Partition walls without mortar

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Making brick infill, without the use of mortar traditional vestments in less time getting safe and resistant even to the seismic action.

Partition walls without mortar
Arch. Francesco Oliva
Arch. Francesco Oliva

All seals over time

The brick cladding have been changes over time for both the way to implement them, both with respect to the materials used, most of these changes were necessary to make them more resistant to seismic forces in particular.

Un cantiere con tamponature in laterizio e malta Whenever we focus on the images notorious resulting from seismic events, we see that the behavior of these infill differs depending on the type and the way in which these elements have been made.

The realization of a veneer cladding, must take into account mainly the type of the frame in which it will be docked.

Important is also the choice of the type of clay used, the type of material used to join together the various blocks (mortar or other), and more importantly the time of creation of the facing in relation to the climatic conditions of the place in which the yard is located.

When the way of building, it was still respectful of the right times of the production, in which for every part of the compliance with the basic rules were constructed, capable of achieving an artifact of the art, it is fundamentally concerned to respect three elements fundamental.

La realizzazione di tompagni in modo tradizionale These three basic elements, were a good wetting of brick blocks, a good realization of the mortar to be used for the assembling and respect for shutter speeds.

Remember that the old foremen had care to achieve tompagni up to a certain height, in practice is required to the workers to realize at most the same day, the infill up to the height corresponding to that of a man with his arm raised.

This trick if followed, guarantee a good adjustment of the various courses of the infill, and a better anchorage of the same between the two sides of the building to be realized.

New ways to make the cladding

Today, in which the timing of completion of a work must be reduced to the maximum, it is necessary to use new techniques and products, which can produce works to secure and durable over time.

For best results, you need a good final design, a good realization together with the use of technologically advanced materials.

Murature con blocchi rettificati e malta In the specific case of the realization of the cladding, the main material is made ??from blocks of brick of which are commercially available types and formats of any kind.

Companies such as the Consortium Alveolater and Wienerberger produce bricks with which you can solve any kind of problem construction, it is necessary to achieve levels of safety and durability substantial.

As regards the joining element between the various blocks, the mortar is the main element used in most of the building works.

Its use, or involves the realization of the mixture in the pipeline is necessary for its application or adoption of a packaged product industrially.

Mortars prepared, have the advantage of being environmentally friendly standards (UNI EN 998-1,998-2) imposed by legislation, so who realizes cladding using these mortars, gets safe from any subsequent disputes concerning the quality of the product produced .

This aspect is of special importance in earthquake zones, in which the works of infill must be carried out trying to minimize the risk of collapse or damage.

Even if the use of such mortars not require skilled labor and may still allow the realization of different works on a construction site, there are situations applicants, especially in the works of restructuring, in which it is necessary to minimize dispersion of dust and water, together with the use of bulky equipment that would cause quite a few difficulties in the pipeline as well as to slow down operations to create the work.

In these cases, it's useful and advantageous use for the construction of infill a product of the company Wienerberger, a company that does not need much introduction being the world's largest producer of bricks and clay roof tiles.

A system for achieving the cladding without mortar

l'innovativo sistema Dryfix The recommended product is the system Porotherm DRYFIX, which has the great advantage over traditional construction techniques of the cladding, greatly accelerate the laying operations, reducing time up to 50% compared to the usual ways of working, to eliminate the bridges thermal and ensure the utmost cleanliness in the pipeline with respect to the traditional use of the mortar.

The innovative element that replaces the mortar is an adhesive specifically designed to be associated with a particular category of brick ground, called BIO Porotherm PLAN.
La bomboletta contenente l'adesivo
L 'adhesive is contained in a practical canister, and is ready to be used in a simple and immediate, because of its use it is possible to realize cladding, avoiding unnecessary waste of material, maintain spaces and workplaces cleaner and usable.

If we also consider that you will no longer need to move bags of material and arrange to bring water in parts of the site where their presence could be harmful, we realize the validity and efficiency of such a system.

The manufacturer of the system referred to guarantee the validity of the product, in order to allow companies to become familiar with the issues on the subject, organized in various parts of Italy meetings that shows simulated and practical demonstrations with the laying of the material.

Post: Partition walls without mortar
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