Expand the spaces with a solar greenhouse

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Building a solar greenhouse is the easiest way to expand the space of a house and use solar energy for space heating.

Expand the spaces with a solar greenhouse
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

What are solar or bioclimatic greenhouses?

serra esterna Metra The solar or bioclimatic greenhouses are excellent solutions that allow you to save money and protect the environment, in a very distinctive and aesthetically compelling way.

The greenhouse is also the right answer if you want to create the room that is missing for the study, dining room, or an environment dedicated to relaxation or fun in all seasons and in all weather conditions.

This structure can be realized both in residential property as well as in offices, schools, shops etc..

Technical characteristics of solar or bioclimatic greenhouses

Verande esterne integrate To take advantage of the sun's heat, a bioclimatic greenhouse consists of openable windows with thermal break, able to isolate from the outside thanks to the interposition of an air cushion inside the frame. The vital role is obviously played by high efficiency glasses, double or triple and with air chamber.

The outdoor patio integrated with the house is the ideal choice if you want to take advantage of an outdoor space that would otherwise remain unused during the winter season. To get the best brightness, it is important to study, in the design phase, the orientation of the veranda: in this way the energy savings and comfort will be guaranteed by the best use of solar greenhouses.

Ts Aludesign Preferably it must be oriented to the south, so as to be exposed to sunlight for most of the time. It can be obtained from a terrace, a loggia, a balcony, or it can be directly leaning against an outside wall of the house.

Inside there must be an element that functions as a thermal storage, such as a floor, able to absorb and release the heat retained.

With the change of the seasons, also the way you take advantage of the bioclimatic greenhouse changes. During winter, the structure is held with the windows closed, so you can store heat from the sun. Once trapped, the heat is released and distributed throughout the house.

In summer the windows are left open, creating a natural ventilation system that cools the various rooms of the house.

To avoid excessive summer insolation, you can set up a system of shading, like a deciduous vegetation, or a system of movable tents.

Law on solar or bioclimatic greenhouse

When a greenhouse meets the criteria that favor the energy efficiency of the house, the Italian legislation considers a technical area, such as a boiler or air shafts for plants, so it does not affect the volumetric dimension. This means that it is a usable volume granted for free.

Ts Aludesign The reception of the standard varies from region to region, and from municipality to municipality. For more information it is necessary to contact the relevant office, in order to avoid incurring constraints dictated by the particular circumstances.

Why a greenhouse meets the standards required by legislation to obtain energy savings, there should be entrusted to experts in the field, such as architects and engineers who will take care of the design.

Some models of a solar or bioclimatic greenhouse

Within the Italian landscape, there are more and more companies specialized in the creation of structures of this type, and they offer a complete service from the beginning to the end.

TS Aludesign, for example, provides direct services to the customer for the design and construction of a greenhouses that, in addition to the architectural value, also offer an effective mean of saving energy.

Metra_interno The proposed solutions are obviously adapted, from time to time, to the needs of the customer, to allow a better exploitation of the available spaces.

Metra is instead a company that operates in the B2B, this means that it doesn't speaks directly to the final consumer, or the owner of the house, but to those who are in the industry, and then architects and engineers, rather than joiners.

Metra targets them with a free consultancy service, assisting the drafting of the preliminary design, to the testing phase.

Post: Expand the spaces with a solar greenhouse
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