Spherical shading water and snowproof

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The shading are always elements of solar protection. Used for horizontal coverings now they are also snow and rain load tight.

Spherical shading water and snowproof
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Use of solar control louvres

The shading is an element placed in proximity of the windows fixtures, outside or inside, which has the function of shielding the inside environments from an excessive solar radiation.

uso di sistemi frangisole The sun slats depending on weather conditions can be differently oriented. Their position, in fact, can change at different times of the day and at different solar irradiance.

The materials most used are PVC, wood, terracotta, aluminum; their choice essentially depends on the tastes of the customer and the climatic and aesthetic requirements .

The use of solar control louvres however, is not limited to the vertical surfaces. In many cases this element is used as a cover system of perfectly horizontal structures, such as pergolas or gazebos placed in outdoor locations.

Solar control louvres water and snowproof

The solar control louvres used as perfectly horizontal surfaces coatings must be loadtight, ie resistant to loads of rain and snow.

A company that produces loadtight solar control louvres, adjustable, is Studio 66, which with the models FOLD BLADE 160 and 200 makes the most of the sunlight and the wind.

The model Blade 160 is a solar control louvres completely watertight, it has a slight inclination of 0.5% required for the water downflow, not perceptible because placed inside the horizontal structure.
An important feature of this model of solar control louvre, which ensures also a perfect operation, is its upper surface, in fact, the slats are completely smooth.

In this way leaves and debris of all kinds are swept away by wind and rain, keeping the coating always clean.

Frangisole orientabile Studio 66 BLADE 160 can be mounted on any structure of aluminum, steel or wood, paying attention to the load.

In case of rain, the coating automatically closes hermetically squeezing the seals of the blade, avoiding heat loss.
In this way it is ensured a good seal of the coating.

The structures are made in aluminum tubes 200x100x4 mm or 220x140x4 mm, until a maximum span of 6 meters without suffering curves. The opening is adjustable and the angle of variation goes from 0° to 135°, always maintaining the shading in the space below.

Frangisole orientabile Studio 66 All connections between the beams are perfectly smooth and free of visible screws, giving to the product an essential and minimalist effect.

This particular cover system so versatile depending on the weather conditions is designed to withstand high winds and significant snow loads.

The other proposed model is again from the same company FOLD 200, which unlike the previous one is a watertight movable retractable coating with double folded slats, which in a closed position leaves the above space completely free, allowing to make the most of the solar light.

Frangisole orientabile Studio 66

This system of shading can integrate with existing structures or can be installed with its own supporting structure made of aluminum, which also provides for a system of integrated gutters, for the drainage of rainwater.
The angle of movement ranges from 0° to 90° and it always has a motorized operation. Furthermore, this particular cover fully retractable can be also equipped with a rain sensor for automatic closing of the slats in case of sudden precipitation.

Frangisole orientabile Compos Outdoor Living Other companies that have marketed adjustable shading systems tight and resistant to snow load are: Outdoor Living Compos specializing in outdoor roofing systems and BBC Group, which instead produces blinds and shading systems in general, including Bioroll.
Model Ondula, proposed by the former is properly sized to withstand the snow load.

In this model, the particular profiles of the calendering, the seal between the panels and the efficient water drainage system that eventually stagnates at the time of the opening, make this cover an innovative system.
In addition, the cover also has an excellent resistance to water and wind, allowing full illumination without glare or excessive sunshine during the complete opening of the slats.

frangisole orientabile Bioroll The model by Bioroll is extremely simple to install and versatile in the different applications.
The movement of the slats can be manual or mechanized, it depends on the type of cover that you choose.
Even this model of shading has excellent water tightness and, unlike other models, the slats are not equipped with seals but of a node of interlocking labyrinth between them that during closure ensures a snug fit between the various elements.

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