Christmas lights, decorate home

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Christmas is a perfect opportunity to surprise and to transform the house through the use of bright and colorful decor, able to create the right atmosphere.

Christmas lights, decorate home
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Create Christmas Lights

For a Christmas full of colors, you can create a fun bright psychedelic effect creating a very simple electrical circuit that takes advantage of some bulbs of 40 W and the same starter for fluorescent lamps. It is enough to realize a circuit consisting of a plug and a push button switch.

Luci di Natale fatte in casa The switch is used to operate the starter connected to the bulbs by means of an insulated conductor.

The bulbs are inserted into the appropriate plastic socket. The circuit is housed in a wood container.

The bulbs come out from the container and can be grouped or placed according to other rules.

The starter has the prerogative to break the circuit and restore it after a few moments so that each bulb is switched on and off, creating a fun game of lights.

luci di Natale If you use colored bulbs you get a very interesting result.

It is convenient to set the container with the bulbs in a high place, where we can not touch it with bare hands, in order to ensure safety and to leave the lights spread throughout the environment.

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Decorative lights for Christmas

Enriching the house with light and color gives an extra touch of joy at a time dedicated to fun and traditions: Christmas, with the heat and the pleasant atmosphere that characterize it, can involve the entire house and change deeply environments simply by inserting small colorful details.

Create small household lighting systems is simple and the effect will be even more surprising if they will be hidden in inconspicuous places, to be operated by surprise one at a time, under the astonished eyes and enjoy the kids of the house.

luci colorate On the occasion of this religious event, also linked to family joy and the desire to impress , even the home environment can escape the most classic dictates: we welcome small plants colorful and bright, you can decorate any area of the home with.

The alternation of different color compositions and the flasher will transform any room in a playful and cheerful place.

Long rows of colored lamps will be placed on the walls, around doors and windows, or even around furniture or creating fun waves, coming down from the main chandelier, coming to rest on the surfaces of the higher furniture, projecting their colored rays around the room and on the ceiling.

For more touches of originality and personalization, even the LED lights come in aid of the lovers of the Christmas atmosphere: cordless tube colorful and flexible can be wrapped around the uprights or the hanger, or even around the house plants and planters. The doorways can accommodate long curtains bright, creating a colorful cascade of light down to the floor.

A simple trick yet very impressive, is to replace the bulbs of all the points of light in the room with colored lamps, have fun watching the surprise on the faces of children when they turn on the individual lights.

Decorations with bright characters will give a touch more cheerful and define the festive atmosphere creating very suggestive nuances.

In the selection and arrangement of lights, for once in the year, good taste can give in, in favor of irony and surprise.

Outdoor Christmas lights

From inside the house, the colorful decorations may extend to the outside, filling the garden of vibrant colors and joy. The lights can be placed inside lanterns or hidden among the flowers, or they can also be arranged in long lines wrapped around the trees.

To get a colorful and charming effect, you can have small LED lamps battery along the lawn: once dropped in the evening, many lovely colored fireflies will create a magical atmosphere.

luci da esterno The light chains can also be wrapped around the house gate or along the perimeter of the wall that borders the house, cheer and color to project too far.

In the garden, as well as in the house, you can position lights that recall the shape of candles, characterized by different colors and different shapes.

In this way, candles, butterflies, candy, animals, stars, flowers or any other funny and amusing shapes can cheer up the environment in which you will want to celebrate Christmas, garlands and gifts. Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor are an original and perfectly suited to liven up the party for the little ones, but also to convey joy to the whole family.

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