An attic for the night

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How to make the most of a sloping surface? We see the project of an attic configured to accommodate the bedroom in a countryside house.

An attic for the night
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Attic for the night

mansarda The attic can be one of the floors of an apartment on several levels, or it can be used to house the entire living space.
In the first case, frequently, the attic houses the sleeping area, and, if configured in the best way, is one of the most intimate space of the house.

Few, indeed, are the precautions for the construction of a cozy loft: exposed beams and warm colors, as well as especially designed lighting, and custom furniture, so as to make the most of all spaces, even those in which the height under the standard prevents an optimal use.
The attic, surmounted by a pitched roof, has, in fact, points of minimum height and points of maximum height where the water table reaches the top, which is why it should be provided and choose the furniture in order to make the surface of the attic spaces exploitable.

In this article I present the design of a loft with a double bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. We see, in particular, how the spaces were organized.

Project of attic used to house the sleeping area

We are in a detached house in the countryside consisting of a basement and two levels above ground; all floors are connected internally by a staircase with development in C. In the basement there is a tavern and garage, first floor living area with living room and kitchen and sleeping area with two bedrooms, bathroom and laundry; upstairs, however, we find the master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom for exclusive use.

progetto mansarda notte

The attic has a total area of 35 square meters and is topped by a cover with a single pitched roof with a minimum height of 1.75 m and a maximum height of 3.10 m on the long side is positioned where the staircase.

The house was designed taking into account bioclimatic criteria: for example, on the north side, were positioned the service areas, while in the south the large windows allow the entry of natural light and air.
In this regard the ladder is completely enclosed in a compartment, in such a way as to prevent the circulation of air and thus the dispersion of heat between the various floors of the house.

What opens our eyes once landed on the floor is a small hallway, through which you have access to the bedroom and walk-in closet.

The master bedroom has an area of 15 square meters with a rectangular floor plan development; it is characterized by the presence of two large strip windows, with fixed portions and other sliding, which gives a direct contact with the surrounding nature.

letto zona notte mansarda

The bed was positioned in the lower part of the environment, as specified above of 1.75 m; to enhance the intrinsic characteristics of the environment was chosen a bed with low headboard, a predominantly horizontal development: it is Ermes by Flou, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, double bed with frame in solid walnut and padding that frames the base and the headboard.
You can choose from several removable covers in fabric or leather, and different finishes; among the various options you can take a network with electric motion and a base container useful to accommodate the bedding.

Jacuzzi in mansarda per la notte

From the bedroom you have access to the bathroom, a service environment of 6.50 square meters, in which devote your time to the care of your body; if, in fact, on the first floor, there is a bathroom with laundry with all accessories and equipment for the care of oneself but also of the house, this bathroom, configured with extreme elegance, is the only place of relaxation.
In it we find the bathroom fixtures, wash basin and a bath with freestanding tub is the circular pool Nova by Jacuzzi with a diameter of 180 cm, available in both freestanding and angular; the project was positioned near the minimum height of the room.

armadio in mansarda Within it you can tone, stimulate and regenerate any part of the body, thanks to the many combinations of jets, to be freely enjoyed in different positions, without barriers. It is equipped with pillows and a range of optional for total comfort, ie lighting and heater. All this together with a sophisticated design and the use of quality materials and durable over time, such as the frame in white Carrara marble.

Finally the closet:
the room of 5.50 square meters, is equipped with built in closets on both sides, designed for clothing, shoes and accessories. To ensure a visual continuity and to make the most all spaces in height, the furniture was custom made by a local craftsman, making use of wood for the structure and glass sliding doors, where necessary.

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