Outdoor patio: how to set it up

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The patio is an extra room that can perform many functions, giving us unique moments outside. Here you're going to find out how to set it up so that it is functional and comfortable?

Outdoor patio: how to set it up
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

How to embellish an outdoor patio

We are slowly approaching the summer and with its arrival the desire to spend more time outside increases drastically.

The patio is a space in our home that supports and satisfies this need, but which is the best way to furnish it in order to make it comfortable and suitable for our needs?









Emu-outdoor-table completes-the-dining-area

Emu-outdoor-table completes-the-dining-area

Emu-outdoor-table completes-the-dining-area

In this article, we discover the many outdoor patio ideas that we can use to furnish our home in the best way possible in order to fully enjoy the summer.

The outdoor patio: what is it?

Let's try to understand what a patio is. The most common definition is that of a courtyard inside the house, often surrounded by a front porch.

It was born in Spain and then it was brought to other countries as well.
It is generally open at the top and surrounded by walls.

Sometimes it is right inside the house and becomes a source of light for the environments that surround it.

Il patio è una stanza in più - Pinterest

The patio could be defined more broadly as an extension towards the outside of the house, almost an extra room to be lived in during the summer months to carry out activities that in other seasons are the prerogative of indoor spaces.

Relaxation area above all, but also the dining room, kitchen, outdoor home office, play area: these are just some of the functions that this space can take on, but I leave everyone the possibility to add others, according to their needs and imagination.

Closed outdoor patio: attention to regulations

An outdoor patio generally appears open on at least three sides, but there are some cases in which it can also be closed.

Attenzione alle normative  - Pinterest
When we are faced with this case, we must be very careful because the boundary with other types becomes thin and may involve the need to request permits as they are volumetrically relevant.

Modern outdoor patio

First of all, in our patio we will insert a cover element, which provides shade if necessary. The options, as you may imagine, are many.

Tenda cassonata di WaremaWarema cassette awning

A perfect example is the classic awning, such as Warema's box awning, which has a wide range of colors and designs to customize it to our taste and according to needs.

Tenda Giardino Ponza di MV LivingPonza Garden Tent by MV Living

Another type of awning is Giardino Ponza by Mv Living, this one is an awning with great ease of maneuver and with spring or winch opening / closing control.
Here too a wide range of customization possibilities.

Patio coperto da vele - Pinterest
Another solution may be to cover the space with sailcloths, which bring the coastal style to the city as well.

Which pieces of furniture are the best for a patio?

The patios are not always large, so the quantity and type of furnishings must also be selected according to the size.

Collezione outdoor di Maisons du MondeOutdoor collection by Maisons du Monde

In principle, being outside, we will need to have furniture that is resistant to bad weather and atmospheric agents. Wood is certainly a widely used material, but it requires constant maintenance.

Other materials are rattan, wrought iron, plastics and raffia.

Consuela, fioriera multifunzione da La RedouteConsuela, multifunction planter from La Redoute

Better to prefer multifunctional furniture, which exploits all the space, such as the Consuela container planter by La Redoute Interieurs, a metal console with storage spaces underneath.

Tavolino multitasking - Pinterest
Even the tables can be multitasking, with trays that can become both object holders and flower boxes.

Sedia impilabile Palma di NardiPalma stackable chair by Nardi

Another space-saving feature for outdoor furniture is stackability.
The Palma chair by NARDI Outdoor in polypropylene is an example of a comfortable seat for outdoor use, stackable and space-saving.

A kitchen on the outdoor patio

We can also create a kitchen externally, to have everything at hand during the beautiful mid-August grilling sessions.

Buffet esterno di MovidosExternal buffet of Movidos

The Movidos Outdoor Buffet Neutro also comes to our aid: a service trolley with shelves in stainless and water-resistant materials, also useful for organizing a garden bar corner, as well as an outdoor pantry.

Tavolo bar Bondholmen di IKEABondholmen bar table by IKEA

Bondholmen by IKEA is an outdoor bar table that can complement our corner.

