Resin flooring, what to know

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The resin floor, little known and used in modern architecture, has actually excellent properties: here is some information about it.

Resin flooring, what to know
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

The resin floor is not very common in our houses, in fact its limited use is mainly due to the fact that we do not know its real characteristics, which is an easy, practical and inexpensive way to cover your floors.

Designing a resin floor

The resin floor is a prefinished floor, which is simply laid in place by assembling pieces such as ceramic tiles or parquet strips. The resin floor for its own particular mode of installation must be designed having set the goal of being able to find a solution to satisfy both aesthetic and performance requirements requested by the customer.

progettare un pavimento in resina When designing a resin floor we must consider a number of issues that will then allow us to identify the best solution.We should therefore analyze the performance that the system should have in terms of physical-chemical resistance, in terms of appearance and we also need to study the type of support on which it will be applied.

In view of all these considerations, we can begin to design the resin floor. This type of floor allows us to create a surface that can be defined as monolithic, in fact this does not include the presence of joints or flights that sometimes compromise the uniformity of the surface.

The average thickness of a laminate floor is about 3mm, in fact during the process of installation it does not require the removal of doors and patio doors if they are already present, which usually occurs when you perform renovations.

Why choose a resin floor, pros and cons

One feature that distinguishes the resin flooring is its uniqueness, it is almost impossible to reproduce the same floor in two rooms. The decorative effects that can be achieved are many and vary according to the needs of the client and the choice of materials.

It is possible to produce a resin floor with spatula effect, cloudy, monochrome, reflective like a mirror, opaque etc. ...

pavimento in resina igienicità These resins can then be treated with transparent protective finishes that are able to vary the brightness of the treated surface by passing from shiny to dull, rough or smooth; the resins are also easily colorable, which allows you to give free play to imagination.
This type of flooring is suitable for any destination, has a good durability of course if maintained with care.

The resins do not require any special products for cleaning, as their waterproof surface does not allow the the absorption of any kind of substance.
In fact, the resin floors are considered the most hygienic of all, because of the homogeneity of its surface that has no leaks nor cracks and implies a greater rapidity in cleaning and a higher level of hygiene than any other surface. This flooring is an excellent protection against mold, moisture and bacterial agents.

Another important aspect of this type of flooring is that it is odorless and non-toxic. In addition, a resin floor can be restored to its original condition with a few simple steps, without the need to completely dismemberment, this is important since it involves only small costs for restoring and infinite possibility of renewal.

Precisely because of their thinness, these floors can be easily overlapped with each other by changing the color, but are also superimposed on the existing flooring, avoiding the removal and thus all the associated costs when unrooting the floor.

pavimento in resina If in our houses there are systems of underfloor heating, the resin flooring, due to its thinness and its high conductivity turns out to be the ideal choice. In fact, its nature essentially plastic, gives a good elasticity to the point that not it doesn't crack due to thermal shock caused by the presence of heating.

The resin floor is not indestructible. It has good strength, is able to withstand very high loads, but it is not indestructible. Of course, like any material for floors, the main cause that determines the deterioration is usury, which varies from situation to situation.

posa in opera pavimento in resina A resin floor should be lived as an ordinary other flooring in wood, stone, keeping in mind that the aging generated from scratches, abrasions, accidental dropping of objects are part of the life cycle of the floor.

These signs of aging are more evident on those floors that are even in colors and shiny, in which even the slightest imperfection tends to stand out. Something that does not occur for a mat spatulated foor which tends, due to its nature, to mask better both aging and any signs of wear thus ensuring a much longer life cycle. Obviously if this is placed in the entrance areas or on the stair treads, tends to age prematurely compared to other less congested rooms.

It is true that the resin flooring can be laid over the existing floor with great simplicity, but not all supports are eligible. The presence of breaks, cracks and micro-cracks in the base support are imperfections by which the resin layer is affected, since this does not present a proper layer of support.

omogeneità pavimento in resina It is therefore of paramount importance to properly assess the background and action planning cycle a suitable application to support this, seeking to eliminate or at least restrict the items that could cause problems after installation of the resin floor.

Another negative aspect is the yellowing tendency, but this only affects some types of resins, such as the epoxy ones, which have low resistance to UV rays, this is the main cause of a premature yellowing, even if to obviate this problem there are additives antiUV, capable of retaining and delaying this process as long as possible from the floor.

To limit the problem it is recommended to choose the colors tending to straw color, but not too clear.

If you choose the polyurethane resins, acrylic cement, this is really not going to be a problem.

Post: Resin flooring, what to know
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