Christmas tree made of recycled cardboard

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The fir in cardboard is an idea with an original design but also sustainable and environmentally friendly for your Christmas. Zero wastes, nice color, ease of assembly and disassembly

Christmas tree made of recycled cardboard
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Ecological Christmas tree

Christmas is getting closer and we dedicate the days that precede it to choose the decorations and proposals to transform your home in its evocative Christmas version.

Certainly there is no shortage of ideas and suggestions according to fashion, favorite colors or the style chosen for the decoration of the house.

But it is also important not to overlook a green choice as to buy or try to make by yourself a Christmas tree in cardboard.

The structure, simple and the minimal, but also inclined to creativity, can be a chic and eco friendly countertrend.

Fir recycled cardboard

Albero di Natale in cartone diMarameo Design If you want to live in an ecological and original way this Christmas, Marameo Design offers Xmas Tree, a Christmas tree made entirely of recycled cardboard.

Durable and lightweight, it is made of two simple panels of 10mm thick honeycomb cardboard, a material easy to customize for the children of the house so that they can give vent to their creativity, coloring it with simple markers and eventually decorating it.

There are various models available, depending on the shape, color and size you prefer and more suited to the space in which you want to set up the Christmas tree.

These models are suitable not only for home use, but also for settings of shops and events.

Let's not forget that the Xmas Tree can also be an original gift idea for friends and relatives, so that they can have fun placing it in their homes.

Albero di Natale da tavolo di Marameo Design It starts with the White tree honeycomb cardboard thickness of 20mm (single layer) with interlocking feet measure 100x35x180h cm, the shape is not typical of a Christmas tree like a fir, for those who want to use it during other months of the year, while the version Christmas tree made of recycled white cardboard with decorations is available in three different sizes 30 cm high, 150 cm high and 72 cm wide, 180x81 cm and finally the largest, 240x100 cm.

This variant is also available in brown cardboard.

Another version is in white cardboard or simple brown, the form even minimal, in the range always in the four dimensions mentioned above. Finally Marameo Design offers the happy version Table (Table) which has a size of 30x30x40 cm.

The mini version will be perfect as a piece of furniture, ideal for decorating a table or desk in your study.

But the solutions do not stop here.

Albero di Natale in cartone di RenoDeMedici
The Collection Reno by RenoDeMedici offers three interesting variations on the theme of Christmas spruce, with models Classic, Modern, Small and Carton 3D.

Christmas trees Collection Reno were built in 100% recycled cardboard and are characterized by the elegant design and the many possibilities of decoration.

With its components to be assembled and the connotation eco-responsible, these trees add a touch of magic to your festivities.

Albero di Natale in cartone di RenoDeMedici
The classic tree (104 x 71 cm), is sold disassembled and laid out inside the packaging.

RenoDeMedici reinvented the tradition of celebrations by offering a new way of conceiving the tree.
Made with 100% recycled cardboard, the classic Christmas tree Classic by Reno Collection will allow you to combine sustainable development with the holidays, because the fun is in the mounting, decorate it and adorn it in company, to the delight of children who live the experience like it was a game.

Like the other versions that we will talk about, it was made with very resistant cardboard, it is easy to assemble, dismantle and reuse without glue nor tools, you can store it in small pieces that require little space.

The tree is entirely made in Italy, 100% recycled and recyclable, it has the FSC certificate and is available in two colors: white and green.

The Modern tree measures 132 x 74 cm and instead offers a truly unprecedent result, it seems to be the fruit of the assembly of many small fir trees placed side by side.

You can buy it in neutral, in white or green, but this is only the start color: just get colors, markers, paper, customizing it to your liking.

The printed version, with its colorful stars, is perfect to complete your Christmas decorations. With its festive graphics, this tree of the Collection Reno will surprise and amaze your loved ones and your guests.

The same prototype is on sale also in the small version (60x33 cm).

Albero di Natale in cartone riciclato Scoutmob
A particularly festive and original shape is that of the tree Snowflake, strictly in cardboard.

Scoutmob presents a tree for the holidays simple to mount and born to be decorated. The reason of its design seems to recall the shape of a snowflake, hence the name.

The branching seems so very true and perfect to hang balls and various decorations.
The line vezzosa in its simplicity is given by the pieces of cardboard cut together by a laser.

Each kit includes everything you need to assemble your own cardboard tree, including instructions to follow. The idea? Make it special for example by spraying colored glitter, gold or silver maybe. The two versions are made of recycled white and brown cardboard.

Tutorial to make a fir in recycled cardboard

In the web there are also several tutorials that explain, step by step, how to make a tree in cardboard or poster board. Adults and kids will be able to engage in a creative experiment, choosing the one that is closest to their manual and creative skills.

Even those who are not too familiar with the DIY can try out this tree.

Alberelli in cartone
For example, a funny idea and very easy to entertain the kids, can be found on the web site Here there are clear pictures that immortalize all the steps that lead to get a sapling in colored cardboard, complete with hung balls.

Those who already have a fairly good manual dexterity, can try to follow the advice of to have a sapling in cardboard formed by assembling different rectangles.

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