DIY Christmas tree

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It is time for adults and children, to think about how to decorate the Christmas tree. If you love the DIY and have manual skills, here are some home made ideas.

DIY Christmas tree
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

The choice of the style and the decoration of the Christmas Tree

The tree is the symbol of Christmas.

When comes the time to make and decorate the tree in the house, the entire family is mobilized for an event that becomes an essential ritual that characterizes the weeks before Christmas.

Traditionally the tree is done on December the 8th, on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception celebration before Christmas, when the kids are at home from school and adults do not go to work. But every family has its own traditions: someone starts to make the tree even earlier, someone waits for the last moment to decorate it at home, so to have it for Christmas lunches and dinners.

It is subjective also the choice of the tree and the decorations: some people love the colors of tradition, as are gold and red and also silver, who jealously guards the balls and lights over the years, so they become shared memories of the house and amulets, who loves renewing every year, following the theme of fashion or giving vent to their imagination and the irresistible urge to go shopping for decorations.

If you want to try a new experience, you have time and want to create a tree custom made with your own hands, then here is a set of ideas and suggestions for the perfect home made tree that becomes a pretext for sharing still during realization.

DIY Christmas tree using home furnishings

A demonstration of the fact that creativity does not need large resources but only wit and good will, below you will find some very impressive proposals from the web, in which the ability of imagination is combined with the use of common home furnishing.

Libreria ad albero di Natale
For example, simply by changing the arrangement of the books on your bookshelf, it may come out a truly original Christmas tree, at no cost, which does not even need dexterity or an unmistakable feeling forDIY.

In fact, as can be seen from the web site, simply by tilting the books in your collection, on the one hand, from right to left, and the other in the opposite way, it will create a nice fir effect, whose leaves are formed by the most popular books.

Finally, it is enough only to place a tip or a star on middle of the top shelf to complete the composition.

The study or the living room will take, in minutes, in easy steps, a very original Christmas air.

If you love books, and you have in quantity, you can also think of using them as protagonists of an installation designed specifically for readers.

Albero di Natale di libri by
Placing the volumes, starting from the larger and heavier as encyclopedias and manuals, you will create a firm basis on which to climb, triangle shaped, you rest your books and novels of reduced size and weight, as seen for example on the blog How

Once finished, the structure will be a compact three-dimensional block that will be enough to illuminate with one or more strands of white or colored lights, and the result will be really nice, day and night.

One recommendation: the back of the books must always be facing out, on each floor.

For the rest, room to creativity and experimentation.

Maybe we'll never have thought of it, but also a simple ladder or a double ladder, which we all have at home to help us with housework or DIY, with the right precautions can become a perfect structure for a Christmas tree and the minimal Nordic taste, seen as one step in blog or on Tatteredstyle.

If old and a bit rusty, or wooden but faded, just repaint it with a color of your taste and then hang balls, ribbons, stuffed dolls, but also dried fruit, mandarins, ribbons and strands of lights.

So at a very low cost, you can embellish a corner of the house, placing the ladder against the wall.

Albero di Natale su scala Tatteredstyle

Recycled materials DIY trees

For those who want to experience and have passion for the Christmas preparation, starting from the themed decoration of the house, here is a series of simple ideas that we could make in no time.

Albero fai da te con rami
As suggested on, get sticks or branches of wood of different sizes (even among the scraps of wood gathered to warm up in winter), we can create a decorative wall which follows the classic triangular shape of the tree.

Just arrange them in scale, from the longest to the shortest, which will have to measure a few cm, combine all the branches to one another with a rope or twine, in a contrast colore or invisible, to obtain a sculpture in 2D that gives us the skeleton of the tree to decorate!

Once fixed on the wall, where it will be hung with a nail and a hook, we can hang in every branch, which is like a shelf, our colorful decorations.

Rami di pino in vaso Decor4all The balls, for example, can be hooked with a love knot or some hooks.

If you do not have enough space in your home for the tree, you can opt for the purchase of fir twigs already cut that you can have in one or more vessels of the house, which are glass if you like transparencies, or tin, as on the site or colored plastic etc.

So you will have to decorate the number of branches that interests you, without the clutter of the Christmas tree inside the house, which in small rooms is likely to take away too much space!

Also in the case of small houses, you can think of not doing the traditional tree for a year, but only pull out the balls and hang them on the wall, alone or together with other decorations, fixing them on a white canvas or directly on the wall (in this case with double-sided tape or wall gluing rubbers) distributing them so that they create the triangular shape of the celebration tree.

You will create a complete framework of your taste, to personalize with mirrors, frames and much more, as suggested by a few clicks of the blog

Albero di Natale da muro
And if your passion is wine and during the year you have kept the corks of the bottles you have drunk, you can decide to color them and use them to create small Christmas trees that can decorate shelves, become ornaments for the holidays in the name of recycling, or original centerpiece or placeholder for the Christmas dinner.

In addition to corks and colors, it is necessary only to have the right glue, maybe the heat glue with its dispensing gun, to secure the corks side by side and one on the other.

Albero di Natale fatto di tappi di sughero

Felt home made Christmas tree for children

We conclude with a proposal designed for the entertainment of children coming from the site the silhouette of a Christmas tree designed and carved out of a fabric such as felt. The construction of this tree, the size of which are chosen according to the space available on the wall, it will be a game for adults and children.

Albero di Natale in feltro
Preparation begins by getting what you need:
- Green felt for the tree,
- Colored felt,
- hems,
- Rhinestones,
- Trimmings to decorate the balls,
- Hot glue,
- Scissors,
- Meters,
- Ruler,
- Compass or cookie cutter to circle the balls on the fabric.

You start by drawing and cutting out the silhouette of the tree, then do the same on the colored felt drawing the balls. After customizing the decorations, the balls are glued and fixed to the shaft wall. The result is colorful and fun!

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