Internal stairs as a sculpture

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Staircase or pieces of furniture? Both. An internal staircase to a dwelling is now exalted and assumes the role of undisputed protagonist when furnishing a house.

Internal stairs as a sculpture
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Spiral staircases for indoor and furnishing

Officine Sandrini: Skulptura Only structural elements of connection or even pieces of furniture? And why not both? A staircase inside a house, if firstly it was considered a necessesity, but an element of inconvenience of the planimetric structure, nowadays, above all, the visual impact, is exalted and it assumes the role of undisputed protagonist of the furnishing.

I'm not talking, of course, about houses homes such as those of the past, with a lot of space, spectacular staircase in the center of the room and double height ceiling. Not only that.

I refer also to those modern apartments, of small and medium size, with minimal furnishings for stylistic choice or by necessity of confined spaces. In these cases, we often chose the solution of spiral or helical staircase with minimal obstraction in the plant.

However, minimal does not mean bare, poor in stylistic lines or of visual impact without character. Two models of spiral staircases, Skultura Etika by Officine Sandrini, respectively in gold leaf finish, silver and copper the first, iron the second, have in fact a lot of character.
Officine Sandrini: Etika
They are both are created to represent the will to transform a simple structural element in a sinuous and sculptural object. The design is strong and surprising, or as the company defines it, even daring.

The spiral staircase Skulptura even futuristic in its essential lines, enriched in superficial finishing with the preciousness of gold, silver or copper leaf. By leveraging architectural proportions and specifications, this model becomes a veritable sculpture in the center of the space, never a name was more appropriate.

Inner staircase in Corian® and glass

Rintal: Aira If the staircase has to be a light and transparent presence, almost imperceptible in its structure without giving up to a perfect solidity and functionality, then take a look at the model of Aira by Rintal, made in DuPont Corian® and laminated glass, with steel anchor system patented Rintal.

Aira was presented at Made Expo which just ended in Milan. It is a real contemporary design object and it is designed for luxurious or minimalist living spaces, as well as for professional offices or showrooms, fitting perfectly into any kind of environment.

It consists of embossed steps in Corian®, a material with great technical and aesthetic performance, strong and safe, smooth and without visible joints, immaculate color, in order to better emphasize the ethereal and intangible staircase.

The steps are anchored directly to the wall, the railing is in plated laminated glass fixed directly to the steps, without other supports. This achieves the result of a delicate appearance and lightweight, with the security of a material and a structure of coupling perfectly safe, thanks to the materials and the employed techniques.

To add to all this the advantages of Corian®:durability, ease of maintenance and cleaning, absence of porosity, extreme moldability and the possibility of intacarvingglio and thermoforming, typical characteristics of this material.

Inner stairs for every context

Extremely versatile and, last but not least, a great attention to Smart: scala a chiocciola a policy of quality production at an affordable price with regard to new models of inner stairs Smart. In addition to the durability, these collections are available in several finishings and are therefore suitable for every stylistic context.

They are made to measure, with attention to details and, coming out in many shapes, they fit into any planimetric situation: spiral, helical or straight line, while keeping their high aesthetic value and thereby contributing to the furnishing of spaces.

The leg straps are available in stainless steel or painted steel in RAL colors while the treads are available in crystal or in various types of wood, dyed in different colors. The railings are available in steel, stainless steel or glass with the possibility of adding LED lights to create a particular atmosphere and muffled.

Faraone: Ninfa If you love the minimal style then you will definitely like the style of the new realizations by Faraone, presented at the recent Made Expo in Milan. The staircase of the collection Ninfa, it is characterized by elegant leg straps made of extruded aluminum alloy 6005, with epoxy coating as standard.

The standard color is gray aluminum RAL color of your choice and series of steps made of anti-slip glass and glass balustrade series 10 +10. On request it is possible to have the wooden steps, marble or other materials, as well as you can place the braid on the balustrade.

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