Cucina da esterno Bergamo di OfoutdoorkitchensBergamo outdoor kitchen by Ofoutdoorkitchens

Bergamo by OF Outdoorkitchens is, on the other hand, an outdoor kitchen in steel and of great impact, thanks to its refined design lines.

Tavolino da esterno Balcony di EmuBalcony outdoor coffee table by Emu

To complete the dining area, the Balcony table by Emu Group is simply perfect: an extendable rectangular steel table, which is part of the Plus 4 collection.

The peculiarity of this table is that it has a butterfly mechanism for opening which facilitates the operation and that the extension is designed so as to never get in the way of the legs of those who are seated.

The relaxation corner patio

If we think of the patio as a place to relax, then the outdoor lounge cannot be missing.

Divano Patio di MinottiDivano da esterno Patio di Minotti

The best option is a large sofa, such as Patio by Minotti spa, which is a modular outdoor sofa upholstered in fabric, which is part of a collection characterized by a mix of materials, such as aluminum, wood, stone and rope and customizable as a configuration as well as as a materials and colors.

Tavolino Patio di MinottiTavolino Patio di Minotti

We can also opt for the square stone coffee table.

Nest Egg di Studio StirlingNest Egg di Studio Stirling

On one side of the patio we could relax on a suspended armchair, such as Nest Egg by Studio Stirling, in powder-coated steel that resembles an egg, making us feel collected and welcomed, with a pleasant feeling of nest.

Dondolo da patio - Pinterest
Alternatively we could swing on a suspended bed, a modern hammock to be used both as a seat and as a rocking chair.

Cuscino Gimbya di Maisons du MondeCuscino Gimbya di Maisons du Monde

Another great thing to do is to insert outdoor cushions to match the chosen style. The best option are the more neutral one like Gimbya by Maisons Du Monde, black and ecru.

Cuscino Pereira di Maisons du MondePereira cushion by Maisons du Monde

Alternatively we can choose a more exotic one like Pereira also by Maisons du Monde.

Smart Working on the patio

If you have an outdoor space, why not think about creating a home office right there?
Obviously, all the conditions necessary for a performing workstation must be met: first of all acoustic and visual insulation and these can be obtained thanks to the use of plants and dividers.

Paravento per isolare l'home office - Pinterest
Outdoor tables can also be used as a desk if accompanied by comfortable chairs.

How to build a raised outdoor patio

To differentiate the functions that can be accommodated in this space, you can think of creating a raised patio, also by creating a DIY wooden platform on which the outdoor lounge or dining area with an outdoor kitchen will be placed.

Patio rialzato - Pinterest
In the lower part, however, we will be able to place the green area, complete with a playground or even a swimming pool that will make everything more scenic and pleasant.

Patio a terrazze - Pinterest
Another way to create a raised patio is to invert the greenery and the livable space by placing the actual garden at the top on terraces and the livable area on a lower paved floor or in any case at a different height.

Special effects for the patio

The patio space becomes an evocative living room if we also install an outdoor fireplace, a bio-fireplace for example, which creates an atmosphere and heats, like the Bio Table Lounge by Starambiente, a real fireplace around which to gather. 

Biocamino per esterni da StarambienteBiocamino per esterni da Starambiente

Patio by Kratki is instead a four-sided outdoor heater, which therefore also acts as a lamp. Steel gas fireplace, creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Camino a gas Patio di Kratki per esterniCamino a gas Patio di Kratki per esterni

Obviously, lamps cannot be missing in order to make the best of our evenings alone or with friends. The patio lighting should be studied like the internal one, to avoid having shadows in the work areas or having too much dazzling light.

You will need a light point on the table and on the kitchen. In the relaxation areas you can opt for candles or lanterns with a soft light.

Lampada vintage da Il FanaleLampada vintage da Il Fanale

The Patio 225.04.ORT by Il Fanale is a ceiling or wall lamp for outdoor, made of metal, brass, copper and glass, for vintage environments.

Patio di Alma Light Patio by Alma Light

Alma Light also proposes Patio, a wireless table lamp, with a rotomoulded polyethylene lampshade that diffuses the light evenly and thanks to the aluminum cover it does not dazzle those sitting around the table.

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