Bookcases: a project to dress space

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Project freehand for a wall bookcase, dressing and customize three walls of the living room, for an architectural versatile and multifunctional solution.

Bookcases: a project to dress space
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

The wall bookcase fits every need

A wall of books for true lovers of reading is crucial to have a large space donated to the cataloging of books, encyclopedias and works of various kinds.

In the digital age we are almost all used to read or search for information on the latest technological tools such as notebook, ipad, tablet, smartphone - representing our virtual books - so the paper bookcase tends to progressively reduce its content.

Area lettura con nicchia a muro per libreria In this case, the space used for books collections may be limited, perhaps only planning a simple customised shelf, on which to place the few paper volumes to which you are attached as well as decorative items.

In the image in the picture, we have a classic example of a corner furniture for intellectual relax, where three leading elements are arranged in a triangle configuration.

A comfortable leather armchair is approached at a table covered with jute rope on which to rest your favorite books to leaf through while sipping a delicious herbal tea; in the background, dominating the scene a wall niche bookcase, to accommodate the dearest collections and the photos of the family.

I personally think that the quality and the unique charm of a good book still remains unchanged, for the relationship of emotional involvement that always manages to instill in the reader, be it a school or work approach, both to expand your background knowledge.

The attitude to reading and the interest in culture in general can be so deeply rooted as to make the necessary provision for sufficient wall surface that performs the function of total bookcase space, as in the project that I will illustrate in this article.

Design of wall bookcase in the living room

In the graph plan I outlined a perimeter wall of the sitting room on which develops a wall bookcase - marked in orange - which accompanies and emphasizes the passage to the entrance of the house, according to an S-shaped section.

Pianta di libreria a muro in salotto

Within the perimeter wall I formed a niche in the vicinity of the window, so as to create a geometric specularity with it, as I will show in the next three-dimensional drawing.

Perspective drawing bookcase to ceiling

In the following representation, I illustrate my project idea for this big bookcase, developed from wall to wall and floor to ceiling along the perimeter wall of the entrance area-living.
On the wider wall, I decided to use all the available space, equipping it with shelves in plasterboard thick, which act as a link between the two side walls.

At the base of the structure, three sliding panels in plasterboard define a container floor within which to organize an archive of volumes reserved.

Disegno in prospettiva di libreria a muro

The wall acquires material thickness thanks to the design of two spectacular sliding doors: a panel in pink Portugal marble high-impact color and a translucent crystal luminescent plate and at the same time shielding.

Both doors are framed by aluminum profiles and slide along two-way rails, fixed superiorly and inferiorly to a shelf on the container base, allowing it to conceal and protect various functional areas of the wall.

Next to the plasma TV, some deep glass shelves define a bright corner that gives lightness and charm to the whole layout.

Near to the ceiling, the last shelf continues toward the right side of the wall, describing two right angles until reaching the small entrance step: in this way, it forms a sort of upper belt in order to exploit fully the linear development of the three walls.

Within the perimeter wall on the right, I got a niche sister to the window, creating a visual game of empty and full, with the ambition to create the architectural effect of a mullioned window in a modern way.

In the niche are inserted four glass shelves that are matching with the other ledges located in angular position.

Various design elements or simple objects bought at flea markets are scattered random: on the top shelf, stands a bizarre and colorful wooden parrot, with the unusual feature of bookends.

The light marble flooring Botticino matches the material of the bookcase sliding door and contributes to the perception of an optical amplification of the entire environment, because in it refract the rays of natural light.

The result is a multiform and polychromatic bookcase, where natural materials such as gypsum, marble and glass intersecting framing the thousand colors of the books covers, giving a refined and very personal touch to the living room wall.

Our exclusive online service for freehand design offers the privilege to obtain solutions highly customizable and creative, expressing new and more rational distribution of the rooms, so you effectively solve the multiple and changing housing needs.

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