in shower, plus safety in the bathroom

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The transformation of a bathtub in a shower and the installation of specific aids is a simple but effective intervention to improve the safety in the bathroom.

Transformation of bathtub in shower, plus safety in the bathroom
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Safety in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place of the house assignated to wellness and relaxation, yet it is the one in which the security of the people is mostly in danger.

Presence of water, slippery surfaces, dangerous corners, obstacles to overcome, are elements that can make walking difficult and mean that, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to run into domestic accidents.

Trasformazione da vasca a doccia, sicurezza in bagno: box doccia con doppia apertura laterale

The use of the bathroom, then, appears to be particularly uncomfortable for the elderly and disabled people, who often need to be cared for when this is the place that would be mainly entitled to privacy.

Yet it does not take much to make a bathroom safer and accessible. Even the mere transformation of the bath tub in a shower helps to increase a safe use, while comfort can be further enhanced with the installation of suitable accessories.

Transformation of bathtub in shower

The processing system of bathtub in shower developed with over 40 years of experience from Remail answer exactly to the need to make the bathroom a safer environment for the elderly and disabled people.
In fact, for a person with limited mobility a movement like the entry or exit from the bathtub and the lack of adequate support points can cause the loss of balance and dangerous slips and falls.

With the transformation of the bathtub in shower even an elderly or disabled person can perform their daily hygiene independently and with peace of mind, more so guaranteed by the installation of a shower tray with non-slip bottom.

For people with particular disabilities who need to be assisted, Remail provides for a system of transformation of a bathtub in shower with double vertical opening, which allows the person to help the disabled or the elderly from the outside without getting wet.

The processing system of a bathtub in shower requires only 8 hours work and involves removing the old bathtub and replacing it with a shower tray made to measure, so as to cover all the space previously occupied and without the need to replace the tiles, giving rise to a very spacious shower.

The quick installation reduces the inconvenience that usually involve a renovation at home, even by virtue of a better cleaning of the intervention, which does not require the demolition of the entire bathroom.

The work is performed only by skilled personnel, present throughout the national territory, and therefore does not require the intervention of a bricklayer, plumber and tiler, as would be required in such cases.
In any case, the company is covered by an insurance policy which compensates any damage.

Being made to measure directly in the factory, the shower trays by Remail for the processing of the bathtub in a shower, can have colors and sizes among the most varied, for which you can match indeed to any type of pre-existing bathroom.
Moreover, the replacement of a bathtub with a shower, may be dictated not only by the need for greater security, which is certainly not negligible, but simply by the desire to renew your bathroom. The shower, moreover, is always preferred by people young and dynamic.

Among the various solutions available, you can also choose the one with hydromassage column or those very practices with space for washing machine wash or closet.

Accessories for safety in the bathroom

In addition to the transformation of the bathtub in shower, another way to make sure the bathroom is to endow it with specific aids to help people with mobility problems, such as grab bars for support, stools, anti-slip mats, etc. ..

The presence of a stool for the disabled, for example, in one of the large showers mounted by Remail, allows the user to sit comfortably and washing without the risk of slipping.

Trasformazione da vasca a doccia, accessori per la sicurezza in bagno

The installation of these devices, which should be carried out considering the difficulties of the user, such as walking rather than of sight, does not involve great expense, but it can prevent many dangerous situations.

The range of accessories that Remail makes available to complete the transformation of the bathtub in shower includes everything to make the bathroom safer by offering support points and support to those who have trouble getting around.

Where to go?

All shower trays that are used for the transformation bathtub imshower by Remail are custom made at the factory and therefore are made entirely in Italy.

Transformation bath shower, plus safety in the bathroom: Remail This saves on production costs and offer to the customers a product at a lower price, so that you do not overspend in order to renew your bathroom, because it is not necessary to completely remake it.
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