Entrance shelters

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The shelters are always the cover element par excellence of windows and entrances. Today it is possible to cover more space through the use of modules.

Entrance shelters
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Cover an entrance

In architecture when thinking and designing the facade of a building, there is always the problem of protecting the entrance and windows with additional elements, such as shelters.

The Italian name, pensilina, comes from the Latin pensilis and indicates a roof structure protruding from a building, designed to protect persons or property from sun and rain.

Pensilina modulare per entrata (BT Group Lesmo)

Over the years, the shelter has been adapted to the styles of different eras, adopting different materials such as wood, wrought iron, cast iron, glass, plexiglass etc.

From the original function of simple shelter, it also become an important element of distinctive furniture and decor for the entrance of houses. When choosing a shelter is important to make sure that this fits well in the environment in which it is to be located, in a discreet and practical way, helping to enrich the facade and ensuring a durable protection of the entrance and windows from the elements.

Types of shelters

The types of shelters on the market are many and differ in size, materials and shapes.
The BT Group from Lesmo offers a line of modular shelters made in aluminum, ideal for decorating with style entrances, shop windows, windows and balconies.

They are very simple to assemble and the modular system allows you to cover any size.

The shelters offered by this company are aesthetically beautiful, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly, but above all very functional thanks to the presence of a gutter front well integrated into front profile, which helps to convey water in the special drains.

Pensilina modulare per entrata (BT Group Lesmo)The aluminum used to make the structures of modular shelters, undergoes a process of coating with polyester powders that in addition to providing the color desired by the customer, provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

The cover element itself is typically made of polycarbonate and consists of a slab thickness of about 4 mm, type flame retardant.

The depth of the shelters can reach a ledge equal to 1.80 m, length valid only for certain models.
The structure can also be achieved with steel supports so as to be more solid; the entire shelter can also predict the presence of arms or tie-rods which make it more solid and more articulated from the point of view of the shape.

Another company specialized in the field of covers for entrances is ALFACOV, which, with its modular shelters for entrances, offers a wide range of models for all requirements and is able to provide, at a low cost, customized solutions, regarding size and special shapes.

Pensilina modulare per entrata (ALFACOV) The installation of these shelters is very simple and can be done or by oneself or with the help of expert installers offered by the same company.
The modularity of the shelters allows elongation and modification at any time; available series are varied, depending on the different needs.
In particular, the model Liberty is ideal to be placed in situations where there are elements of traditional architecture, with a wide choice of materials and special processing.

For this type of canopy structure of the shelves bearing is made of wrought iron at the forge and the mallet and provides a volute design that makes it suitable for environments of particular historical and artistic or simply classic setting.

Again in the field of covers for modular entrances the Royal Pat released EGÒ, an innovative shelter that makes welcoming any entrance; is simple to fit and it can be installed on entrances, windows, balconies and wherever there is need of shelter from rain, hail and snow.

Pensilina modulare per entrata (EGO Royal Pat) Also this canopy cover is easy to assemble, and is modular, allowing a great ease in obtaining the desired length.
It is made of AISI 430 stainless steel, coated with powder paints cooked to 200°. The gutter and all profiles that house roof are made of anodized aluminum and the cover is UV-resistant polycarbonate.
It is guaranteed up to 10 years, it is resistant, it does not fear the perils of wind and hail, and it does not suffer from loads of snow.

It needs minimal maintenance and it can be cleaned with soap and water and is environmentally friendly because all production waste is reused as raw materials for other EGÒ shelters.

With these materials, the shelter EGÒ can comfortably withstand the danger of hail, wind and snow overloads from 60 to 160 kg per square meter, with variable load according to the length of the modules.
Pensilina modulare per entrata (ALFACOV) Installing a roof to cover an entrance or a balcony, serves to increase the external livable surface.

Thanks to the gutter presence, which carries the water on the appropriate side exhausts, this solves also the annoying problem of dripping outside the entrance of the house.

The shelter EGÒ is available in three different ledges: 65, 95 and 125 cm. All versions adopt a modular system composed of a roof base, which can be used alone or with one or more additional elements.
With this simple system, environmentally friendly and easy to clean, you can increase the space coverage outside making a shelter on the length and the type desired.

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