Design a staircase

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Some useful tips and examples for the design and implementation of measurement of an internal staircase to view an apartment.

Design a staircase
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano

Internal staircase accommodation When you find yourself having to think about an internal staircase in the house, and that leads to a loft to a different floor of the house, you have to consider many aspects: legal, ergonomic, structural, security and last but not least aesthetic.

With regard to the legislation necessary to refer to the Municipal Building Regulations, in many municipalities such as the minimum width for an internal staircase is 80 cm, other towns such as not allowing the construction of staircases.

On the site , a manufacturer of interior stairs of different types and materials, are collected many Municipal Building Regulations.

Once you are informed about the requirements of the Law, the first thing to do is to understand the space available and above all the 'height to be reached.
Depending on the height difference that must be covered with the scale and all 'height of the riser can derive the number of steps and therefore the encumbrance of the horizontal scale.
Open staircase
The ideal ratio of rise and tread of the step is given by the formula p = 2a + 63cm, where a is the ep up the tread of the step. The riser ideal is less than 19 cm, even if most uncomfortable are acceptable up to 20 cm.

The ideal tread is 30 cm, which can shrink up to 25 cm in large enough scale.

So if for example you have to cover 270 cm high, considering a shrug of 18 cm, there will be (270/18 = 15) 15 steps, which, multiplied by 28 cm lift, give a development plan of the scale ( 15x28 = 420) of 420 cm.

Once the number and the size of the steps it is decided, depending on the space available which give form to the scale, which can have one or more ramps, be L-shaped, C-shaped, straight or spiral.

Scale closed It must also decide if it wants to realize an open staircase, which then permits the passage of persons or things below, or just allow the positioning of an armchair or for example the television, or if you want to realize closed, so to use the space under the stairs for storage, wardrobe or create compartments container.

In the first picture of the two above left the scale is open and is therefore very light, the steps are fixed to the wall and the absence of the support structure makes the scale visually very light and not bulky.

In the second picture instead of the scale becomes an important element in the room and the space under the stairs is used as a discreet storage.

The structure of the scale can also be used to collect light, like LED spotlights, or host plants, or become a comfortable library.

Rintal stair system Depending on the choice of the type of scale you also decide materi wings, usually in the internal stairs are wood, metal and glass. The scale must also be equipped with handrail and railing, this can be formed by a tube, which follows the course of the scale, with vertical rods to close laterally, or even be a full panel for example of glass.

For the realization of the scale we can turn to craftsmen such as carpenters and blacksmiths, who, with the final drawing made ??by a professional, can meet all the needs and achieve the design according to the tastes and needs of customers down to the smallest details.

Otherwise it is aimed at companies that make custom scales from a few models.
For example, the Rintal, manufactures scales of measurement of different types, shapes and materials, thanks to Rintal Stair System ?, you can conceive and design the scale according to the client's personality and characteristics of the accommodation.
configurator Fontanot
Thought of as a process of aggregation of infinite elements and accessories, the system allows great customization, versatility and flexibility in each of the steps leading to the creation of the final product.

At first, the structure, then move on to identify the material of the step, the type of railing on the basis of different shapes and finishes, handrail and then you customize your composition by choosing among the accessories designed by Rintal and Giugiaro.

Going to the website Rintal , you can configure on-line its scale and see it immediately on the screen vary depending on the choice of form and materials.

Even the company Fontanot offers a variety of models, from the most traditional to the most modern and offers an on-line configurator that allows you to create your own scale and get some idea of the final cost.

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