The screen useful to create corners of greater privacy

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The screen as the divider, useful to create corners of greater privacy, is a useful and decorative complement, available in many versions.

December 15 2020, at 16:51
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Indoor screen to separate spaces in the house

When you have to divide the spaces of your house without creating new walls, or plasterboard ones, the solution is to focus on lighter and often modular structures that can be positioned everywhere and moved whenever you need to.












There are many proposals, for example, the decorative dividers have the function of delimiting spaces and creating privacy where it is needed, especially for those who live in open spaces, to separate common areas from private ones, those intended for work from those for the family.

Kernorv suspended and modular screen on Amazon
Let's see the many possible solutions suitable for home interiors and the most popular materials and styles at the moment.

Hanging folding screen

In addition to the classic folding screen that is commonly found on the market to cover a messy corner of the house, a basement or to delimit an area set up for smart working from the rest of the room, we also find screens to hang.

The suspended screen or hanging screen is particularly light and does not deprive the room of light and airiness. The suspended screen is also useful as a room divider.

Depending on the needs of each house, the screen, several modules or square-shaped pieces, can be narrow and high or on the contrary long and thick.
This versatility allows us to create a light and decorative partition wall.

Hanging Screen by Y-Step on Amazon

The Y-Step hanging screen is made of ecological pvc and can be installed very easily, using screws and connecting rings that are used to fix each piece to the next one.

The resulting partition wall is perfect for every corner of the room, it creates privacy but does not block the view or restrict the rooms.

Each pack contains a 12-piece kit. Multiple kits can be purchased if you need to create a larger wall.

Everyone can order on Amazon a different number of kits and favorite pattern, choosing between the more geometric ones or the romantic floral ones. The choice will also be made on the basis of the context hosting the new suspended partition wall.

The individual panels are very flexible and the perforated design contributes to the lightness effect of the panel, which is bright and harmonious in any context.

Another proposal is represented by the Koziol panels, useful to create a personalized partition screen, in transparent polycarbonate, that can adapt to any kind of room.

Each panel measures 27 cm and can be attached to the others. There are several models such as the Romance version which portrays a rose.

The effect obtained is that of a pleasing and functional design product for home interiors.

Koziol Romance Modular Hanging Screen at Amazon

Finally, we also point out the modern PVC divider to recreate a custom-made panel that has as a decorative element, of your choice, inspired by nature such as butterflies, flowers and birds.
The panel is modern, practical and can be easily found on Amazon.

Ideal to create a light and dividing wall, without having to intervene in other ways, it can be used to embellish the interior walls of the house as a wall decoration, th waterproof and washable panels can be fixed together by hooks and screws.

Screen in natural material

This year we have witnessed a great return of natural materials and fabrics, both for outdoor and indoor. The introduction of such elements in straw, bamboo or rattan, for example, creates an effect that is a bit ethnic and at the same time contemporary and of great atmosphere.

Much used for furniture is teak, a resistant and water-repellent wood that is easy to maintain.

The Jungle design screen made up of irregular and wavy branches of teak with a whitened effect Maisons Du Monde.

Jungle screen by Maisons du Monde

The Maison du Monde Mensah screen instead alternates a dark metal frame with perforated corn fiber.
The shielding and separation between areas is original but also suitable for rather small rooms as it does not darken them.

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The same wooden booth for interiors is a furnishing accessory capable of personalizing the home, with an exotic but refined touch, also available in shops and on the Maisons du Monde website.

Mensah screen by Maisons du Monde
The screens of Kave Home are very original and stylish. 

The Lalita model in hand-woven rattan, on a dark supporting structure, also has an elegant built-in mirror. This kind of screen can be kept open but also closed and leaning against a wall as a decoration when there is no need for privacy between rooms.
The light effect is very original.

Equally interesting is also the Margaret booth, also foldable.

Margaret screen by Kave Home
The first one has elongated oval motifs, while the second one plays on rectangular but rounded shapes to be more harmonious.

Art Decò elegant screen for interiors

Another trend applicable to interior design is the homage to the geometric and elegant shapes of the Art Decò period: between the 19th and 20th centuries.

The elegance in the luxurious decorations and the dynamism of the lines is one of the pillars of this style.

Metals such as gold, copper or even bronze, deep colors such as green and peacock blue and precious fabrics are inevitable as we can see in the Barbara screen models, which alternates velvets and mirrors, and Selena, a screen in gold and leaf motif, both made by Maisons du Monde.

Separè Dai by Kave Home
Finally, we also have to point out the metal room divider with golden finish model Dai by Kave Home which can be divided into three panels, all foldable on themselves.

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