Glass bricks

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The glass bricks are ideal in situations where you need to divide but at the same time it is necessary to filter the light and decorate the environment.

Glass bricks
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Design with glass bricks

Glass is a material susceptible to many industrial applications that make it also usable, for example, for the realization of entire walls.
This is the case of glass blocks, better known as glass bricks.

The glass bricks are one of those solutions that allow you to better express the uniqueness through color, light and transparency, and to transform the interior space into a creative, elegant and bright place.

The glass bricks are ideal in situations where you need to divide, but at the same time it is necessary to filter the light and decorate the environment.
There may be cases such as the delimitation of the shower, the division between the living room and kitchenette, or the separation between the hallway and the rest of the house.

Glass Blocks: New Colour Collection

With glass bricks you can create partitions to provide light and transparency to the environment; you can make decorations to embellish the corners of the house or to emphasize a structure; you can shape real totem art to express your desire for color and thus achieve your dream home!
In short, manufactured by walls, glass bricks become a real piece of furniture.

Glass bricks and color

In an environment colors play a vital role in expressing the character and personality of those who live it, and so the choice of certain tones can affect the way in which it is perceived.
Also with the glass bricks you can play in defining feelings and ways of feeling the environment.

Glass Blocks: New Colour Collection Sevesglassblock The New Colour Collection by Seves Glassblock is a real design tool offered to interior designers to decorate in the pursuit of color. The range consists of corrugated glass bricks available in 16 colors.

The union between the natural transparency of the glass and the vibrant colors of the collection determines the possibility to characterize in an original and creative way any environment.
But just because the color has different ability to influence emotional states, the various shades should be used in an appropriate manner: the warm, bright colors will be more suitable for the most active spaces, while those subtle and delicate to the rooms dedicated to relaxation and rest.

The New Colour Collection is available in the classic shape of the glass (19x19x8cm) and in special formats that allow you to create entire walls of glass, filled with brightness. Thanks to these extraordinary design elements, you can customize the space turning it into a warm and intimate place, or elegant and open, able to express the personality and creativity of those who live there.

Features and installation of glass bricks

In addition to the aesthetic characteristics described above, a glass block wall also has the advantage of allowing an excellent sound insulation. In fact, over that to achieve internal partitions, glass bricks also lend themselves to the realization of facade elements, even where there are particular problems of noise, such as on busy roads, thanks to this property.

Glass Blocks: New Colour Collection Sevesglassblock

But also from the point of view of the thermal insulation glass block provides good one, especially if its characteristics are compared with those of normal windows.
The insulation is very effective against summer solar radiation, but also against the chill of winter, when this type of material, prevents mist of the interior walls, although there is a strong hike in temperature between inside and outside.

Glass Blocks: New Colour Collection Sevesglassblock In addition to being available in various colors, the glass bricks are susceptible to particular processes that characterize their surface, so as to make it for example metallic or mat, smooth or corrugated, in order to realize walls able to return special optical effects.

Even the sizes are not unique. The standard form is 19x19 cm, 8 cm thick, but, besides being available also the square of different sizes, it is today possible to find also rectangular or even triangular shapes, in order to have available modules that allow you to create compositions always different and evocative.

The laying of glass blocks is generally not different from that of the traditional ones, and is used usually to cement mortar for bonding.
However it is very common for manufacturers to propose the frames made of wood or metal, fixed to the wall, floor and ceiling and where to encapsulate the glass bricks.

Being rather simple, in addition, the installation of these elements lends itself easily to be made in DIY.

Where to go?

Glass Blocks: Seves Glassblock Seves Glassblock is the company who first realized the enormous expressive potential of glass block, this structural element that stands out for its ability to allow the passage of light between the different environments which it faces, suitable for creative use, to realize many ideas, and that lends itself as a material for transforming actually more unusual and imaginative projects.

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