Studio area in the bedroom: a polyfunctional wall

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A study area in the bedroom: project design for an office wall in walnut, creating a multi-purpose and rational space, even in the bedroom.

Studio area in the  bedroom: a polyfunctional wall
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Obtain a study area within the house, from empty spaces

Office in the bedroom: it is of vital importance, especially in apartments of small size, to be able to carve out a small space to use as a study or work area.
It is enough even just a corner in the hallway or the living room, to have a fully equipped office area, with a minimal encumbrance.
Even the most intimate and personal space of the house, as the bedroom is, can be useful for a practical office corner well integrated with the rest of the furniture.

Design of an office wall in the bedroom

In the following depiction I present my project idea to give personality and polyvalent piece of furniture in a wall inside the sleeping area, in the context of a small city apartment, where every square centimeter is valuable to create ergonomic and rational spaces.

In front of the double size bed, even the area usually furnished with a storage dresser, takes on a new look and an advanced feature giving rise to a real study area, even in the room used primarily to relax.

Design of multifunction office wall in the bedroom
The wall of this bedroom is painted in a bright lilac, in a light shade, which gives warmth and a soft vitality to the space.

The basal portion of the wall, up to about one meter high, is covered with a wooden structure created on a modern paneling effect design, achievable in different woods, natural or lacquered finishes.
You can opt for oak or for the elegant flaming, ie streaks of color contrast, typical of walnut.

As a general glance, we visualize the large shelves in offset arrangement, interconnected in an eclectic geometric game creating a frame décor to the underlying drawer.
Each shelf takes on a meaning closely related to each other, in the context of this unique functional office wall.

A shelf used as a book shelf, above the maxi-dresser

In the underlying vision I framed the right part of the wall structure, where we can distinguish two shelves, arranged at right angles, one horizontal and the other vertical, thus defining the structural side of a solid volume open and asymmetrical.
The upper horizontal shelf is used both as an expositor for frames and keepsakes, and as an office shelf for the archive of documents and books frequently used.

Shelf with library function, above the dresser extra-large
Freely resting on the floor stands an extra large dresser, whose low height reminds oriental pieces of furniture.
The external structure of the dresser is in walnut, in material affinity with the rest of the wooden wall.
The interior of the cabinet, realizable in MDF, consists of two large twins drawers to ensure the proper containing of the laundry; drawer fronts can be finished in gloss white lacquer, for an effect of greater visual lightness.

Four prints arranged in ordered geometric composition, form a spot of light on the wall, helping to donate a decorative dimension to the background colored wall.

The deeper shelf is used as the office wall desk

The next frame offers a view of the actual location of this office area in the bedroom.
The big bottom shelf slips in lengthwise along the wall, bisecting the book shelf above the dresser.

Design shelf with desk function
I felt it deserved a thickness, of at least 8 cm, to this central console, to gain adequate strength and allow the optimal fixing to wood paneling on the wall, using a specific iron core grafted to the back of the paneling.

Also its depth must be greater than that of the upper shelf, in such a way as to act excellently as a practice and ductile desk: on it are placed the inevitable notebook, to be always updated and check the email at the end of the day, before laying down on the comfortable box spring.

I thought of a stylized table lamp, in tubular aluminum: a uniform beam of LED light is diffused by its inclined tube, directly onto the study, without in any way disturbing the view with any annoying reflections.

The plasma TV is placed frontally to the bed for optimal viewing in all relax.

The light from the large window, shielded by packet curtain decorated with stripes, invades the environment to brighten the desk, allowing you to work in full natural light.

A large mirror with vertical aluminum frame, resting on the floor and secured with a hook on the wall, looks like a casual piece of furniture, optically amplifying the environment.

An open seat for the study area in the room

In the next enlarged detail, I highlighted the modern layout of an unusual and comfortable as seat for the desk.

Chair anatomical area office Room It is an anatomical chair, with curvilinear structure in wood warm shaped beech plywood, on which are fixed essentially a seat and two end pads where to rest the knees.

The absence of the backrest and the obligation to support on the knees rests, allows a perfect alignment of the spine for a correct posture.

Such a type of chair enables you to take dynamic positions never rigidly static, according to an advanced criterion of active sitting, ie ensuring ergonomic seat so as to make you feel always in active motion.

On the site you can find anatomical models of chairs in various shapes, sizes and materials, adaptable to different environments and needs.

Infinite are the compositions project designed to customize your houses, giving versatility and practicality in everyday use even to small areas within the night area as well as the day area.

Our exclusive online service for freehand design offers vast potential for new creative and strategic paths of living, in the sign of a harmonious balance between aesthetics and rational distribution of space.

Post: Studio area in the bedroom: a polyfunctional wall
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