Wooden washbasins in the bathroom: natural furniture

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Thinking of wood as the material for your sink seems an oxymoron, however, thanks to the appropriate treatment, you can make it suitable for this use.

Wooden washbasins in the bathroom: natural furniture
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Use of wood in the bathroom

Lavabo in legno Agape Thanks to its performance and appearance, wood is one of the most versatile materials in the use: as a structural element, for coatings, etc.

In the home it is the most used by those who want to make the space cozy and elegant:
you can find it in the form of parquet, as raw material for the furniture in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and, why not, in the bathroom or kitchen.

Until some time ago the wood, unless it were very resistant essences like teak which is employed especially in the nautical sector, was not used in environments with a high degree of humidity or in any case with the presence of water:
this because the wood is very hygroscopic, ie, able to absorb the water, and then to deform.

However, thanks to the use of more resistant essences and application of treatments able to waterproof surfaces, wood can also be used in these environments, and even for the realization of a washbasin.

Although it is one of the elements most subject to contact with water, even a washbasin can be constructed by resorting to wood and thus placing into the environment a piece of furniture that has its own function and at the same time is both original and elegant: original because it comes out of the box of the traditional ceramic or resin-based bathroom fixtures; elegant because the wood, with its veins, gives the place a feeling of warmth and relax.

It is exactly relaxing to recall the atmosphere of the Northern Finnish saunas made entirely in wood: although we do not have an entire space to be devoted to this use, even the simple installation of a wooden wash basin, together with the choice of the right pieces of furniture, bathroom fixtures and tiles, can help us in the realization of a very comfortable and welcoming bathroom.

Wooden washbasins: looks and features

Woodline is a support washbasin designed by Benedini Associati and produced by Agape.
The basin recalls simplicity and at the same time the ritual of the Oriental bath: it is a low and wide rectangular basin in plywood, finished in natural oak, brown, or dark teak.
The Woodline washbasin is available in suspended or on top versions, in combination with Flat X tops. We speak of containers that can be placed freely, hanging or on wheels, open or with drawers. The container can be in natural oak, brown, dark, teak or lacquered white or dark gray, and the fronts can be chosen in the same finishes or in other lacquered colors: orange, green, light gray and Parapan® white or gray.

As for the opening you can choose between the handles of polished stainless steel, brushed or lacquered in black or white, oak or teak or the push-pull opening.

Speaking of wood, however, it is impossible not to return on the concept of environmental sustainability: it is important, in fact, that the wood comes from certified forests or, even better, that is the result of a recovery process.

And Karpenter takes care exactly of this; it is a company that places at the base of its accomplishments the contamination between man and nature, machinery and crafts, but with an absolute focus on sustainability.

Using only recycled or FSC certified woods, it offers interesting design solutions in wood, both for the living area, for the bedrooms, and for the bathroom.
It is in this line that we find basins, pieces of furniture, showers, accessories all made of wood: it is reclaimed wood, coming from old buildings and disused structures, or FSC certified, that comes from controlled forests.

Bath Tub is one of the basins of their collection: the size of 180x80x57 cm resembles the shape of a tub that floats on the sea; It is available in recycled and certified teak wood, in amber-color, or with more determined colors, in American walnut.

Lavabo in legno Ella Karpenter
Among other creations there are also monocoque washbasins that, without solution of continuity, also become support tops: is the example by Ella, a washbasin size 100x45x8cm which is characterized by its simplicity and linearity.
As the product described above, it is available in teak and American walnut, with the possibility, therefore, to choose between two different colors.

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