3d Decorative coatings

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Choose coatings allows us to give three-dimensional motion space in which we live and also gives depth to the room, even to the small ones.

3d Decorative coatings
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Choosing the coating

The choice of the inside coating of our house, is always a very difficult thing, because it leaves a lot of influence on the tastes of different people, of the designer and, most of all, from the economic budget that you have, which often becomes a pretty binding element when you are conducting works of this kind.

rivestimento 3d (superficie 3d) Surely what most impresses is the originality of the coating chosen in reference to the function of the environment.

Sometimes you opt for decorative coatings, such as those made of colored tiles with painted effect.

Or if you do not want to use the tiles you can use paint for inside use, using techniques of painting different which still give a motion effect to the space.

Recently, however, it is spreading, especially in minimal or in modern houses, the 3D coating, which gives depth and movement to the space.

3d coating characteristics

The 3d coating, was born from the desire of designers and planners, to create more original and sophisticated coatings that point, however, to an essential design, creating true works of art.

A new company on the market that brought this particular type of coating is 3D SURFACE.

The walls become real sculptures, innovation is not only in form, but also in the materials used.
The company in fact deals with two special ceramic materials, which were designed for both the inside and the outside, allowing the designer to create very different solutions for any type of environment.

The surface then shows its elasticity with the sinuous lines of the two forms that recall the idea of movement, there are elements in relief and inwards elements, that create real games of light and shadow that make the space even more interesting.

The proposed materials are ceramic coated fiber-reinforced mortar, commercially known as TRB, TRG.

rivestimento 3d (Bagattini)On the market there are other textures from other companies, like Bagattini, which are very original and for their versatility are suitable to every need, it's even possible to create new surfaces by creating unique pieces at the request of the customer.
The three-dimensionality of these walls is suitably studied by analyzing the lighting system, which allows in this way to create spaces in continuous movement.

installazione di rivestimento 3d (superficie 3d) The installation is quite simple, these panels or tiles are glued to the substrate, which, however, must be made in advance completely coplanar and resistant.

In fact, before proceeding to the step of bonding is performed if necessary a restoration of the ceiling or wall that will be the background to the finish chosen.
The glueing is done by spreading the product on the adhesive support, which must be left to dry.

Later you will need to apply some points of glue on the entire surface at a distance of 10-15 cm and then it will go to lay the panels making sure that they match each other and that are placed at the angles.

rivestimenti 3d (superficie 3d) There is no mortar or glue between one panel and the other the joints do not exist because the panels are placed against each other.
Moreover, if the size of the panel is very large it is also recommended to fix it mechanically, by runnig it with plugs and screws.

After two hours after application you will have to fill the entire wall that will then be sanded with a fine sandpaper to obtain a very smooth surface.

Finally then the wall can be painted and decorated with paintings of all kinds.

Drawings the 3d coating

The possible patterns or textures on the market are many, switching from shapes that recall the nature or purely real elements or fully abstract shapes that, with games of light and shadow add depth and movement to the space.

pannelli 3d (superficie 3d)

The cladding panels give three-dimensional depth and movement to the space turning it into an integral part of the furniture. A special feature of these 3d panels covering the walls is that they are placed in work in the natural state, that is colored in white.

In some cases they may be left as well, but when instead are painted with different colors and techniques depending on the needs giving even more life to the space, leaving, however, at the same time the designer the freedom to unleash his imagination creating special lighting and unique effects.

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