Mirrored Facade

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The mirrors on the facade are able to reduce the environmental impact, reflecting the surrounding landscape, as in Mirror House in Copenhagen.

Mirrored Facade
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

We often talk about environmental impact, context, respect for the landscape.

If not decisive, as done in a park in Copenhagen, but is certainly one of the most ingenious. There is in fact nothing like amplify and reflect what is around.
And this is the principle behind Mirror House, a pavilion redesigned recently in Denmark, in the park of the city of Copenhagen.

Features of Mirror House: house with mirrors

Created by the architects of the Danish study - American MLRP, in reality Mirror House is a project that was implemented by reusing an existing structure within the park, previously used as a children's play area and literally covered with graffiti and signs very unsightly.

The building has a typical shape of a hut closed, elongated, the front facade of the building has been modified by inserting distorting mirrors that form a reflecting surface, and returns simply reflects the surrounding landscape. Further amplification comes also from other surfaces, made of stainless steel, so as to give greater brightness to the structure itself and further diminish the impact.

The mirrors are not completely smooth and regular, but occur mostly slightly deformed, especially at the ends of the sloping construction, so as to realize a game of perspectives ideal to reflect the park around.

The rest of the building is covered with wooden slats painted, while the shutters and openings are covered with Acciaiolo steel mirror polished. During the day, when open, contribute to the reflection, while at night, making the building anonymous.

Previously covered with graffiti, has been transformed thanks to the mirrors in an interactive element, able to interact with the surroundings, which is useful for visitors and passers-by, containing in fact public services for children who visit the park.

Other uses of mirrors in front

The architects MLRP have managed with simple means, to transform Mirror House, an existing building, sad and anonymous, in a complete project that respects the environment and well placed in the park.

But the idea of ??the mirror, perhaps a bit 'strong in this case, it is actually one of the most popular in a more soft, when it comes to the environmental impact of buildings.

We had made ??mention of the eco-friendly house in Paris .
Here, Djuric Tardio Architectes study was able to create a building with low environmental and visual impact on the outskirts of the French capital, using, on the one hand a wooden structure, which looked unfinished, allowing you to filter around, without denying the view, and on the other by stainless steel, to reflect the landscape, once closed the shutters.

Mirrors for urban landscape

The problem of context is very popular, especially for that type of construction, industrial and commercial, which are often placed in a residential urban landscapes.
There are, in this regard, a number of specific coatings, decorative made ??of metal, with different finishes, able to reproduce the mirror finish, to be applied on the facade, so as to make it less impact on the surrounding landscape.

This is usually the case with commercial, industrial and always a certain weight, in terms of size and structure.
But there are also solutions design, ultra modern and aesthetically appealing. As Ipachrome Design, which proposes mirror glasses specific for facades, consisting of a multilayer system dichromate.

Thanks to the use of Interpane, in fact, the glass becomes highly reflective, almost like the most classic of silver mirrors, but more robust.
This type of glazing fact can be hardened and layered several times to form also safety glazing, also combined with additional layers to have, at the same time, the 'thermal insulation or solar control.

And even if you do not reach the level of the famous halls of Dan Graham, the results are optimal, at least to reduce the footprint impactful that buildings of a certain size can have on the landscape.

Djuric Tardio

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