Contemporary parquet

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The charm of parquet flooring is indisputable, in any version you decide to realize iy, even if one of the current trends is to favor a rustic look.

Contemporary parquet
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Rustic effect parquet

The charm of parquet Parquet contemporanei is indisputable, in any version you decide to realize it. One of the latest trend is certainly the one that favors the appearance of rough, a little rustic, lived, in short, as most natural as possible.

The various types of wood come to full life, those that were previously seen as material defects are now enhanced during the processing, both with ecological paints with both hyper machines that simulate the effect of the tools used in the past.

So here come the sawing effect on superficial finishes and colors with aged effect. The most important thing then, is that the natural look is maintained at all costs. The reuse of aged wood is fully part of this new trend in style, becoming in fact a real must not only in the industry flooring and wall coverings, but also in the furnishings of the whole house.

Parquet in twisted oak

Cadorin: Quercia Contorta effetto calce Rustic effect for the parquet Primula in module registered as Cadorin, which uses an unusual wood species, the Twisted Oak, worked with lime effect. The selection, very rigorous, was made by taking into account the wild plants of European oak, grown in very specific environmental contexts, where wind, snow or wet or arid soil helped to determine the appearance of twisted fibers and really unique color tones.

This is how the veins, very twisted, and the knots very marked, become elements characterizing this type of plank, parquet, passing directly from being defects in material to the rank of protagonists. Even the special effect with the finish in lime, shooting with a rough walls with lime plaster, used to give to the parquet surface, a wrinkled and glossy appearance, just like the sand of concrete.

The boards are installed following the Form Primula, in other words, the Versailles motif but without boxes or frames. Made in maxi size, these boards are cut and placed in continuous blend, gradually like a puzzle until reaching the walls of the room.

Parquet elements are well defined also as surface finish, with lateral fixed joints so as to perfectly fit to be laid in a simple and fast and realize, at the end, a large mesh.

The collection Modules by Listoni offers the possibility to customize your flooring matching between the modules with various shapes and sizes, finishes and different colors, all with great freedom of design: ideal for designers and interior designers!

In particular, the Twisted Oak parquet planks of Listoni d'Epoca, in the proposed new modular Primula, are cut and processed to three layers of wood planks, in sizes ranging from 14 to 33 cm in width and lengths of up to 3 meters for realizations standard and even to 4 meters and beyond, in the case of design.

Regarding the choice of the Wild European Oak, I add that Cadorin select Cadorin: Quercia Contorta effetto calce this depends on the brand essence Legno Più km Meno, or the supply is kept strictly within the limits of 500-700 km from the corporate headquarters, so as to avoid as much as possible a serious impact on the environment. In addition, the cutting of these old plants selected allows you to regenerate the forest, taking advantage of the greater light that filters through the spaces created by the same cutting of logs. In this way, the continuity of the vegetative life is ensured for each species used, not just the Twisted Oak.

This process is part of the production philosophy of Cadorin, together with measures to protect staff working in the company and the customers who buy its products: all components and materials are not harmful to humans or nature, as the PVA are free of formaldehyde, oils and waxes and are of natural origin, there are strict preventive controls for any presence of radioactivity and, finally, the supports of the planks are made from materials sourced in PEFC.

Parquet with ultrathin slats

Completely different is the design philosophy behind the last production Tabu presented at the last MADE Expo 2013: Ultrathin slat SLIM35mm, Federico Delrosso design, intended for the field of design and architecture.

Tabu: SLIM35mm The design concept of SLIM35mm, as explained by Delrosso, is in complete contrast with what the current timber industry produces in recent times, the is extra-large sizes. The effect if one tries to achieve with this new product is that of a fluid film flowing and remember exactly 35mm motion picture films.

Thus was born SLIM35mm, a narrow plank, which makes the most of the noble essence applied, avoiding as much as possible the waste of material. The final result obtained is that of an ancient naval floor, solid and structured, with the possibility, thanks to the subtle dimension, to create very dense textures, adaptable to irregular spaces and ideal to easily play any object or surface. Tabu: Ghiaccio

In this regard, the entire company stand at the exhibition Made of Tabu has been achieved with this new product, with effect total look, or floor, ceiling, walls and furniture, just to show the infinite potential.

Obviously, also as regards the more specific field of production, or the machinery of the company, there have been large investments in technological innovations, because the standard settings are related to products of other thicknesses and sizes.

Tabu: Grafite In addition, you have selected a special palette of colors for the launch of the first collection, palette inspired directly from nature, taken in its entirety, not only on the colors of the wood.

The Tabu technology allows the colors the wood for the whole thickness, with infinite shades, and this allows to keep the same beauty even in the presence of abrasions. There are so many color options available, updated every year: the consolidated Earth, Graphite, Ice and the new Vintage and Luxury.

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