Interior stairs

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Buy on line and know the prices of interior staircases, wooden stairs, stairs for galleries and related accessories such as railings and balustrades.

Interior stairs
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Choice of a staircase for interiors

Having a house on two floors can be aesthetically pleasing, but inconvenient from a functional standpoint, unless particular attention is paid to the design of the connecting element between floors: the staircase.

Scale per interni: scala per soppalco Fontanot The stairs are in fact one of the key elements of the design.

The wrong location of a staircase inevitably undermines the whole project, creating a series of problems, because of the frequent use made of it, can cause discomfort in general and even serious physical harm to the user.

In particular, when the stairs, both internal and external, of small size, are not designed with the utmost care, the risk of turning into real traps full of pitfalls is not uncommon.

Design aspects of interior stairs

In the professional practice the architect is often consulted to solve the problems caused by a poorly designed staircase, which ends up compromising the livability of the building for residents.

Today, for those who need to solve the problem of a vertical connection in their house the way ahead may be different: one is to draw from scratch in every particular the staircase, then turn to a good and reliable craftsman who transforms paper project in the object of your desires.

Scale per interni: scala Armonia  di Fontanot

This solution has the disadvantage of having often of very high cost, to which we must add the risk of experiencing a performance not made in a workmanlike.

The rules, UNI 10804, set the parameter precise enough for the realization of stairs in the right way, but unfortunately the mentioned law is hardly respected and of course all this comes at the expense of safety.

A good way to deal with the problem is to seek companies with proven experience, as Fontanot, which offer a service of design and construction that joins today the opportunity to choose and buy directly on line its staircases.

Choose the internal stairs directly online

Since last May it is possible to choose, configure and purchase directly online your staircase by Fontanot for the interior of the house.

First, it is good to know what are the parts that make up a staircase, in order to choose the most suitable: the ramp is formed by the steps and can be flat or helical.

Scale per interni: gradini In order for the stairs to be confortable, the ramp should have a maximum of 12 steps, otherwise, it should be divided into several ramps and spaced by a landing. The steps are constituted by a series of horizontal shelves, said treads, places a straight gradually increasing and the vertical space between two kicks, said riser.

To size a staircase we takes into account the ratio obtained from the formula used by the designers: 2 risers + 1 tread = 64. The ideal size is assumed to be having a high of 17 cm and a tread of 30 cm, but the size can vary depending on the height to pass and from the bulk of the staircase.
It must be said, however, that an interior staircase can deviate more or less from these values, which instead must be strictly respected if the stairs are in an apartment block, connection between multiple units.

From the structural point of view the interior stairs can be of various types and made with different materials.

The wooden staircase is typically suitable for the interior, because outside would be difficult to maintain. Wood can only be used to form or coat metal steps, or to fully realize the structure and is particularly suited for rustic settings.
The woods most suitable for this use are oak, walnut, chestnut, beech, oak.

The metal ladder, however, can be made entirely of this material, or have the steps in other materials including, as we have seen, the wood.

Scale per interni: ringhiera steel 30 To complete the staircase we need to chose a railing or balustrade, such as those proposed by Fontanot: closed with a glass panel or open with metal rods or tubes, the important thing is that it is safe.
In the case of glass we must choose the shatterproof kind, in the case of metal profiles, the distance between the elements should not be higher than 10 cm.
The handrail also is made with a material different from the railing, it must be pleasing to the touch and facilitate the support.

Fontanot offers the best solution for every need and does it, preferably with stairs purchased in kits, which are self-supporting, so no intermediate supports and modular, and customizable to suit you.

Even the pool of materials used is large, to meet the need of furniture and styles meet and solutions architects and designers: wooden stairs (Magic 30, Magic 70, Magic 90), painted steel (Magic 50), polymer (Techne ).

There are available for purchase also steel railings Steel 10 (for flat surfaces) and Steel 30 (stairs), easy to customize and install due to their composition in the kit.
All this is available online: a real outlet of the staircase by Fontanot for fans of DIY.

Choosing your interior staircase takes just a few clicks, thanks to the on line configurator Fontanot, able to identify the most suitable solution.

You simply need indicate a few elements: first, whether the staircase must connect an attic or a loft, then, the kind of hole (circular, square or rectangular); finally, the type of preferred stairs: spiral staircase or ramp. (The only limit is the installation of a flight of stairs on a circular hole, all other solutions are possible).

Where to go?

Scale per interni: Fontanot Fontanot is a company that for over 40 years combines craftsmanship and technology, through its Office of Research Development Centre, created thanks to the foresight of Enzo Fontanot, decisive since the 80s in developing Xnodo, the first modular staircase in the world .

Clarity on the fitting of each product is guaranteed by detailed data sheets, practical instructions and step by step video guides.

On the conditions of sale, the maximum transparency: no surprises on prices, free shipping, with assistance hotline and two-year warranty.

Attention to the space occasions: some stairs are on offer, at unbeatable prices (discounted up to 40%) but only for a limited period.

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