How a mezzanine is made

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The mezzanine, is a simple and useful way to obtain additional space in our houses. Here are some guidelines on standards and on available types.

How a mezzanine is made
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

When the space in the house seems to be never enough, the solution to acquire more is to make a mezzanine, or a raised structure to be used for studio use, as a bedroom or even as a storage room.

progettare un soppalco Major constraint to take in consideration in order to achieve a mezzanine is related to the heights and areas achievable.

Usually the minimum height of the area below it, must be greater than 2 meters, while the entire environment must not be less than 4.30 meters.

Regarding the surface of the mezzanine, it should not exceed the 1/3 of the total area of the accommodation. Other limitations are related to its articulation, the mezzanine in fact should be fully open and will need to have a balustrade with a height greater than 1 meter, this to ensure its security.

il soppalco che arreda If the function of the mezzanine is not that of a habitable environment, but is of a overhead storeroom, the mezzanine may have a height less than that previously indicated measures, and it may also be equipped with side closures.

Obviously, in order to build a mezzanine it is appropriate to require the Municipal Bureau of competence all the necessary permits following the submission of a draft drawn up by a qualified technician.

Usually the mezzanines are realize in half of the room so that the light coming from the window or balcony illuminate both environments.
In addition, the mezzanine is aesthetically pleasing to see and then in a very large room increases its volume at the same time constituting an element of furniture .

Wooden mezzanine, how to make one

The mezzanine will need to be designed, there are two different types, one can perform the anchoring of the mezzanine to the floor through the use of pillars or you can choose to anchor the loft to the walls.
Usually the anchor on the walls is the most recommended and it is also the most recurring, since the entire structure being anchored to the walls, leave free the space below to make it more usable.

After choosing the type of mezzanine you have to choose the type of wood you want to use to make it happen. Among the various types available in the market, you should keep in mind that the Nordic pine is considered one of the best wood to build any type of mezzanine. From the economic point of view it is inexpensive, while still offering excellent properties.

Once this is done you can proceed with the next steps, obviously the whole structure can be provided by a system of support beams that will rest on the load-bearing walls, and on which will lay the wooden planks. The profiles of the beams must be positioned at the same distance, usually you have three of them. The distance of these, however, and the length are defined based on the size of the room.

The wooden boards that will form the floor of the mezzanine will be interlocked through a joint female/ male, they will then be welded together with bolts to the external beams and finally the same will be further made more solid by the application of a profile in steel. The bolts holding the beams from external support will then also prop up the railing that will be installed at a later time.

The last step to take is about the treatment of the wooden planks used to make the floor of the mezzanine, the possible products to use are many but usually these floors should be treated with a protective non-toxic paint.

Other types of mezzanine

In addition to the type of wood a mezzanine can also be realized with other materials, there are in fact mixed wood and masonry mezzanine and others which are completely in iron.

tipologie di soppalco The type of mezzanine all in iron is perhaps less suitable for an apartment because it is probably too schematic and cold, this typology, however, is appropriate in places like garages or workshops, within which not much attention is paid to the aesthetic appearance of the loft in itself, but mostly you pay attention to its functionality.

The mezzanine in mixed wood and masonry is slightly different. In fact, the supporting structure is essentially in iron, but the finish may be made in other materials. The floor in fact, in this type of mezzanine can be made, for example with ceramic tile floors, iron railing with wooden handrails and access steps with trays of iron with wooden boards etc ...

The choice of how to make various parts of the mezzanine can be varied relatively to the aspect that concerns the materials to be used, it is important to be congruent with the structural choices and the color of the apartment.

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